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20 Feb, 2024

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Beatbot, branded as Splash Pro, is a groundbreaking AI music generator that streamlines the music creation process through two distinct models, Gen-1 and Gen-2. Gen-1 is a text-to-music service that crafts full songs from user-provided text using a loop-based algorithmic song generator with the ability to add multiple vocal styles, including singing and rapping. 

It ensures consistency in key, scale, and BPM, making it ideal for structured compositions. Gen-2, the advanced iteration, employs neural networks to generate unique, high-quality stereo audio. It specializes in modern genres like EDM and hip-hop, though it's still expanding its genre range. 

While Gen-2 maintains consistent musical elements like Gen-1, it uniquely allows for layering multiple vocals on generated tracks. This innovative approach to Beatbot provides creators with a versatile tool for producing diverse, AI-generated music, catering to a wide array of creative needs and musical preferences.

Beatbot Features

  • Text-to-Music Generation (Gen-1): Generates complete songs from text prompts using a loop-based algorithmic song generator capable of adding various vocal styles, including singing and rapping.
  • Consistent Musical Structure (Gen-1): Ensures that all songs maintain consistent keys, scales, BPM, and chord progressions, making them suitable for structured musical compositions.
  • Generative Outpainting Vocal Capability (Gen-1): Allows users to add multiple vocalists across different styles and genres to their songs, enhancing the diversity of the music created.
  • High-Quality Stereo Audio (Gen-2): Uses neural networks to produce unique, high-quality stereo audio tracks, focusing on modern, urban genres like EDM, hip-hop, and lo-fi.
  • Consistent Musical Elements (Gen-2): Maintains consistent BPM, key, and scale throughout the songs, ensuring usability within digital audio workstations (DAWs).
  • Layering of Multiple Vocals (Gen-2): Features outpainting tools for vocal models, enabling users to layer multiple vocals on the generated song for a richer sound.
  • Expanding Genre Coverage (Gen-2): Actively working to cover more genres, particularly acoustic and classical, expanding the tool's versatility.
  • Unique Song Creation: Every song generated by both Gen-1 and Gen-2 models is unique, providing users with original content for their projects.

Beatbot Pricing

Beatbot has only a free plan (Beta), unsure about the cost after it exits beta.

Beatbot Usages

  • Songwriting and Composition: Use Gen-1 for creating complete songs from text prompts, ideal for songwriters and composers looking to quickly generate structured musical pieces with consistent elements.
  • Adding Vocals to Tracks: Utilize the generative outpainting vocal capability in Gen-1 to add diverse vocal styles, including singing and rapping, to enhance musical tracks.
  • Music Production for Modern Genres: Leverage Gen-2 for producing high-quality stereo audio in contemporary music genres like EDM, hip-hop, and lo-fi, suitable for music producers focusing on urban styles.
  • Creative Music Experimentation: Experiment with Gen-2 to generate unique, AI-crafted tracks, offering a creative tool for artists and producers looking to explore new musical possibilities.
  • Integrating Music into Multimedia Projects: Apply Beatbot's AI-generated music to various multimedia projects, such as videos, podcasts, or games, where unique and tailored background music is needed.

Beatbot Competitors

  • Soundraw: Soundraw is an innovative AI-powered music creation platform that allows users to compose and customize royalty-free music easily. With an intuitive interface, creators can generate unique soundtracks for videos, podcasts, and other digital content without worrying about copyright issues.
  • Aiva: Aiva, the AI composer, crafts custom royalty-free music reflecting your vision. Whether it's epic orchestral pieces for a fantasy film or whimsical waltzes for a children's book, describe your mood or choose templates, and Aiva's algorithms will create your sonic masterpiece.
  • Soundful: Soundful is an AI-powered music creation tool that empowers users to generate unique, royalty-free music effortlessly. With an easy-to-use platform, creators can craft custom tracks for various digital content without copyright concerns, making music creation accessible to all.
  • Beatoven: Beatoven is an AI-backed music composition platform that revolutionizes music generation for digital content. It creates unique, mood-based, royalty-free music tailored for videos and podcasts. User-friendly and affordable, and it offers customizable music solutions.

Beatbot Launch and Funding

Beatbot, launched by the AI music startup Splash on February 26, 2023, represents a new frontier in music creation technology. Siler Wang is the CEO and Founder of Beatbot. Beatbot has not raised any funding yet.

Beatbot Limitations

  • Genre Specificity: While Beatbot aims to cover a wide range of musical genres, its current capabilities may not fully encompass every genre, especially more niche or traditional styles like classical or acoustic music.
  • Lyric Generation Constraints: Using OpenAI's GPT-3 for lyric generation, the lyrics produced may sometimes lack the depth or complexity of human-written lyrics, potentially impacting the emotional resonance of the songs.
  • Algorithmic Repetitiveness: There is a possibility of algorithmic repetitiveness, where generated music might exhibit similar patterns or motifs, leading to a lack of diversity in the output.
  • Song Structure Limitations: In its current state, Beatbot may have limitations in generating varied and complex song structures, which can be a crucial aspect of dynamic music composition.
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Beatbot, also known as Splash Pro, is an AI-powered music generator that offers two models, Gen-1 and Gen-2, for creating songs. It combines text-to-music generation with advanced AI techniques to produce unique music tracks.

Beatbot, or Splash Pro, uses two AI models, Gen-1 and Gen-2, for music creation. Gen-1 crafts songs from text prompts with a loop-based algorithm, while Gen-2 employs neural networks for high-quality audio in modern genres, both offering vocal layering capabilities.

Yes, music generated by Beatbot can be used in various multimedia projects, including videos, podcasts, and games, providing unique and tailored background music.

Currently, Beatbot is in its beta phase and is free to use. The pricing after it exits beta is not yet specified.

Beatbot is designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their musical expertise. Its intuitive interface allows users to easily create high-quality songs without experience in music theory or playing instruments.

Beatbot, developed by Splash Music Co., enables users to create short songs in various genres, including hip-hop, pop, and country. It uses text prompts, Splash sound loops, GPT-3 for lyrics, and AI rappers to generate diverse and catchy music.

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