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20 Feb, 2024

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Krisp is an AI-powered application designed to enhance audio quality in online communications. It offers features like noise cancellation, echo elimination, and accent localization to ensure clear and distraction-free calls. The app works as an intermediary layer between the user's device and communication platforms, effectively removing background noise with a single click. 

Krisp is trusted by numerous global brands and is particularly beneficial for remote and hybrid work environments, where maintaining professional audio quality is crucial. The platform is recognized for its ease of use and effectiveness in diverse settings, from contact centers to individual users working from home.

Krisp Features

  • AI-Powered Noise Cancellation: Krisp intelligently removes background noise not only from the user's environment but also from incoming audio, ensuring distraction-free calls by leveraging AI algorithms for comprehensive noise elimination.
  • Echo Removal: By minimizing or eradicating echoes during calls, Krisp significantly improves audio clarity, providing a smoother and more natural conversation experience without disruptions.
  • HD Voice Quality: It enhances voice quality, ensuring clearer communication by refining audio signals, resulting in a higher-fidelity conversation, even in challenging environments.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Krisp seamlessly integrates with various communication platforms and devices, offering consistent noise cancellation across multiple applications and operating systems.
  • One-Click Operation: With its user-friendly interface, Krisp simplifies noise cancellation to just a single click, making it incredibly easy for users to activate and deactivate the feature during calls effortlessly.
  • Privacy-Focused: Prioritizing user privacy, Krisp processes audio locally on the user's device rather than transmitting it to external servers, ensuring a privacy-centric approach to noise cancellation and audio enhancement.

Krisp Pricing

Krisp provides both free and paid plans to their users:

  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan: Pay USD $8/month ($96/annually)
  • Enterprise Plan: Customized

Krisp Usages

  • Remote Work/Virtual Meetings: Use noise-canceling mics, optimize the internet, and echo cancellation software for clear communication.
  • Podcasts/Online Broadcasting: Employ quality mics, noise reduction tools, and soundproof settings for cleaner audio.
  • Customer Service/Call Centers: Noise-canceling headsets, soundproofing, and noise-filtering software enhance call clarity.
  • Online Education: Quality mics, quiet environments, and voice-enhancing software ensure clear virtual class communication.
  • Professional Communication: High-quality gear, quiet spaces, and noise elimination tools maintain clear, professional audio.

Krisp Competitors

  • Podcastle: The all-in-one free platform for seamless podcast creation, editing, and distribution, with innovative AI-driven features.
  • Katch: Your AI-powered scheduling assistant for seamless calendar integration, customizable meeting experiences, and enhanced productivity.
  • FireFlies: Capture, transcribe, and analyze conversations seamlessly across platforms for improved collaboration and productivity.
  • Voice: Discover limitless voice transformations in real-time with a high-quality, ad-free AI-powered voice changer.

Krisp Launch & Funding

Krisp was launched in 2017 by Davit Baghdasaryan and Artavazd Minasyan.

Krisp has raised $16.75M over 6 rounds. Krisp's latest funding round was a Series A - II for $9M on February 16, 2021.

Krisp Limitations

  • Dependency on Internet Connectivity: Being an online tool, its performance may be affected by internet speed and stability.
  • Hardware Requirements: May require certain hardware specifications for optimal performance.
  • Potential Compatibility Issues: While compatible with many platforms, there might be specific applications where it is less effective or incompatible.
  • Noise Cancellation Limits: While effective, it may not be able to eliminate all types of background noises, especially very loud or irregular sounds.
  • Audio Processing Delays: In some cases, real-time noise cancellation might introduce minimal delays in audio transmission.
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Krisp, an AI-driven tool, optimizes online audio by intelligently removing background noise and echoes, resulting in crystal-clear communication in virtual settings. Its purpose is to ensure seamless and distraction-free calls by enhancing voice clarity during online interactions.

Krisp functions as a middleman, leveraging AI algorithms to filter out background noise from both the user's surroundings and incoming audio, ensuring cleaner and more focused communication in online conversations. It operates by intercepting audio, applying intelligent noise cancellation, and transmitting refined sound to communication platforms, enhancing the overall audio quality.

Individuals and professionals who can benefit from using Krisp:

  • Remote Workers
  • Podcasters and Broadcasters
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Online Educators
  • Professionals in Virtual Meetings
  • Content Creators
  • Students
  • Anyone in Noisy Environments

Krisp provides both free and paid plans to their users:

  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan: Pay USD $8/month ($96/annually)
  • Enterprise Plan: Customized

Krisp's noise cancellation and echo elimination features ensure crystal-clear audio, fostering a professional environment for remote work and seamless communication in online educational settings by eliminating distractions and enhancing clarity.

Krisp offers AI-Powered Noise Cancellation, Echo Removal, HD Voice Quality, Cross-Platform Compatibility, and One-Click Operation, and prioritizes user privacy by processing audio locally on the device.

Krisp prioritizes user privacy by handling all audio processing on the device itself, safeguarding sensitive audio data from being sent to external servers, thereby ensuring a secure and private experience for users during noise cancellation and audio enhancement.

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