Table of contents

  • Before we begin, get this hot tip.

  • 1. Taskade

  • 2.

  • 3. Merlin

  • 4. Sheldon

  • 5. Fgeneds

  • 6. Gemoo

  • 7. Mymind

  • 8. Workhub

  • 9. Cogram

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18 Feb, 2024

9 AI Tools to Skyrocket your Productivity

Ai Productivity Tools

Table of contents

  • Before we begin, get this hot tip.

  • 1. Taskade

  • 2.

  • 3. Merlin

  • 4. Sheldon

  • 5. Fgeneds

  • 6. Gemoo

  • 7. Mymind

  • 8. Workhub

  • 9. Cogram

Before we begin, get this hot tip.

🌶️Hot Tip: Nothing wastes time like watching a pikachu productivity video.

No matter how many productivity videos you watch, you’ll always be behind people who use these AI productivity tools.

This is a productivity blog so no wasting time and jumping right into the good stuff.

1. Taskade

This one’s Notion’s more colorful, customized cousin! Available in Free and Paid plans, it offers features like: 

  • 1,000 AI credits per month
  • 1 workspace
  • 3 users included
  • 250 MB storage
  • 7-day project history
  • Task list, mind map, meeting notes, team calendar, and more
  • 3-month project history and cloud upload integration and more. 

Check out the plans here and see what’s the best fit for you. 

2. is transforming Google Meet and Zoom meetings into organized notes and actionable tasks with AI transcription and follow-up capabilities with transcription support in 18 languages.

New users can sign up and use it for free plan best for occasional meetings.

Individual Plan: Pay per member $14.99 per month or $7.92 per month (billed annually), this plan is best for small teams and busy individuals. 

Business Plan: Pay $59.99 per month for 5 members or $41.59 per month (billed annually), this plan is best for power users and large teams. 

Check out the benefits of each plan here and decide if is indeed worth a note :)

3. Merlin

The actual Merlin is here to help you get productive! Don’t ignore this one!!!

Merlin AI is like a powerful helper for your internet tasks. It gives you fast answers, summarizes content, and makes your online work easier and more efficient.

Star Feature: Merlin AI streamlines online tasks with cost savings, unlimited GPT-4 access, and strong team support.

Merlin offers two main plans: ”For you" and "For Teams"

For personal uses, you can take a different plan as per your requirements like Starter Plan, Boost Plan and Elite Plan.

Benefits of using Merlin are:

  • Unlimited GPT-4 access
  • No individual usage limits
  • Access to live Web Data
  • Exclusive team support
  • Provide more features compared to ChatGPT

Use it for websites, marketing, or internal purposes—it's amazing.

4. Sheldon

TBBT fan? This Sheldon is the same genius and no sass! 

Sheldon is your go-to AI assistant for online tasks. With a Chrome extension, it handles emails, code, Excel, and in under 5 seconds. Save up to 40% of your internet time with Sheldon.

Star Feature: Sheldon AI tool is completely free, has no daily limits, and boosts efficiency in various tasks from emails to coding.

Sheldon is completely free to use with no daily limitations. Enjoy benefits like:

  • Write Professional Emails with Ease
  • Excel Formulas Made Simple
  • Generate Content
  • Coding Solutions on Demand

This Sheldon is super useful and super less annoying. And guess what, when you load the website, there’s a fun clip of Sheldon playing- the name isn’t a coincidence. The founders of Sheldon AI are fans of TBBT too!!!

9 AI Tools to Skyrocket your Productivity

5. Fgeneds

If you’re a professor or a college student looking to make your lecture or presentation slides way less boring, this is it.

FGenEds is a web app that uses AI to create cheat sheets from boring lecture slides, making general education classes easier and more enjoyable for students.

Top selling point- it’s 100% FREE!!!

  • Time Saver: Quickly turns PDF lecture slides into concise cheat sheets.
  • Better Understanding: Helps students grasp complex topics.
  • Exam Ready: Aids in exam preparation with clear summaries.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to use and share with others.
  • Wide Subject Support: Works for various subjects.
  • Free Beta Access: Currently free for users.
  • Community Hub: Connects students and resources.
  • Promotions: Offers occasional discounts.
  • Supplemental Tool: Enhances traditional learning methods.
  • Concise Content: Summarizes material for easy review.
  • Accessibility Options: Download or view online.
  • New User Discount: 20% off promo code for newcomers.

You’ve got to use this one- you owe it to yourself.

6. Gemoo

Videos, pictures, documents- organized for quick access! 

Gemoo is a simple way to communicate and keep things organized with visuals.

Star Feature: Gemoo makes sharing videos, screenshots, and documents super easy.

It has free, basic and pro plans with benefits like:

  • 3GB Storage
  • 25 Videos + 50 Screenshots
  • Up to 5 Minutes/Video
  • Resolution up to 720p
  • Video Trim
  • Try It Free

Give those fingers a break from typing. Gemoo’s got the visuals covered. 

7. Mymind

Your mind, in Ai. Productivity must go up. 

MyMind simplifies digital content management. It uses AI to automatically organize notes, bookmarks, articles, and images. It can even analyze text in images. Plus, it enhances your reading experience by removing clutter from saved articles.

Star Feature: MyMind AI tool is an automatic organization of notes, bookmarks, articles, and images, making content management effortless.

Begin your MyMind experience with a free trial including 99 credits. After that, you can take a plan like the Student of Life Plan, Mastermind Plan and Newton Plan (Coming Soon).

To check out the benefits of paid plans, click here and start with your Ai mind r🤖

8. Workhub

WorkHub is like a helpful computer tool that makes it easier for teams to talk, work together, and celebrate their achievements in both regular and remote workplaces. It's designed to make teamwork better and more successful.

It offers a free trial for new users. After that, you can take a paid plan for advanced functionalities like the Pay as You Go Plan (For Startups) and Business Package Plan.

Check out the plans for you here to get all your work in one hub.

9. Cogram

A must-have tool for more efficient meetings.


Cogram is a smart tool that helps teams during online meetings. It takes notes, remembers what needs to be done, and keeps your data safe. It's like having a helpful assistant for your virtual meetings.

Try Cogram in a 15-minute live meeting with a Cogram expert. It offers a free trial and a paid version.

Annual Meeting Cost with Cogram AI Tool:

  • Meeting Time: On average, staff invest 2-6 hours daily in meetings.
  • Annual Cost: These meetings cost over $20,000 annually per person (assuming an average hourly rate of $40).
  • Cogram's Impact: With Cogram, you can enhance productivity, potentially saving both time and money.

You see, so much time you could be saving with Cogram!

9 AI Tools to Skyrocket your Productivity

So there you have it. 9 tools to let you have 9 lives worth of time in just 1. (Any cats reading this, you get 81 lives worth of time!!!)

Sayonara now- get working with these tools, save time and then invest the rest of the time enjoying life :) 

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