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29 Feb, 2024

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Artbreeder is a creative tool that utilizes AI to assist in the creation of characters, artworks, and more. It allows users to mix images and text, create images from simple shapes, and edit the "genes" of images, offering a novel approach to digital art creation​​.

The platform has garnered a significant user base, with over 10 million users and 250 million images created. This highlights its popularity and effectiveness as a creative tool​​.

Artbreeder Features

  • Art Creation: Artbreeder leverages AI, specifically Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), to create unique artworks. This AI technology enables the generation of highly detailed and imaginative art pieces​​.
  • Mixer Tool: The Mixer tool allows users to blend images and text. This feature is particularly useful for creating complex and nuanced compositions by combining different visual and textual elements​​.
  • Tuner Tool: The Tuner tool offers fine-tuned control over the art generation process. It gives users the ability to make subtle adjustments to their creations, enhancing the precision of their artwork​​.
  • Editing 'Genes' of Images: Artbreeder provides a unique feature where users can edit the 'genes' of images. This metaphorical gene editing allows for deep customization of art pieces, enabling the exploration of a vast range of artistic possibilities​​.
  • Diverse Artwork Generation: The tool is capable of generating various types of artwork, including portraits, landscapes, and abstract forms, making it versatile for different artistic needs and styles​​.
  • Dataset of Images: Artbreeder uses a vast dataset of images to generate unique art compositions. This large dataset ensures a wide variety of styles and forms can be produced​​.

Artbreeder Pricing

  • Free Plan
  • Starter Plan: Pay USD $8.99 per month
  • Advanced Plan: Pay USD $18.99 per month 
  • Champion Plan: Pay USD $38.99 per month.

Artbreeder Usages

  • Creative Art and Design: Ideal for artists and designers looking to experiment with new styles and forms, or seeking inspiration for their work.
  • Character and Concept Art Creation: Useful for game designers, writers, and animators in creating detailed character designs and concept art.
  • Photo Manipulation & Transformation: Apply Artbreeder's algorithms to edit and enhance existing photos, add artistic effects, or even transform them into completely different styles.
  • Inspiration & Research: Explore existing Artbreeder creations for inspiration and discover new directions for your work. Find examples of specific styles, themes, or techniques.
  • Educational Purposes: This can be employed in art education as a tool to teach about generative art, AI in creativity, and digital art techniques.
  • Prototype Visualizations: Suitable for quickly prototyping visuals for various projects, such as marketing campaigns, book covers, or visual content for social media.

Artbreeder Competitors

  • AI Gallery: Generates art quickly and includes an AI gallery and dashboard. Offers image generation options with preset and customizable features​​.
  • This open-source Freemium AI-powered art generator. Creates beautiful images in different styles based on user descriptions​​.
  • AI Art Apps: It is a Free tool offering resources and prompts for designing art. Generates unique digital artwork using algorithms and machine learning models​.
  • Allows users to upload photos and generate AI paintings. Offers a wide range of art templates​​.

Artbreeder Launch & Funding

Artbreeder was launched in 2019 as a web-based platform for art generation​​.

The platform's development has been supported by organizations like Stochastic Labs, DeepAI, and Tensorflow, indicating a strong foundation in the AI and creative technology sector.

Artbreeder Limitation


  • Dependence on AI Algorithms: The art generated is heavily reliant on AI algorithms, which may not always align with the user’s artistic vision or intentions.
  • Image Quality: Compared to some other AI art generators, Artbreeder's image quality might not be as consistently high-resolution or photorealistic. While capable of creating stunning pieces, some outputs might appear blurry or lack fine details.
  • Limited Editing Freedom: While offering customization options, Artbreeder's editing capabilities are relatively basic compared to dedicated image editing software. Fine-tuning specific elements like facial features or intricate textures can be challenging.
  • Dependency on Database: The variety and quality of generated images largely depend on the existing artwork present in its database. Users might struggle to create specific styles or concepts if suitable source material is absent.
  • Processing Speeds: Depending on the complexity of the desired image and computing resources available, generation times can sometimes be slow, especially for free users with limited credits.
  • Learning Curve: Understanding how to effectively use the Mixer and Tuner tools, as well as editing image genes, may require some time and practice, especially for users new to AI art generation.
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