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May 21, 2024 ()
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An AI-powered spiritual tool offering judgment-free guidance through chat, tarot, and more.





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Overview Of is an AI-powered spiritual tool for guidance through chat sessions, tarot readings, and more. It aims to provide clarity and support without judgment. Their services include private consultations with AI advisors, ensuring confidentiality and bias-free interactions. The platform is affordable and available with a free trial to new users. This makes spiritual consultation accessible anytime and anywhere and keeps conversations completely private. Features


  • AI-Powered Consultations: It gives you personalized spiritual advice using AI, ensuring personalized support and guidance catered to each individual's unique journey.


  • Tarot Readings: Users can gain insights into their personal queries through tarot card readings provided by this tool, helping them make decisions and understand themselves better.


  • Bias-Free Guidance: The tool gives you advice according to your personal queries without any judgement, focusing solely on what you need. Benefits


  • Instant Access: It is there 24/7, ready to offer spiritual guidance instantly whenever you require it.


  • Affordable Support: With budget-friendly subscription options, it ensures that spiritual assistance remains accessible to everyone, regardless of financial constraints.


  • Privacy and Confidentiality: The tool keeps all your interactions private and secure, safeguarding your personal information.


  • Diverse Tools: From tarot readings to AI consultations, it provides a range of tools for diverse spiritual insights and guidance.


  • Bias-Free Advice: It offers impartial spiritual guidance, devoid of any human biases or judgments, focusing solely on your needs.


  • Ease of Use: With its user-friendly interface, it makes it easy for you to access its services hassle-free and without confusion.


How to Use


  • Visit the Website
  • Create an Account
  • Choose a Service
  • Engage with the AI
  • Receive Insights
  • Review and Reflect Pricing


The tool provides a free trial before purchasing any plan.


  • Anahata: $9.90/monthly
  • Sahasrara: $29.90/monthly Usages


  • Personal Guidance: Get advice and insights to help you grow as a person and make better decisions in life.


  • Emotional Support: Use AI-driven tools to manage stress and handle difficult situations in a healthy way, providing comfort and guidance.


  • Spiritual Exploration: Explore different beliefs and practices in a safe and non-judgmental environment, allowing for personal growth and understanding.


  • Tarot Reading: Reflect on life situations and gain new perspectives through the symbolic imagery of tarot cards, offering insights and guidance.


  • Mindfulness Practices: Engage in activities recommended by the AI to enhance mindfulness and find inner peace, fostering a sense of calm and well-being.


Competitors of


  • Google Bard: It is an experimental chatbot using AI to give detailed answers. It can summarize text, compare items, suggest ideas, and assist in coding, but users should verify information due to potential inaccuracies and errors.


  • Hello History: It is a cool educational AI chatbot, it uses fancy AI technology to make these conversations feel real and exciting, perfect for learning about history in a fun and interactive way.


  • ChatHelp AI: It is a smart chatbot that helps businesses and students with 24/7 support and a private AI knowledge base, working with many file formats and integrating with popular tools like WordPress and YouTube, making tasks easier and more efficient.


Limitations of


  • AI Limitations: The guidance provided is AI-generated, which lacks the depth or empathy of human interaction.


  • Spiritual Accuracy: AI interpretations of spiritual concepts does not align with all personal or traditional beliefs.


  • Privacy Concerns: Despite assurances, users still be cautious about sharing personal information online.


  • Dependence: Over-reliance on AI for personal advice might inhibit personal decision-making skills.


Conclusion offers accessible and judgment-free spiritual guidance through AI-powered chat sessions and tarot readings. While it provides instant support and diverse tools for personal growth, users should be mindful of AI limitations and privacy concerns. 


Try this tool today for affordable and private spiritual assistance!


What is is a tool that uses computers to give spiritual advice and do tarot card readings. It's like having a wise friend who's always there to help.

How does work? uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized spiritual guidance through chat sessions and tarot readings. It offers unbiased advice tailored to your individual needs.

What tools does offer? provides various tools, including AI-powered consultations, tarot readings, and mindfulness practices, to support your spiritual journey.

What are the pricing plans of

The pricing plans of are:


  • Anahata: $9.90/monthly
  • Sahasrara: $29.90/monthly

How easy is it to use?

It's super easy! Just click around on the website, and you'll figure it out in no time.

How can help me? can provide personal guidance, emotional support, and assist in spiritual exploration, helping you make better decisions and find inner peace.

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