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AI-driven recruitment with diverse sourcing





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Overview Of Fetcher

Fetcher leverages AI for automated candidate sourcing, emphasizing diversity-focused recruiting. The platform streamlines communication with candidates through automated outreach and follow-ups. Integration with existing ATS/CRM systems ensures seamless syncing, while customizable search criteria tailor searches to specific hiring needs. 

Fetcher provides data-driven insights for recruitment optimization and offers different pricing tiers, including a free option with limitations on monthly profiles. The platform enhances recruitment efficiency, actively builds diverse workforces, and facilitates streamlined candidate communication. It leverages data for informed hiring decisions and engages passive candidates effectively. 

Fetcher Features

  • Automated Candidate Sourcing: Utilizes AI to find suitable candidates.
  • Diversity-Focused Recruiting: Emphasizes creating diverse candidate pools.
  • Automated Outreach and Follow-ups: Streamlines communication with candidates.
  • Integration with ATS/CRM: Seamless syncing with existing systems.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Offers analytics for recruitment optimization.
  • Customizable Search Criteria: Tailors searches to specific hiring needs.
  • Passive Candidate Engagement: Targets candidates not actively seeking jobs.
  • Team Collaboration Tools: Facilitates teamwork in the recruitment process.

Fetcher Pricing

  • Free: 50 profiles per month
  • Growth: $199/user/month ($149/user/month annually)
  • Amplify: $649/user/month ($549/user/month annually)

Fetcher Usages

  • Enhanced Recruitment Efficiency: Using AI for rapid and precise sourcing of candidates, particularly for roles requiring specific skill sets.
  • Building Diverse Workforces: Actively creating candidate pools that emphasize diversity, aiding companies in fostering inclusive workplaces.
  • Streamlined Candidate Communication: Automating initial contact and follow-ups with candidates, thus saving time and ensuring consistent engagement.
  • Data-Informed Hiring Decisions: Leveraging analytics to refine recruitment strategies and improve hiring outcomes.
  • Effective Passive Candidate Engagement: Reaching out to individuals not actively job searching, thereby expanding the talent pool.

Fetcher Competitors

  • Findem: It does talent acquisition with AI-driven sourcing, personalized engagement, and efficient application review. Aimed at diversity and informed decision-making, it integrates seamlessly for scalable candidate management. 
  • Amazing Hiring: It uses AI sourcing to rapidly identify top candidates online. It streamlines recruitment with personalized engagement, direct contact features, and a browser extension. This customizable solution optimizes talent search, outreach, and comprehensive candidate profiling.
  • Cogbee: It performs recruitment with AI-driven assessments, one-way video screenings, and agile remote proctoring. Seamlessly integrating with ATS, it optimizes talent evaluation and offers role-based user access for a tailored hiring experience.

Fetcher Launch and Funding

Fetcher was founded in 2015 by Andres Blank, Chris Calmeyn, Genevieve Wolff Jurvetson, Javier Castiarena, Natan Santolo and Santi Aimetta with Headquarters in the Greater New York Area, East Coast, Northeastern US. It last raised a Series B funding of $27M from Tola Capital bringing its total funding to $47.3M.

Fetcher Limitations

  • AI Matching Precision: While AI enhances candidate sourcing, it may not always perfectly match candidate profiles with job requirements.
  • Integration Complexity: Integrating with existing ATS/CRM systems can be complex and may require additional setup.

FAQs Of Fetcher

What is Fetcher and what does it do?

Fetcher is an AI-powered recruitment platform that automates candidate sourcing and streamlines communication, helping you build diverse and qualified workforces efficiently. It leverages AI algorithms to find suitable candidates, emphasizes diversity-focused recruiting, and integrates seamlessly with your existing ATS/CRM systems.

How does Fetcher's AI help with recruitment?

Fetcher's AI scours various online platforms to identify candidates with the skills and experience you need, saving you time and effort. It also analyzes data to suggest diverse candidates who might be a good fit for your company culture.

What are the benefits of using Fetcher for my business?

  • Faster hiring: Find qualified candidates quickly and efficiently with AI-powered sourcing.
  • Reduced costs: Save time and money spent on traditional recruitment methods.
  • Build diverse teams: Access a wider range of talent and create a more inclusive workplace.
  • Improved candidate experience: Streamlined communication and engagement lead to a positive candidate experience.
  • Data-driven decisions: Gain insights from analytics to optimize your recruitment strategies.

How does Fetcher compare to other AI recruitment tools like Findem or Amazing Hiring?

While all three offer AI-powered sourcing, Fetcher stands out with:

  • Focus on diversity: Built-in features and tools specifically designed to help you build diverse teams.
  • Free plan: Offers a limited free plan to try out the platform before committing.
  • Team collaboration tools: Facilitate teamwork and efficient communication within your recruitment team.

What are the pricing options for Fetcher?

Fetcher offers a Freemium plan with limited features, as well as paid plans with more functionalities:

  • Free: 50 profiles per month
  • Growth: $199/user/month ($149/user/month annually)
  • Amplify: $649/user/month ($549/user/month annually)

Does Fetcher integrate with other tools or services?

Yes, Fetcher integrates with various ATS/CRM systems like Greenhouse, Bullhorn, and Zoho Recruit. However, integration complexity can vary depending on your specific system.

How does Fetcher ensure fairness and mitigate bias in its AI algorithms?

Fetcher focuses on mitigating bias through various methods:

  • Diverse training data: Their AI models are trained on datasets that reflect diverse demographics and skill sets.
  • Human oversight: Hiring decisions ultimately involve human review, considering AI suggestions alongside other factors.
  • Regular audits and testing: They regularly assess their algorithms for potential biases and make adjustments as needed.

What kind of support does Fetcher offer to its users?

Fetcher offers various support options, including:

  • Documentation and knowledge base: Access tutorials, articles, and other resources to learn about the platform.
  • Customer support team: Get help with troubleshooting and using the platform effectively.
  • Onboarding and training: Get assistance with setting up your account and using Fetcher's features.

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