Explore the Best Fun AI Tools: Level Up Your Digital Life

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17 Jul, 2024
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Are you tired of using AI tools only for work? 


Want to add some fun and creativity to your digital life? 


You're in the right place! We're about to explore the most entertaining AI fun applications available today. 


So, whether you're a meme fan or just someone seeking a good laugh, explore this blog to have some fun in the future!


1. Quickdraw: The Art of Drawing Hilarity

Explore the Best Fun AI Tools: Level Up Your Digital Life

Ever wondered if your stick figure drawings could make a robot laugh? Meet QuickDraw! 


A Google-created online tool that challenges users to draw an image of an object or concept and then employs artificial intelligence via a neural network. 




  • Natural drawing experience
  • Advanced brushes
  • Layer system
  • Vector drawing
  • Text tools


Pricing: Quickdraw is completely free to use!




  1. Storyboarding 
  2. Product design
  3. Architecture
  4. Engineering
  5. Science and research 


2. Supermeme: The Meme Marching Band

Explore the Best Fun AI Tools: Level Up Your Digital Life

Turn Words into Memes Effortlessly with Supermeme, the AI Wizard of Memes!


Supermeme is an AI entertainment tool that converts your words into funny memes with images, with no editing required. It's meme magic made easy!




  • Watermarked memes
  • Meme Editor
  • AI Meme Search Engine
  • Saved Meme




  • Free Plan
  • Solo Plan: $9.99 per month
  • Startup Plan: $24.99 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: $99.99 per month




  1. Website Homepages
  2. Social Media Posts
  3. Video Marketing
  4. App Store Description


3. Avaturn: Costume Party with AI

Explore the Best Fun AI Tools: Level Up Your Digital Life

Can Your Ordinary Photos Transform into Extraordinary Metaverse Avatars with Avaturn? The answer is yes!


Avaturn is a fun AI tool that converts 2D photographs into highly customizable and realistic 3D avatars, allowing users to create lifelike characters for metaverse, VR, gaming, and more.




  • Convert 2D images into 3D avatars
  • 150+ HD garments and hairstyle options
  • API and SDK for UX and UI customization
  • Full body scan option
  • Dedicated cloud server




  • Free plan
  • Pro Plan: $800 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan's pricing is adaptable to your unique requirements. 




  1. Metaverse
  2. Virtual Reality
  3. Gaming, Apps, and animation
  4. Content Creation 


Get Ready to LOL with AI Fun Tools To Spice Up Your Digital Life!


4. Elf Help: The Wise Cracker of AI

Explore the Best Fun AI Tools: Level Up Your Digital Life

Searching for the Ultimate Gift Assistant? 


Elf is a fun AI tool that Helps Make Your Gifting Dreams Come True with Custom Ideas for Free. It provides creative and custom-designed ideas for anyone on your list.




  • Gift suggestions based on recipient information
  • Online Options with Prices and Ratings
  • Refine Effects based on Price, Ratings, and feedback
  • Wishlist and Social Sharing


Pricing: It is completely free to use. Get creative with your present ideas and suggestions.




1. You can give a suggestion like "Suggest something as a gift for a friend who likes cooking," and it will suggest it to you as a result.


  • Suggestions: gift a personalized recipe book; gift a set of kitchen knives; gift a personalized apron; gift a cooking class voucher; and much more.


2. You can give it a prompt like "Suggest something like a gift for my mom, who loves traveling," and it will suggest it to you.


  • Suggestions: Give a personalized travel journal. A global map with scratch-offs, An inflatable neck pillow A mobile phone charger, A personalized baggage tag with an engraved message or initials, and much more.


5. Cool Gift Ideas: Spreading the AI Party Vibe

Explore the Best Fun AI Tools: Level Up Your Digital Life

Struggling to Impress with Your Presents? Cool Gift Ideas – Where We Turn 'Meh' into 'Wow'!


Cool Gift Ideas is a great AI tool directory for people who struggle to come up with gift ideas or who want something more unique and meaningful than what they can get at the store.




  • Free and easy to use
  • Customizes gift recommendations from user input
  • Provides gift ideas for every occasion and budget
  • Offers ideas for challenging recipients or those with everything


Pricing: Cool gift ideas are totally free to use.




1. You can give it a prompt such as, "Suggest a gift for my brother who loves technology," and it will offer something to you.


  • Suggestions: you can give A smart speaker, a wearable fitness tracker, a new smartphone case, and a subscription to a streaming service


2. You can give a prompt like “Suggest something as a gift for my best birthday” and as a result, it’ll suggest it to you.


  • Suggestions: Gift a personalized photo album; a DIY candle-making kit; a DIY jewelry-making kit; a personalized recipe book to write down her favorite recipes; Handmade friendship bracelets with birthstones as charms; and much more.


Final Thoughts


Embracing AI tools for fun and creativity can transform your digital life, making everyday activities more enjoyable and engaging. Whether you’re drawing, creating memes, or finding the perfect gift, these tools offer endless possibilities for entertainment and creativity.


So what are you waiting for? 


Try out these fun AI tools and see what they can do. Don't forget to share your creations and experiences on social media.


What are AI fun tools?

AI fun tools are software programs or apps designed to entertain users by generating amusing content using artificial intelligence technology.

Are AI fun tools easy to use?

Yes, They are typically user-friendly and don't require extensive technical knowledge to operate.

What kinds of fun content can AI fun tools create?

AI fun tools can create a variety of entertaining content such as memes, jokes, funny images, and artwork, and even generate humorous captions for photos. They can also mimic human speech in amusing ways, like generating funny text or creating parody songs.

What is Quickdraw and how does it function?

Quickdraw is an AI experiment developed by Google that challenges users to draw a specific object within a limited time frame. The AI then tries to guess what the user is drawing in real time. It functions by analyzing the strokes made by the user and comparing them to a vast database of pre-existing drawings to make its predictions.

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