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June 10, 2024 ()
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The all-in-one tool that adds AI to your business, all without a line of code.





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Overview Of Levity

Levity, a robust no-code AI workflow automation platform, revolutionizes business processes by automating tasks such as data entry, rate lookup, and email responses. Tailored for customer-focused brokerages and third-party logistics (3PL) companies, Levity enhances operational efficiency, particularly in automating sales quotes, order entry, and customer track and trace. The platform seamlessly integrates with popular business applications like Gmail, Outlook, and Zendesk, requiring no coding skills. 

Levity's AI building blocks, facilitating text extraction, classification, summarization, and generation, empower users to automate various text-based tasks. Users can define workflows and preview them with ease. Prioritizing data privacy, Levity conducts regular audits for compliance with privacy laws. It offers integration options directly with email providers and through platforms like Zapier and Make, enabling businesses to streamline operations, eliminate repetitive tasks, and boost overall efficiency effortlessly.

Levity Features

  • No-Code Automation: Levity's no-code approach empowers users to create automation workflows effortlessly, eliminating the need for coding skills. This accessibility ensures a wide range of users can leverage the power of automation.
  • Email Automation: Levity streamlines email processes by automating responses, categorization, and data extraction. This feature significantly enhances efficiency in handling emails, saving time and improving communication workflows.
  • Data Entry Automation: Levity automates data entry tasks, reducing reliance on manual input and minimizing the risk of human errors. This capability streamlines data management processes for improved accuracy and efficiency.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrating with popular business applications like Gmail, Outlook, and Zendesk, Levity enhances existing workflows. This interoperability ensures a smooth integration into the user's existing tech stack.
  • AI Building Blocks: Levity provides AI building blocks for text-related tasks, including extraction, classification, summarization, and text generation. Users can leverage these blocks to automate various text-based processes, expanding the range of tasks that can be automated.
  • Workflow Preview: Levity's Workflow Preview feature enables users to test and refine automation workflows before deployment. This ensures that automated processes align with user expectations and are optimized for efficiency.
  • Pricing Flexibility: Levity's pricing model, based on the volume of incoming emails processed, offers flexibility to businesses of different sizes. This adaptability makes Levity suitable for a variety of organizations, accommodating varying email processing needs.

Levity Pricing

  • Free Plan: Free for forever.
  • Starter Plan: Pay $99 per month ($79 per month billed annually).
  • Business Plan: Pay $299 per month ($239 per month billed annually).
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing.

Levity Usages

  • Email Automation: Levity streamlines email management by automating responses, categorization, and data extraction. This reduces the time spent on managing emails, enhancing response times and improving overall communication efficiency.
  • Data Entry Automation: Levity automates data entry tasks, reducing manual input and minimizing errors. This feature streamlines data management processes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in handling information.
  • Customer Support: Enhance customer support operations by automating responses to common inquiries and categorizing incoming requests. Levity's automation capabilities contribute to faster and more organized customer service, improving the overall customer experience.
  • Sales Automation: Levity automates sales processes, including quotes, order entry, and customer tracking. This accelerates the sales cycle, improving efficiency and allowing sales teams to focus on strategic activities.
  • Text-Based Automation: Utilize AI building blocks to automate various text-related tasks such as extraction, classification, summarization, and generation. This empowers businesses to automate a diverse range of text-based processes.
  • Workflow Optimization: Create custom automation workflows tailored to specific business needs, optimizing overall process efficiency. Levity allows users to design workflows that align with their unique requirements, enhancing operational effectiveness.
  • Integration: Integrate Levity with popular business applications like Gmail, Outlook, and Zendesk to enhance existing workflows and data management. This interoperability ensures a seamless integration into the user's existing tech stack, maximizing the platform's utility.

Levity Competitors

  • Helicone: Build and deploy machine learning models with ease using Helicone's visual drag-and-drop interface. Streamline workflows, automate tasks, and collaborate seamlessly with its intuitive platform.
  • AiGur: Focus on explainable AI with AiGur's suite of tools. Understand your models' inner workings, debug errors, and gain trust in their predictions with its comprehensive interpretability features.
  • Build AI: Craft custom AI solutions without coding through Build AI's pre-built modules and components. Rapidly prototype and deploy applications, even for non-technical users, with its user-friendly interface.
  • Balckbox: Delve into the black box of complex models with Balckbox's advanced explainability techniques. Uncover hidden biases, identify key features, and optimize your models for fairness and accuracy.
  • Rewind: Manage and track model versions effortlessly with Rewind. Experiment freely, roll back changes seamlessly, and ensure version control with its robust versioning and deployment tools.

