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Arya Quantum

Arya Quantum

May 15, 2024 ()
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AI-driven talent matching for efficient recruitment





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Overview Of Arya Quantum

Arya Quantum performs talent acquisition with advanced AI, ensuring precise job-candidate matching, rapid sourcing, and diverse talent discovery. Its multi-dimensional approach accelerates processes, optimizes interviews, and fills specialized roles, addressing diversity goals. The platform, with custom pricing, streamlines communication and adapts to varied industry needs, offering an easy solution for efficient talent acquisition.

Arya Quantum Features

  • AI Search and Match: Utilizes multiple machine learning models to accurately match jobs and candidates.
  • Discover New Talent: Accesses a vast talent database sourced from numerous platforms for comprehensive talent discovery.
  • Reduce Sourcing Time: Rapidly sources, scores, and ranks candidates, significantly cutting down the time for candidate sourcing.
  • Multiply Interview Pipeline: Uses a multi-dimensional approach to score and rank talent, enhancing the interview process.
  • Fill Niche and Critical Positions: Assists in identifying the most effective sourcing parameters for niche roles.
  • Eliminate Recruitment Bias: Incorporates diversity indicators to deliver diverse candidates while maintaining talent scoring integrity.
  • Candidate Engagement Dashboard: Offers a unified platform for communicating with candidates through various channels.

Arya Quantum Pricing

Custom Pricing.

Arya Quantum Usages

  • Efficient Talent Acquisition: Leveraging AI to streamline the process of identifying and matching candidates to job openings.
  • Broadening Candidate Search: Accessing a vast database to discover new talent across multiple platforms.
  • Optimizing Interview Processes: Enhancing the interview pipeline by using AI to score and rank candidates effectively.
  • Filling Specialized Roles: Utilizing AI to pinpoint ideal candidates for niche and critical positions in the industry.

Arya Quantum Competitors

  • HiredScore: It optimizes talent discovery, promoting diversity, and streamlining hiring processes. With a focus on ethical AI practices, it stands as a global HR solution, enhancing productivity and redefining recruitment standards.
  • Turing: Turing does tech talent acquisition with AI, connecting businesses to global developers for streamlined and high-quality software projects. Automated engagement and custom engineering enhance efficiency in the hiring process.
  • Amazing Hiring: It uses AI sourcing to rapidly identify top candidates online. It streamlines recruitment with personalized engagement, direct contact features, and a browser extension. This customizable solution optimizes talent search, outreach, and comprehensive candidate profiling.

Arya Quantum Launch and Funding

Arya Quantum is a product of Leoforce which was founded in 2012 by Madhu Modugu in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States. 

Arya Quantum Limitations

  • Complexity in AI Interpretation: Challenges in the AI's ability to fully understand nuanced job requirements and candidate profiles.
  • Integration with Specific ATS Systems: Potential difficulties in seamlessly integrating with certain Applicant Tracking Systems.

FAQs Of Arya Quantum

What is Arya Quantum?

Arya Quantum is an AI-powered recruitment software that helps HR departments, RPOs, and staffing agencies find and qualify better job candidates more efficiently.

How does Arya Quantum work?

Arya Quantum uses multiple machine learning models to source and qualify candidates from inside and outside the hiring company. It aggregates all the best candidates into a single, easy-to-manage list.

What are the benefits of using Arya Quantum?

Arya Quantum can help you:

  1. Reduce time to hire
  2. Improve the quality of your hires
  3. Reduce costs
  4. Improve the candidate experience

What are the key features of Arya Quantum?

Arya Quantum is an AI recruitment software that helps HR departments, recruiting process outsourcers (RPOs), and staffing agencies find and qualify better job candidates more efficiently. It uses multiple machine learning models to source and qualify candidates from inside and outside the hiring company and aggregates all the best candidates into a single, easy-to-manage list.

How does Arya Quantum make a recruiter’s job easier?

Arya Quantum reduces sourcing time, shortlisting time, and bias by simultaneously sourcing, scoring, and ranking candidate profiles, presented in a unified list, for 90% of jobs in under 5 mins. Arya Quantum also helps recruiters identify the most effective sourcing parameters around key elements like talent cluster, skill set distribution, compensation, and more.

How does Arya Quantum integrate with my ATS?

Arya Quantum integrates with any/all ATS and CRMs that have APIs for the bi-directional transfer of data. This means that you can access Arya Quantum from within your ATS, and any changes you make in Arya Quantum will be reflected in your ATS, and vice versa.

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