How to Enhance Audio on Video: 5 Easy Steps

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15 Jun, 2024

Did you know that most of the viewers abandon videos with bad sound quality within the first minute? 


Good audio sound helps the video to attract more audience & elevate overall video quality. Clear audio ensures that viewers can easily comprehend the content which prevents frustration caused by uneven sound. Moreover, it signifies the attention given to every single detail, this not only provides a better experience to its viewers but adds value to the video's production. 


In this post, we'll explore the role of audio in improving video quality and discuss how to enhance it effectively. From selecting the right tools to mastering audio levels, each step is essential for creating high-quality video content that connects with audiences easily. Discover steps to enhance Audio quality on video and reduce the abandon rate.


Follow These Steps to Edit a Video for Good Audio Quality 

How to Enhance Audio on Video: 5 Easy Steps

Certainly! Here are the steps to edit a video for good audio quality and for easy understanding of how to enhance audio quality:


1. Pre-Production 


  • Planning is key: In each & every process planning is a must, therefore make a blueprint of what kind of audio you want, what kind of tools you are going to use, the quality of your video, set room environment, and more to obtain better results.  


  • Choose the Right Environment: Record audio in a quiet environment with minimal background noise & echo. “If necessary” use soundproofing materials or blankets to improve acoustics.  


  • Script and Storyboard: Plan your video content by including things like dialogue, narration, and sound effects. A well-crafted script ensures clear communication and enhances the overall audio quality as well.


  • Select Quality Equipment: Invest in high-quality microphones and recording equipment suitable for your specific needs. You could either use a lapel mic for interviews or a shotgun mic for outdoor shoots. 


2. Recording and Capturing Audio


  • Monitor Levels: Use headphones to monitor audio levels during recording and ensure they are neither too quiet nor clipping (distorted).


  • Capture Clean Audio: Position microphones close to the source of sound and minimize background noise by turning off unnecessary equipment. This will help you to record and enhance audio on video for better presentation. 


  • Record Room Tone: Capture a few seconds of silence in each location to record room tone. This method will help you to reduce noise during the editing process, due to this you will be able to concentrate and achieve better results.


3. Post-Production Editing:


  • Sync Audio and Video: Align the audio tracks with the corresponding video footage using editing software. Ensure synchronization for smooth playback, additional tip - you should use the editing app you are more familiar with. 


  • Remove Background Noise: Use audio editing tools such as hums, hisses, or echoes to remove unwanted background noise. This AI-powered noise reduction software can help you by streamlining this process.


  • Adjust Levels and EQ: Balance audio levels to ensure consistent volume throughout the video. Use equalization (EQ) to enhance clarity & remove frequency imbalances.


  • Add Music and Sound Effects: Add background music with sound effects to enhance the overall atmosphere & storytelling. Ensure that audio elements complement the video content without overpowering dialogue or narration.


4. Final Quality Check 


  • Test on Different Devices: Preview the edited video on various devices such as headphones, speakers, and mobile devices to check optimal sound quality across different platforms.


  • Get Feedback: Share the video with trusted peers or collaborators and gather feedback on the audio quality. Make any necessary adjustments based on their input before finalizing the video.


5+ Best AI Tools Used to Enhance Audio on Video


1. Krisp 

How to Enhance Audio on Video: 5 Easy Steps

Krisp is an AI tool designed to enhance audio on video to improve quality by canceling extra noise created in various environments. This tool is especially beneficial for calls & recordings because today's generation is shifting towards remote work and having to attend multiple meetings from all around the world. 


This tool is built on advanced machine learning algorithms that identify the issue to remove background noise while preserving the clarity of the human voice. Whether it's used in a home, office, or corporate setting Krisp is capable of providing a significant improvement in audio clarity and overall communication experience.


Krisp AI Features 


  • AI-Powered Noise Cancellation
  • Echo Removal
  • HD Voice Quality 
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility 
  • One-Click Operation
  • Privacy-Focused




  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan: $8/month ($96/annually)
  • Enterprise Plan: Customized


2. Adobe podcast 

How to Enhance Audio on Video: 5 Easy Steps

Adobe Podcast is an online tool created by Adobe to transform how podcasts are made, edited, and shared. It makes podcasting easier by using smart tools powered by AI to handle many of the technical tasks involved in producing podcasts. With Adobe Podcast, you get features like AI-powered recording & editing which works smoothly with Adobe's other creative tools also. 


