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Amazing Hiring

Amazing Hiring

July 11, 2024 ()
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Rapidly identify and engage top candidates





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Overview Of Amazing Hiring

Amazing Hiring revolutionizes recruitment with AI-driven features, streamlining talent acquisition. Using AI sourcing, it identifies candidates across diverse online platforms, creating robust pipelines. The platform automates challenging role searches, sources from major networks, and aggregates comprehensive candidate profiles. Enabling personalized engagement, it offers direct contact features. With a free Chrome extension, it seamlessly integrates into workflows. Custom pricing ensures flexibility for tailored solutions, making Amazing Hiring a go-to for efficient, data-driven recruitment.

Amazing Hiring Features

  • AI Sourcing Technology: Assists in finding candidates from a wide range of online sources.
  • Grow Pipeline with AI Sourcing: Uses AI to create a list of relevant candidates.
  • Direct Candidate Contact: Enables sending personalized emails and tracking engagement.
  • Candidate Sourcing Across Networks: Sources candidates from major networks and professional communities.
  • AI-Driven Candidate Search: Automates candidate search for challenging roles.
  • Candidate Profile Discovery: Aggregates information from multiple sources into a single profile.
  • Automated Candidate Outreach: Creates and sends personalized messages to candidates.
  • Free Chrome Extension: Enhances sourcing with a browser extension.

Amazing Hiring Pricing

Custom Pricing

Amazing Hiring Usages

  • Enhanced Talent Search: Utilizing AI to rapidly identify top candidates across various online platforms.
  • Efficient Recruitment Pipeline Development: Building a list of qualified candidates for specific roles using AI sourcing.
  • Personalized Candidate Engagement: Leveraging direct contact features for tailored communication with potential hires.
  • Comprehensive Candidate Profiling: Creating detailed profiles by aggregating data from multiple sources.
  • Streamlined Recruitment for Specialized Roles: Facilitating easier searches for hard-to-fill positions through AI-driven search capabilities.
  • Automated Outreach: Efficiently managing candidate communication with automated messaging tools.

Amazing Hiring Competitors

  • SmartAssistant : It has AI-driven features for streamlining candidate sourcing, automated screening, and personalized engagement. Focused on reducing bias and optimizing strategies, it transforms talent acquisition with proactive engagement and intelligent job recommendations.
  • Cogbee: It streamlines hiring with AI-enabled assessments, remote proctoring, and seamless integration with ATS. It optimizes recruitment workflows, ensuring fair testing and enhancing candidate evaluation.
  • Findem: It does talent acquisition with AI-driven sourcing, personalized engagement, and efficient application review. Aimed at diversity and informed decision-making, it integrates seamlessly for scalable candidate management. 

Amazing Hiring Launch and Funding

Amazing Hiring was founded in 2012 by Sergey Dmitrichenko and Vitaly Obernikhin in Redwood City, California, United States. It has raised $1M in seed funding.

Amazing Hiring Limitations

  • Data Accuracy and Completeness: Relying on publicly available data may lead to incomplete or outdated candidate profiles.
  • Integration with Existing HR Systems: Potential challenges in integrating with certain HR software and tools.

FAQs Of Amazing Hiring

How does Amazing Hiring use AI to find candidates?

Their AI technology searches across diverse online platforms, like LinkedIn, Github, and Stack Overflow, identifying qualified individuals based on your job requirements and skills. Imagine a tireless talent scout powered by intelligent algorithms!

Can I build a strong candidate pipeline with Amazing Hiring?

Their platform automatically creates a "talent pool" of relevant candidates based on your criteria. It's like having a pre-vetted list of potential hires ready to explore.

How can I directly reach out to and engage with candidates?

Amazing Hiring makes it easy! You can send personalized emails directly from the platform, track engagement metrics, and manage your outreach efforts effectively. No more juggling platforms or missing connections.

Does Amazing Hiring work with major professional networks?

It taps into LinkedIn, Github, Stack Overflow, and other networks, sourcing top talent from where they naturally gather. Think of it as casting a wide net in the digital talent pool.

Can Amazing Hiring help me find candidates for hard-to-fill roles?

Their AI-driven search capabilities make it easier to find specialists and niche talent. The platform suggests qualified individuals even for complex or unique positions, taking the headache out of recruitment.

Does Amazing Hiring offer a free trial or plan?

Currently, they offer custom pricing plans tailored to your specific needs and organization size. However, they have a free Chrome extension that enhances your online sourcing abilities with just a click.

How does Amazing Hiring compare to other AI recruitment tools?

While competitors like SmartAssistant, Cognee, and Findem offer similar features, Amazing Hiring stands out for its:

  • Focus on rapid candidate identification through AI sourcing.
  • Direct contact features for personalized outreach and engagement.
  • Free Chrome extension for seamless integration into your workflow.
  • Cost-effective solutions with custom pricing plans.

Are there any limitations to using Amazing Hiring?

Data accuracy and completeness can be a concern if the information available online is outdated or incomplete. Additionally, integrating the platform with certain HR systems might require technical expertise.

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