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Advanced text-to-speech technology with customizable voices





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Overview Of BeyondWords

BeyondWords stands as an advanced text-to-speech solution, utilizing cutting-edge technology to transform written content into natural-sounding speech. One of its notable features is the ability to customize voices, allowing users to tailor the audio to specific needs or brand identity. With support for multiple languages and seamless integration into popular Content Management Systems (CMS) and applications through an API, BeyondWords provides a versatile tool for enhancing digital content.

The platform goes beyond simple narration by offering audio analytics, providing valuable insights into audience engagement with audio content. Whether it's enhancing online articles, incorporating multilingual audio for global reach, or integrating text-to-speech features into apps and websites, BeyondWords caters to a variety of use cases. 

BeyondWords Features

  • Advanced Text-to-Speech Technology: Converts written content into natural-sounding speech.
  • Customizable Voices: Provides options to tailor the voice to specific needs or branding.
  • Multi-Language Support: Offers text-to-speech in various languages.
  • API for Developers: Facilitates easy integration into existing workflows and applications.
  • Content Management System Integration: Seamlessly integrates with popular CMS platforms.
  • Audio Analytics: Delivers insights into how audiences engage with audio content.
  • Audio Content Distribution: Enables distribution of audio content across multiple channels.

BeyondWords Pricing

  • Free
  • Pro: $99/month ($89 per month annually)
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing

BeyondWords Usages

  • Digital Content Narration: Enhancing online articles, blogs, and e-books with natural-sounding audio narration.
  • Voice Customization for Branding: Tailoring voiceovers to align with brand identity or specific content themes.
  • Multilingual Audio for Global Reach: Creating audio content in multiple languages to cater to an international audience.
  • Integration in Apps and Websites: Incorporating text-to-speech features into applications and websites for better accessibility and user engagement.
  • Insightful Audio Analytics: Leveraging audio analytics to understand listener engagement and preferences.

BeyondWords Competitors

  • Bigspeak: It’s an AI-powered platform offering text-to-speech and speech-to-text solutions for diverse digital content creation. It features advanced voice cloning, multi-language support, and comprehensive editing tools.
  • Synthesys: Synthesys is an AI platform, crafting lifelike voices for diverse content. It has customizable avatars, multilingual support, and user-friendly interface.
  • Lovo: A popular mobile app with millions of downloads, featuring natural-sounding voices in 100 languages and convenient accessibility across devices.

BeyondWords Launch and Funding

BeyondWords was founded in 2016 by James MacLeod, Kostas Vaggelakos and Patrick O'Flaherty with headquarters in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). It raised a Pre Seed funding of £150K in 2018.

BeyondWords Limitations

  • Emotional Expression in AI Voices: While the text-to-speech technology is advanced, it may not fully capture the emotional depth and nuances of human speech.
  • Complex Content Interpretation: Potential challenges in accurately conveying the intended tone and context in complex texts.
  • Custom Voice Creation Limitations: Customizing voices might be limited in terms of achieving a specific voice style or uniqueness.

FAQs Of BeyondWords

What is BeyondWords?

BeyondWords is an advanced text-to-speech (TTS) platform that transforms written content into natural-sounding speech. It allows you to customize voices, support multiple languages, and integrate seamlessly with popular content management systems (CMS) and applications.

Who can use BeyondWords?

  • Content creators: Enhance online articles, blogs, and e-books with audio narration.
  • Marketers: Create audio ads, product demos, and explainer videos.
  • Educators: Craft engaging audio lessons and interactive learning materials.
  • Accessibility providers: Generate audio versions of documents and websites for visually impaired users.
  • Developers: Integrate text-to-speech features into apps and websites.

Anyone who wants to add audio to their written content!

How to use BeyondWords?

  • Sign up for a free trial or paid plan.
  • Paste your text or upload a document.
  • Choose a voice from the extensive library or customize your own.
  • Set the tone and pacing of the narration.
  • Download the audio file or embed it directly into your content.

What are the benefits of using BeyondWords?

  • Improve audience engagement: Audio content is more engaging and accessible than text.
  • Increase reach: Reach a wider audience by offering your content in audio format.
  • Save time and money: Text-to-speech is a quicker and more cost-effective way to create audio content than recording with human voice talent.
  • Accessibility: Make your content available to visually impaired users.
  • Brand consistency: Customize voices to match your brand identity.

Is BeyondWords easy to use?

Yes, BeyondWords has a user-friendly interface and requires no technical expertise. Even beginners can easily create high-quality audio content.

Is BeyondWords free to use?

BeyondWords offers a free trial with limited features. Paid plans with more features and higher audio production quotas are available.

What languages does BeyondWords support?

BeyondWords currently supports text-to-speech for over 60 languages, including major languages like English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese, as well as less common languages like Icelandic, Swahili, and Vietnamese. The full list of supported languages is available on their website.

Can I integrate BeyondWords with my existing workflow?

Yes, BeyondWords offers seamless integration with popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Ghost, as well as with other tools like Zapier and Airtable. Additionally, their API allows developers to integrate BeyondWords directly into custom applications and websites.

What kind of analytics does BeyondWords offer?

BeyondWords provides comprehensive audio analytics to help you understand how your audience engages with your text-to-speech content. You can see metrics like:

  • Playback numbers and completion rates: How many people are listening to your audio and how much of it are they listening to?

  • Average listening time and drop-off points: Which parts of your content are most engaging and where are people losing interest?

  • Device and location data: Where are your listeners located and what devices are they using?

  • Demographic data: Understand the age, gender, and other demographics of your listeners.

These insights can help you improve your content, optimize your audio delivery, and better target your audience.

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