Adobe Podcast allows creators to craft top-notch audio content with ease, it doesn't matter whether they are experienced or not. This makes podcasts more enjoyable for both creators & listeners. 


By prioritizing innovation with simplicity Adobe Podcast aims to become a top choice in the world of digital content. To achieve this goal Adobe provides a comprehensive & user-friendly platform to enhance audio quality So that podcasters can easily access it from any corner of the world.


Adobe AI Features 


  • AI-Powered Audio Enhancement
  • Enhanced Speech Quality 
  • Mic Check for Optimal Setup 
  • Browser-Based Studio
  • Effortless Audio Editing 
  • Professional-Grade Recording 
  • Pre-Edited Royalty-Free Music




  • Free Plan: Free for forever.
  • Express Premium Monthly Plan (Include Adobe Express): $9.99 / Month
  • Express Premium Yearly Plan (Include Adobe Express): $99.99 /Year


3. Descript 

How to Enhance Audio on Video: 5 Easy Steps

Descript is a versatile audio & video editing tool that allows users to enhance audio quality in videos through various features. It enables noise reduction to eliminate background disturbances like buzzes to provide clear audio. Users can easily clean and enhance audio on video by editing out unwanted sections such as pauses or mistakes to provide a smoother listening experience. Additionally, Descript offers volume normalization to maintain consistent audio levels throughout the video to prevent abrupt volume changes. 


Users can adjust the frequency balance of the audio through equalization (EQ) to improve overall sound quality by enhancing clarity or boosting bass frequencies for richer voices. Voice enhancement tools help to enhance audio quality to make voices sound crisp & more professional. This feature is particularly beneficial for people who run podcasts or presentations on a national level with a huge audience. 


Furthermore, Descript provides a range of audio effects like reverb, echo, pitch correction, and more to create manipulation for enhancement of the audio. Overall, Descript empowers users to significantly enhance audio quality of videos resulting in more polished content.


Descript AI Features


  • Video Editing
  • AI Voice Generator 
  • Clear visuals during Podcasts
  • Screen Recording
  • Clip Creation
  • Remove errors before publishing




  • Free Plan: Free
  • Creator Plan: $12 per month
  • Pro Plan: $24 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: To learn about pricing, contact the Descript team 


4. Landr

How to Enhance Audio on Video: 5 Easy Steps

Landr is a platform designed to support expert musicians in creating new songs and their creative process. It offers a wide range of tools that include curated samples, exclusive plugins, and exclusive features to enhance audio quality for the music production industry. It offers the facility of real-time collaboration so that artists and professionals can connect virtually. Musicians can refine their tracks efficiently with Landr’s standout feature which is “Professional AI Mastering Engine”.  


It allows musicians to release their work on 150 streaming platforms by distributing music on multiple platforms & managing Royalties with ease. Landr also offers educational theories to musicians so they can cater to various skill levels. This creative mixture of production tools, collaborative opportunities, mastering technology, and educational content makes Landr a valuable resource for a person who wants to enhance audio on video. 


Landr AI Features 


  • Curated Samples and Plugins
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • AI Mastering Engine
  • Music Distribution on multiple platforms 
  • Information on Top Educational Resources 




  • Basic Plan: ₹380 per year
  • Pro plan: ₹700 per year
  • Studio plan: ₹2280 per year


5. Suno AI

How to Enhance Audio on Video: 5 Easy Steps

Suno AI is a tool that changes the way how music is created and makes it accessible for everyone regardless of their experience in the music industry. It helps musicians bring their thoughts to reality by eliminating barriers between imagination & musical creation. Suno AI was originated at Cambridge by a team of musical & AI experts with an idea to enhance audio on video using AI’s power. 


This tool offers features for composing music which includes chord progressions, melodies, harmony, drum patterns, orchestration, and more. This allows users to enhance audio quality exactly the way they want, it can do this by following certain parameters like key, tempo, and instruments before they convert their AI-generated music into MP3 files​​.


