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21 Feb, 2024

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BlockSurvey is a platform that prioritizes privacy and security in data collection. It offers a unique approach to surveys, forms, and questionnaires, ensuring that your data is stored encrypted in your decentralized private storage, accessible only to you. This means there are no more data leaks or breaches.

The platform is designed to protect the privacy of your respondents by eliminating ads, trackers, and third-party scripts that pose privacy, security, or confidentiality risks. It also offers AI-driven features, allowing you to generate surveys in seconds with AI-generated questions.

BlockSurvey supports team collaboration, allowing teams to create forms and surveys in real time. It also offers built-in analytics to help you gain key insights from the collected data. The platform is trusted by over 500 members for sending their forms and surveys.

Block-survey Features

  • Prevent Bots on Forms and Surveys: Secure your survey's integrity with a robust bot prevention tool, countering malicious bots and automated activities to ensure accurate and reliable data.
  • Team Workspace: Allows you to build your survey team in BlockSurvey. The team can collaborate as a team while building surveys and forms.
  • Confidential Surveys: Maintaining survey data confidentiality is crucial for fostering trust and obtaining reliable information from respondents.
  • Data Ownership: Explore BlockSurvey's revolutionary "Data Ownership" feature, granting users unparalleled control over their survey data and setting a new standard for privacy in survey platforms.
  • Display Logic: A type of survey logic that allows you to display a question based on how the respondents are answering the previous question.
  • Token forms and surveys for Web 3.0 Companies: Discover how Web 3 companies leverage token-gated forms and surveys for enhanced engagement and ecosystem contribution.

Block-survey Pricing 

  • Free Plan: Free
  • Standard Plan: Pay $29 per month
  • Premium Plan: Pay $99 per month 
  • Team Plan: Pay $199 per month

Block-survey Usages

  • Private, Secure, and Anonymous Surveys: BlockSurvey allows you to create surveys that are private, secure, and anonymous. Your data is encrypted in your decentralized private storage and is only accessible to you. This ensures no data leaks or breaches.
  • Protect Respondents’ Privacy: With BlockSurvey, you don’t have to worry about your respondents viewing ads, trackers, or other third-party scripts that pose privacy, security, or confidentiality risks.
  • AI-Driven Surveys: BlockSurvey uses AI to generate surveys in seconds. You can create your survey in just a few clicks using AI-generated questions.
  • Team Collaboration: BlockSurvey allows for team collaboration in creating forms and surveys in real time.
  • Market Research: BlockSurvey is a great tool for market research companies. It helps boost survey completion rates, provides data ownership and privacy protection, and offers white-label branding.
  • Employee Engagement: BlockSurvey can be used for employee engagement surveys, helping businesses understand their employees better.
  • Customer Insight: BlockSurvey helps you quickly analyze large datasets and extract valuable insight into the minds of your customers.

Block-survey Competitors

  • SurveyMonkey: SurveyMonkey is a popular online survey tool offering diverse question types, pre-built templates, and analytics for users to easily create, distribute, and interpret survey results.
  • Typeform: Typeform is known for its user-friendly, interactive design. It allows users to create engaging surveys that can include images, GIFs, and videos. It also offers a variety of question types and provides analytics for survey results.
  • Qualtrics: Qualtrics is a robust survey tool used often in academic and market research. It offers a wide range of question types, logic, and branching options, and advanced analytics capabilities.

Block-survey Launch and Funding 

BlockSurvey, a data collection platform, was launched in January 2020 by founders Wilson Bright and Raja Ilayaperumal. It raised $500k in pre-seed funding. Wilson Bright is the CEO.

Block-survey Limitations

  • Application Errors: Instances of application errors or client-side exceptions, as discerned from select reviews, may be experienced sporadically, adding a layer of variability to the user experience.
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BlockSurvey is a privacy-focused data collection platform that revolutionizes surveys, forms, and questionnaires. It ensures encrypted storage in decentralized private storage, emphasizing security and confidentiality.

BlockSurvey employs encrypted storage and eliminates ads, trackers, and third-party scripts, safeguarding user data against privacy and security risks.

BlockSurvey caters to a diverse audience, including businesses, researchers, and individuals seeking private, secure, and AI-driven survey solutions.

Yes, BlockSurvey supports team collaboration, allowing real-time creation of forms and surveys for seamless teamwork.

Yes, BlockSurvey facilitates quick analysis of large datasets, allowing businesses to extract valuable insights into customer preferences and opinions.

BlockSurvey allows users to create private, secure, and anonymous surveys suitable for various purposes, including market research, employee engagement, and customer feedback.

BlockSurvey provides a range of pricing plans, including a Free Plan and paid plans such as Standard, Premium, and Team plans, catering to different user needs and preferences.

Yes, BlockSurvey enables token-gated forms and surveys, offering enhanced engagement and ecosystem contribution for Web 3.0 companies.

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