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18 Feb, 2024

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Eightfold leverages AI for efficient recruitment, offering an enhanced recruiter experience through automated tasks like sourcing and screening. It prioritizes candidate experience by helping individuals understand job fit, promoting diversity through masked profiles, and providing real-time analytics. The platform aligns recruitment with organizational needs, emphasizing skills-based recruitment beyond traditional resumes. With custom pricing, Eightfold optimizes the recruitment strategy, ensuring deep learning insights contribute to organizational goals and diversity objectives.

Eightfold Features

  • AI for Talent Acquisition: Enhances talent acquisition with AI capabilities.
  • Recruiter Experience: AI platform eases tasks like sourcing, screening, and scheduling.
  • Candidate Experience: Helps candidates understand job fit, boosting confidence and application rates.
  • Diversity and Bias Reduction: Features masked candidate profiles and real-time diversity analytics.
  • Talent Transformation: Aligns recruitment with organizational needs through standardized processes and metrics.
  • Talent Intelligence: Provides deep learning AI insights for efficient recruitment and diversity goals.
  • Skills-Based Recruitment: Focuses on skills and potential beyond just resumes.

Eightfold Pricing

Custom Pricing.

Eightfold Usages

  • Efficient Talent Acquisition: Leveraging AI to streamline the recruitment process, from sourcing to hiring.
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: Assisting candidates in understanding job fit, potentially increasing application rates.
  • Promoting Diversity in Recruitment: Utilizing AI to minimize bias and enhance diversity in the hiring process.
  • Optimizing Recruitment Strategy: Applying deep learning insights to align talent acquisition with organizational goals.

Eightfold Competitors

  • Arya Quantum: It uses advanced AI for efficient talent acquisition, ensuring precise matches, rapid sourcing, and diverse talent discovery. With custom pricing, it optimizes processes and fills specialized roles, promoting diversity and streamlined communication.
  • Amazing HiringIt uses AI sourcing to rapidly identify top candidates online. It streamlines recruitment with personalized engagement, direct contact features, and a browser extension. This customizable solution optimizes talent search, outreach, and comprehensive candidate profiling.
  • Fetcher: Fetcher employs AI for diverse candidate sourcing, streamlining communication and optimizing recruitment with data-driven insights. The platform integrates seamlessly with ATS/CRM systems, offering different pricing tiers for tailored hiring solutions.

Eightfold Launch and Funding

Eightfold was founded in 2016 by Ashutosh Garg and Varun Kacholia in Santa Clara, California, United States. It raised a Series E funding of $220M from Silver Lake Waterman in 2021, Series D funding of $125M in 2020 from General Catalyst bringing its total funding to $396.8M.

Eightfold Limitations

  • AI Interpretation Accuracy: Challenges in AI accurately interpreting complex job requirements and candidate profiles.
  • Integration with Existing HR Systems: Potential issues in integrating seamlessly with certain HR platforms and workflows.
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