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April 20, 2024 ()
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It is a free, web-based diagramming tool





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Overview Of DGM

DGM is an innovative, free online platform designed to facilitate the creation and sharing of diagrams for web and AI projects. It simplifies the diagramming process with smart, adaptable shapes, enabling users to draft, visualize, and share their ideas with ease. Furthermore, it incorporates vision AI to enhance its capabilities, allowing for the generation of code from diagrams. This tool is particularly useful for professionals looking to streamline their workflow and enhance project documentation without the need for complex software installations​​.

DGM Features

  • Free Forever for Local Use: Unlike many other diagramming tools, DGM lets you create and save diagrams for free, as long as you store them locally on your device. This is a great option for personal projects or for those who prefer to work offline.
  • Professional Diagramming Features: DGM offers a wide range of shapes and libraries for creating various types of diagrams, including UML, ERDs, flowcharts, UI wireframes, and more. You can also create custom shapes with hand-drawn styles and fonts.
  • Experimental AI Assistant: This is where DGM truly stands out. The tool has an experimental AI assistant that can generate code from your diagrams using OpenAI's GPT-4 Vision. This can be a huge time-saver for developers and designers.
  • Smart shapes: Shapes can have constraints, properties, and scripts for more dynamic diagrams.
  • Cloud storage: Save your diagrams on the cloud and access them from anywhere.
  • Web publication: Share your diagrams online by publishing them on the web and embedding them in other sites.
  • Easy to use: The user-friendly interface makes diagramming intuitive and efficient.

DGM Pricing

Free for all user

DGM Usages

  • Software Development Visualization: Enables developers to create UML, ERD, and other technical diagrams, facilitating the visualization of software architecture and database designs.
  • Project Planning and Management: Supports the creation of flowcharts and organizational charts, aiding in project planning, task breakdown, and team structure visualization.
  • Educational Tool for Learning and Teaching: Acts as a resource for educators and students to represent complex information and processes visually, enhancing understanding and retention.
  • Design and prototyping: You can use it to create visual prototypes of user interfaces, flowcharts, and other design elements.

DGM Limitations

  • Beta Version Constraints: Being in beta, DGM may have bugs or incomplete features that can impact user experience and functionality.
  • Feature Availability: Real-time collaboration is not yet available, limiting the tool's utility for team projects.
  • Learning Curve: New users might face challenges in fully leveraging the tool's capabilities without extensive documentation or tutorials.
  • Customization and Integration: There may be limitations in customizing diagrams or integrating with other tools and platforms, potentially affecting workflow efficiency.


What is DGM?

DGM is a free online diagramming tool designed for creating, sharing, and publishing diagrams on the web. It supports various diagram types such as UML, ERD, Flowcharts, and UI wireframes, making it versatile for different professional and educational needs.

Does DGM support real-time collaboration?

As of now real-time collaboration is listed as a "coming soon" feature, indicating it's in development but not yet available.

Can DGM generate code from diagrams?

Yes, DGM integrates Vision AI, specifically leveraging OpenAI's GPT-4, to generate code from diagrams, bridging the gap between visual planning and software development.

Is DGM available for free?

DGM is free for use with local files, offering significant functionality without cost. Advanced features, especially those involving cloud storage or extended history, might require accessing their cloud services.

How does DGM handle privacy and data security?

While specific details were not provided, tools like DGM typically prioritize user privacy and data security, especially for features that involve cloud storage. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policy on the DGM website for detailed information.

What makes DGM different from other diagramming tools?

DGM sets itself apart with its integration of AI for code generation, support for smart shapes with dynamic properties, and the offering of both standard and hand-drawn style diagrams. Its emphasis on easy web publishing and the upcoming feature of real-time collaboration also contributes to its uniqueness.

Can I export diagrams created in DGM?

Yes, DGM allows users to export diagrams in PNG and SVG formats, facilitating easy sharing and embedding in other documents or websites.

Are there any limitations to using DGM?

Being in beta, there may be some bugs or incomplete features. The lack of real-time collaboration and the potential learning curve for new users are also considerations. Customization and integration capabilities might vary depending on user needs.

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