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02 Mar, 2024

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Kits AI is a sophisticated AI voice platform, primarily designed to revolutionize music production. It enables users to generate, modify, and share AI-created voices, catering especially to musicians, music producers, and content creators. The platform boasts a comprehensive library of AI voices, encompassing a diverse range of vocal styles and genres. This includes both male and female voices across various music styles like pop, rock, RnB, and more, allowing users to find the ideal voice for their musical projects.

One of the key features of Kits AI is its capability for custom voice model training. Users can create personalized AI voices by uploading high-quality vocal samples and following specific guidelines to ensure optimal results. This feature allows for unique and tailored vocal expressions, giving users the ability to craft distinctive and individualistic sounds. Additionally, the platform offers a selection of royalty-free AI voices, which can be used for commercial purposes, providing a versatile and cost-effective solution for artists.

Kits AI also includes access to officially licensed artist voice models, enabling users to infuse their music with the recognizable vocal styles of well-known artists. However, it's important to note that using these artist voices for commercial purposes requires explicit approval. Alongside these features, the platform offers text-to-speech conversion capabilities, turning written text into spoken audio in various styles.

Kits Features

  • Expansive AI Voice Library: This platform includes a varied collection of AI-generated voices, encompassing both male and female vocals in styles such as pop, rock, and RnB. This allows users to find a voice that perfectly suits their musical projects.
  • Personalized Voice Model Training: Users have the option to create unique AI voice models. This is done by uploading high-quality vocal data, with the platform offering guidance for the best results in AI voice creation.
  • Royalty-Free Voices for Commercial Use: Kits AI offers a selection of AI voices that are royalty-free, enabling artists to use them in commercial music projects without incurring additional licensing costs.
  • Licensed Artist Voice Models: The platform provides access to voice models of well-known artists, adding a layer of recognizability and distinction to music projects. However, it's important to secure the necessary permissions for their commercial use.
  • Text-to-Speech Capabilities: Kits AI also features text-to-speech technology, allowing the conversion of text into spoken audio in various vocal tones and styles, useful for a range of creative applications.

Kits Pricing

  • Starter Plan: Free for all
  • Converter Plan: $9.99 per month
  • Creator Plan: $24.99 per month
  • Composer Plan: $59.99 per month

Kits Usages

  • AI-Based Music Production: Kits AI is extensively used in creating music with AI-generated voices, offering a wide array of vocal styles and genres. This aids musicians in exploring new soundscapes and vocal textures.
  • Custom Voice Creation: The platform allows for the training of custom AI voices, providing artists with the ability to craft unique and personalized vocal models for their projects.
  • Text-to-Speech Applications: Its text-to-speech feature is beneficial for transforming written content into spoken word, useful in various creative and musical contexts.
  • Efficient Vocal Recording: Kits AI enables the creation of studio-quality vocals without the need for traditional studio setups, saving time and resources for musicians and producers.

Kits Competitors

  • Murf.AI: Murf AI stands as a notable player in the text-to-speech arena, distinguished by its diverse range of voice styles. It finds its utility in a variety of sectors, prominently in video production and e-learning, where its versatile voice options enhance user engagement and learning experiences.
  • ElevenLabs: It is widely utilized across various sectors, including content creation and virtual assistance, due to its capability to replicate realistic human speech effectively.
  • Voicify: This dynamic AI vocal generator transforms music production experiences, delivering top-tier vocal synthesis with a user-friendly interface and versatile vocal capabilities​​.
  • AIVA: An AI that composes emotional soundtracks for ads, video games, or movies, capable of building songs from scratch or producing variations of existing songs​​.

Kits Limitations

  • Quality Variation: The free version and lower-tier plans of Kits AI offer lower output quality compared to the premium plans, which may limit the professional applicability of the generated voices.
  • Limited Conversions: Depending on the chosen plan, there may be limitations on the amount of voice conversion and text-to-speech characters available per month.
  • Ethical and Legal Considerations: The use of AI voices, especially those of real people, requires careful consideration of ethical and legal aspects. It's crucial to ensure that these voices are used with consent and within the bounds of applicable laws.
  • Accuracy and Realism: While AI-generated voices are advancing, there may still be challenges in achieving the same level of nuance and emotional expression as human singers.
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Kits AI is an AI voice platform designed for music production. It enables users to create, modify, and share AI-generated voices. The platform is particularly tailored for musicians, music producers, and content creators, offering a wide range of vocal styles and genres.

Kits AI works by allowing users to select from a library of AI-generated voices or by creating their own custom voice models. This involves uploading high-quality vocal samples and using the platform's tools to generate or modify voices. It also features text-to-speech capabilities and the option to use officially licensed artist voice models.

Yes, you can use Kits AI for commercial purposes, particularly with its selection of royalty-free AI voices. However, if using officially licensed artist voice models, you must obtain appropriate permissions for commercial use.

Kits AI offers various pricing plans, including a free version with basic features and several premium plans for more advanced needs. The premium plans provide additional benefits like higher-quality outputs, more conversion minutes per month, and a larger number of text-to-speech characters.

Yes, ethical considerations are crucial, especially when using AI voices of real people. Users must ensure that they have consent for the use of these voices and respect the rights of artists and voice model owners. Kits AI emphasizes the importance of ethical usage and artist consent.

Kits AI is unique in its direct collaboration with artists to license and release AI voices, ensuring control over their commercialization. Its "Personal Until Approved" licensing model allows for the ethical and controlled use of artist voices, balancing creativity with artists' rights.

Future developments in Kits AI are expected to include integration with popular music production software, enhancing its usability, and streamlining the music creation process for professionals.

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