Suno AI Features


  • Music Generation
  • Ai-generated lyrics and Titles 
  • Remix Capability
  • Song Extension
  • AI-Generated Cover Images
  • Commercial Use




  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan: $10/month 
  • Premier Plan: $30/month


6. Beatoven.AI

How to Enhance Audio on Video: 5 Easy Steps

Beatoven is an AI music creation platform that redefines the creative platform by allowing users to enhance audio on video to craft custom beads easily regardless of the music in the background. It converts disturbance, taps, and verbals into peaceful royalty-free beats. 


Beatoven has a user-friendly interface that eliminates barriers created to disturb the process of music creation.


Beatoven’s advanced technology allows users to enhance audio quality to become perfect composers and explore all the limitless possibilities of achieving their goals through AI tools.


Beatoven AI Features 


  • Intuitive Beat Creation
  • Hum and Tap Input
  • Versatile Genre Options
  • Royalty-Free Beats
  • Dynamic Customization
  • Instant Composition




  • Free Plan
  • Creator plan: $16.99 per month
  • Artist plan: $29.99 per month


7. Noise-Eraser

How to Enhance Audio on Video: 5 Easy Steps

Noise Eraser is an AI application that allows mobile users to enhance audio quality effortlessly without any complicated process. One single click provides users with a professional-grade audio enhancement effect to eliminate unwanted background noise within a swift two-minute timeframe for a five-minute video clip. Not only this but Noise-Eraser was awarded the “2022 Future Commerce Awards” & “Best Technology Innovation Silver Award” for its technological powers.


It also offers a feature that allows users to download processed raw files for additional editing. You can also get access to a 7-day free trial and get a professional experience to enhance audio on video “It's like having a sound engineer in your pocket” 


Noise-Eraser Features 


  • One-Click Professional Audio Enhancement
  • Customizable Voice/Noise Ratios
  • AI-Powered Automatic Noise Reduction
  • Versatile Sound Filtering for Realistic Results
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Downloadable Processed Raw Files
  • AI Trained in Professional Sound




  • Free Plan: Free for forever.
  • Pro Plan: Pay $140 per month (For annual pricing pay $1390).  



How to Enhance Audio on Video: 5 Easy Steps is an online video editing platform that allows users to create, edit, and share videos. It is a cloud-based platform, so users can easily enhance audio on video without downloading any software or installing anything on their computers. is a premium platform in which there is a free plan with limited features and paid plans with more features.


It is a great online video editing platform that is easy to use and has a wide range of features. It is a great option for anyone who wants to enhance audio quality and create or edit videos without having to learn how to use complex video editing software. Features 


  • Create Virtual AI Avatars
  • AI Image Generator 
  • AI Video Generation
  • AI Voice Generator
  • Video Background Remover 
  • Voice Dubber
  • Advanced Subtitles and Transcription
  • Screen Recording Capabilities
  • Noise Removal in Audio and Video 




  • Free Plan
  • Basic Plan: ₹290.67/month
  • Pro Plan: ₹599/month
  • Business Plan: ₹1500/month 


9. Moises 

How to Enhance Audio on Video: 5 Easy Steps

Moises AI is one of the best artificial intelligence tools designed to transform the way musicians, producers, and music enthusiasts interact with audio tracks. Moises offers an unparalleled ability to separate audio tracks into individual components such as vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments. 


This AI caters to a wide range of needs and is available across multiple iOS & Android platforms. Further, it enhances its accessibility to enhance audio quality to provide a musical experience like never before. With Moises, it becomes much easier for anyone interested in music as it can create & analyze professional-quality tracks. People from all parts of the music world can easily enhance audio on video to explore, create, and come up with new ideas.


Moises AI Features


  • Track Separation 
  • Smart Metronome
  • Pitch and Speed Adjustment
  • Chord Detection
  • Music Practice Tools
  • Remixing and Music Creation:




  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan: $3.99/month(paid monthly) or $3.33/month(paid annually)
  • Pro Plan: $29.99/month(paid monthly) or $24.99/month(paid annually) 


Why is it Important to Fix Bad Sound Quality in Videos? 


Below are some of the important points that will be useful to fix all the bugs in your audio system. 