Levity Launch & Funding

Levity AI, founded by Gero Keil and Thilo Huellmann with Gero Keil as CEO and Thilo Huellmann as CTO, secured $1.7 million in seed funding in October 2022 from investors like System.

One and Angular Ventures. Shortly after, in the same month, the company raised an additional $8.3 million in seed funding, counting Balderton Capital, Des Traynor, Chalfen Ventures, Scott Belsky, and Angular Ventures among its backers. 

Levity AI's total funding now stands at an impressive $10.0 million, reflecting strong support for its AI-driven initiatives.

Levity Limitations

  • Text-Based Automation Focus: Levity specializes in text-based automation, potentially limiting its suitability for processes heavily reliant on non-textual data, such as image or video processing. Users should assess whether their automation needs align with the platform's primary focus on textual information.
  • No-Code Limitations: While the no-code approach is user-friendly, it may face limitations in handling highly complex and customized automation workflows that require custom coding. Businesses with intricate or specialized processes may find constraints in achieving certain levels of customization without traditional coding.
  • Volume-Based Pricing: Levity's pricing based on the volume of incoming emails processed could lead to cost considerations for businesses with high email traffic. Users should evaluate the pricing structure to ensure it aligns with their specific needs and budget.
  • Learning Curve: Users, particularly those new to automation concepts, may encounter a learning curve when setting up and configuring automation workflows. Although designed to be user-friendly, it's important to consider the time and resources required for users to become proficient in leveraging Levity's capabilities.

FAQs Of Levity

What is Levity?

Levity is an AI-driven platform that simplifies workflow automation without requiring coding expertise. Tailored for boosting business efficiency, it automates repetitive tasks in email and data entry using no-code AI building blocks. With features like text extraction and classification, Levity streamlines processes, offering time and resource savings.

Who can use Levity?

Levity is perfect for customer-focused businesses like: 

  • Ideal for customer-focused businesses.
  • Specialized for brokerages and 3PL companies.
  • Streamlines email communication and data management.
  • Automation for efficiency improvement.
  • Enhances customer service capabilities.
  • Versatile application for various industries.
  • Intuitive solution for automating repetitive tasks.

How easy is it to use Levity?

Levity's no-code approach makes it incredibly user-friendly, even for those with no technical background. 

Steps to use Levity:

  1. Sign up: Register for a Levity account.
  2. Explore Templates: Check out ready-made templates.
  3. Drag-and-Drop: Use drag-and-drop tools for customization.
  4. Connect Data: Integrate data sources effortlessly.
  5. Preview and Test: Preview and test your workflows.
  6. Launch: Deploy your automated processes.

Is Levity safe to use?

Levity prioritizes the security of your data. Regular audits are conducted to uphold compliance with privacy laws. The platform provides secure integration options with widely used business applications, offering you peace of mind when it comes to the responsible handling of your data. Trust Levity for a commitment to data privacy and security.

What are the benefits of using Levity?

Here’a are several benefits of using Levity, including:

  • Automation: Eliminate manual tasks and save time on repetitive processes.
  • Efficiency: Streamline workflows and improve operational efficiency.
  • Accuracy: Reduce errors and increase data accuracy.
  • Customer service: Enhance customer experience with faster responses and better support.
  • Scalability: Adapt automation to your business needs as it grows.

Is Levity completely free?

Yes, Levity offers a free plan for beginners. For higher email processing volumes and additional features, paid plans are available like:

  • Free Plan: Free for forever.
  • Starter Plan: Pay $99 per month ($79 per month billed annually).
  • Business Plan: Pay $299 per month ($239 per month billed annually).
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing.

How can I connect Levity to my existing tools?

Levity ensures a seamless integration experience with your existing tools. Popular business applications such as Gmail, Outlook, and Zendesk can be effortlessly connected. For added flexibility, integration through platforms like Zapier and Make is also supported. This flexibility allows you to enhance your workflows without hassle.

What happens if I need help using Levity?

If you ever need assistance with Levity, the platform offers robust support. Extensive documentation and tutorials are readily available, guiding you through setup and usage. Additionally, Levity fosters a supportive community forum where you can seek advice, share experiences, and troubleshoot any challenges you may encounter. This comprehensive support system ensures you can make the most of Levity's features with confidence.

Reviews Of Levity
Dhruvi Trivedi

Good one.
maahi shah

Twinkle Nikhal

Amazing 👍🏻
Deep Boda

overall good but in the free trials just getting 50 actions 🥲 too bad.

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