Low Audience Engagement: 


Our brain likes clear audio because it helps us understand things easily. But when the audio is composed with uneven voices it disturbs the hearing audience. This can be frustrating and a reason for people to lose interest. If we can't hear well, we tend to stop paying attention, therefore it becomes even more important to enhance audio on video. 


High Abandonment Rates: 


As we previously mentioned, viewers ditch videos with poor sound quality within the very first minute. In today's competitive online landscape where viewers have endless options but bad audio can result in the loss of viewers & missed opportunities.


Technical Pain Points: 


If you want to maintain the whole listening experience then make sure to enhance audio on video. If there's too much background noise or if the voices are too quiet or fuzzy it becomes hard for the audience to enjoy while watching. We might even give up on watching the video altogether if it's too difficult to hear what's going on.


Perceived Lack of Professionalism: 


Crystal-clear audio instantly elevates the perceived quality of your video. Conversely, bad audio screams amateur hour. This is especially important for businesses or creators trying to establish credibility to gain trust among audiences. Think of it as the audio equivalent of a typo on a business proposal. Audio is very important for enhancing videos and you should be very careful about the beats while doing the same. If you want to avoid Small mistakes that leave a big negative impression then look out for tools to enhance audio quality on Google or on Toolplate. AI. 


Accessibility Issues: 


Clear audio is really important for people having hearing issues because If the sound quality isn't good, it can be really hard for them to flow along with the video. This means they might not be able to watch it at all, Well that isn't fair right? 


Advanced Tips on Audio Quality for Professionals 


How to Enhance Audio on Video: 5 Easy Steps

Here are some of the important tips you can rely on:


Use High-Quality Microphones: 


Invest in professional-grade microphones that suit your specific needs to enhance audio on video. For Example, condenser microphones are excellent for capturing vocal clarity and detail in studio settings but on the other hand, dynamic microphones are better for loud & live environments. Additionally, consider the polar pattern of the microphone called “Cardioid microphones” which are best for focusing on sound from the front and minimizing background noise.


Acoustic Treatment: 


Improve the acoustics of your recording environment. This involves using materials & techniques to control sound reflections and reduce echo in your recording space. In this process you can use instruments like panels, bass traps, and diffusers to enhance the clarity of recorded audio by minimizing unwanted reverbs.


Advanced Audio Interfaces and Preamps: 


Use high-quality audio interfaces and preamps to capture sound before it reaches your computer. Good preamps add warmth to your audio, while high-end audio interfaces can provide better digital conversion, lower latency, and more precise control over your input levels for total audio enhancement.


Enhance audio on video using Descript: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Enhance Audio on Video: 5 Easy Steps

Here is an example of how an Application “Descript” helps a person to enhance audio on Video just by following a few steps mentioned below: 


Step:- 1 Add clips and organize your timeline


Firstly you have to add your clips to your timeline and place them in order. Set all the clips to its decided position before making any edits. This is to save the time caused by a disorganized timeline and enhance audio quality precisely. Be very sure about timings so that the right beats/sounds come in at the right moment. 


If you want to enhance audio quality or add effects, try to synchronize images and sound accordingly. For example, make sure they line up with the actions on screen. 


Step:- 2 Add music and/or voiceover


Once you make sure that the sequence of your timing is ready to go then add music, voiceover, or any sound you were looking for. Find songs or voiceovers according to your project which makes sure that music doesn't overpower the video’s other important elements. 


Be sure that you have the right to the music you are going to publish or else you will have to face problems like copywriting and more. 

If you want a synchronized voiceover then record your audio directly into the editing timeline while playing the video. Using this method your audio clips will end up more or less in the place where they are intended to be and you will not have to import audio files as well. 


Add music in Descript:


Using descript you can simply drag the audio to the desired location, and then refine it using the Timeline Editor. Alternatively, for crafting a music introduction you have to simply click and drag the word tags within your Script Track to create room at the beginning of your sequence. 


Subsequently, drag and drop your music into the Pinned Track, located above the Script Track, designated for sound effects or supplementary audio.


Add a voiceover in Descript


To start a new recording, add your audio to the document, go where you want it, and press the microphone button at the top.


To pick which device you're using, click the gear icon and choose it from the list.


If you don't want Descript to transcribe automatically then untick the box. But it's usually best to keep it on, especially if you're going to edit the script.


Put in your speaker label and if needed, select the input channel.

When you're set hit Record and your recording will start right away. Get the results you were always looking for!!


Step:- 3 Adjust volume levels


Audio mixing is all about balance. It is not important to place all of your audio tracks to the same level or pitch you can simply edit your tracks to make them sound more balanced & relative.


To get the best results you can use headphones, close your eyes, listen, and adjust your audio tracks based on the sound or voiceovers you are hearing. 


You can separately tweak different parts of your audio to get the perfect mix. For example, you can make voices clearer by lowering the background music when someone is talking, and then bringing it back up when they're done. 


Adjusting levels can also help reduce background noise, although it's better to minimize noise during recording if possible. Descript's Studio Sound feature can also help remove noise quickly and possibly in a better way.


In Descript, there are a few ways to adjust levels. You can change the volume of individual clips on the Timeline and adjust the volume of tracks in the script as well. Another option is to add volume automation. Lastly, you can increase the overall volume of a file using volume normalization. 


Step:- 4 Trim your clips


In Descript, you can use the Trim Tool to adjust your clips. Once your audio clips are in place and the volume is set, it's time to fine-tune your soundtrack. You might need to shorten longer clips, such as music tracks, or remove specific sounds from a clip “If needed”. It's important to avoid leaving obvious breaks in your audio. Unless silence is deliberate, there should always be something for the listener to hear. 


Step:- 5 Smooth out your transitions


Audio transitions help by blending sound smoothly between clips. One way to achieve this is by adding fades & crossfades to your tracks to avoid sudden changes and enhance audio quality.


Sometimes, you might have to enhance audio on video by adjusting audio levels at specific points within a clip, especially where it overlaps with other tracks like music or voiceovers “ In such cases, you can use keyframes” Which mark the beginning or ending of a transition to indicate where the volume begins to increase or fade.


With a video editor like Descript, you can add audio transitions to your video, adjust volume levels using keyframes, and employ ducking to fine-tune levels.




Enhancing audio on video is crucial for creating high-quality content. By following outlined steps, such as adjusting volume levels, applying fades & transitions, and trimming clips, you can significantly enhance audio quality and improve experience for your audience. 


You can enhance the quality of your dialogue, reduce background noise, and blend audio tracks with the help of tools like Descript,, and more available on Toolplate. These tools & techniques are handy for editors as they make the process easy & effective. 


Remember, good audio can elevate the overall impact of your video to ensure that your message is heard loud & clear.


How to improve the audio quality of a video?

  • Opt for a High-Quality Microphone for Superior audio quality.
  • Choose a Noise-Free Environment for Recording.
  • Employ a Stable Microphone Stand.
  • Capture Individual Tracks for Better Results.
  • Wear Headphones During Recording Sessions.
  • Employ a Pop Filter to Minimize Unwanted Noise.
  • Adjust Your Gain Settings Appropriately.
  • Prepare Your Voice to Maintain Warmth and Clarity.

Is there an app to enhance the audio from a video?

Yes, there are many apps like VideoMaster, Descript, and more with equalizers and volume boosts that help you adjust the sound of your videos.

How can I improve the voice of a video?

  • Reduce Tapping Noises While Speaking.
  • Maintain a Consistent Speaking Speed.
  • Capture the Audio clearly by Positioning the Microphone Correctly.
  • Develop Proficient Vocal Projection Techniques.
  • Ensure a Noise-Free Environment by Muting Your Computer.
  • Remove Background Noise in Post-Production for engaging Audio.

Can we increase audio quality?

If you want to enhance clarity then you will have to minimize undesired noise during production. This can be achieved by either recording in a soundproof environment or eliminating noise sources such as fans, air conditioning units, or pets. Additionally, you can also use noise reduction tools available on Toolplate.AI to enhance clarity during post-production.

How to achieve balanced audio levels?

To achieve a balanced audio you can normalize frequency levels to a consistent volume, Utilizing audio meters to monitor and adjust levels during recording or editing. To avoid disturbance you should maintain levels within an optimal range.

How do you synchronize audio with video?

You can easily synchronize audio using editing software to align audio tracks with corresponding video segments. You could also adjust timing manually or utilize automatic syncing features to Check for lip-sync issues & adjust the same accordingly.

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