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21 Feb, 2024

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Looka is an AI-driven graphic design platform that provides comprehensive branding solutions, starting with logo creation. It differentiates itself with a non-template approach, offering a vast array of symbols, fonts, and color schemes to craft unique logos. After logo design, Looka’s Brand Kit enables users to produce a range of marketing materials and even build websites or online stores using its website builder. 

Emphasizing machine learning for design principles, Looka positions itself as an accessible design tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses, bridging the gap between DIY and professional graphic design services. The platform, initially known as Logojoy, was rebranded to Looka to better represent its expanded branding services beyond just logo creation​​.

Looka Features

  • AI-Powered Logo Creation: Utilizes AI to offer thousands of unique symbols, fonts, colors, and layouts, enabling the design of distinctive logos.
  • Brand Kit Generation: After logo design, Looka creates comprehensive marketing materials like business cards, social posts, and letterheads, streamlining brand consistency.
  • Machine Learning for Design Principles: Applies machine learning to ensure adherence to design principles, enhancing the quality of output while maintaining user creativity control.
  • Customizable Design Options: Allows for extensive customization in logo design, enabling users to fine-tune details according to their branding needs.
  • High-Quality Vector Files: Provides vector files (EPS, PDF, and SVG) for logos, ensuring high-resolution output suitable for all types of printing and digital use.

Looka Pricing

  • Free Plan: Free
  • Brand Kit Subscription Plan: Pay $96 per month
  • Brand Kit Web Subscription Plan: Pay $129 per month

Looka Usages

  • Branding for New Businesses: Ideal for entrepreneurs starting new ventures, providing them with unique logos and a cohesive brand identity.
  • Marketing Material Creation: Businesses can use Looka to generate essential marketing materials, including business cards, letterheads, and social media kits.
  • Website and Online Store Development: With its website builder, Looka is useful for creating professional-looking business sites, online stores, portfolios, or blogs.
  • Social Media Branding: The social media kit helps businesses maintain a consistent brand image across various social platforms.
  • Professional Networking: The high-quality business cards and letterheads designed by Looka are perfect for enhancing professional networking efforts.

Looka Competitors

  • Canva: Canva, known for its rich template library and user-friendly design, is a popular choice for creating professional logos and graphics, catering to users of all skill levels.
  • Brandmark: Brandmark is an AI-driven logo design tool offering extensive branding assets, including business cards and social media graphics. It features customizable designs, browser-based editing, and free post-purchase tweaks.
  • Designs.ai: Designs.ai is an AI-enhanced creative platform for generating logos, videos, mockups, and content. It offers dynamic templates, color matching, font pairing, and natural voiceovers for diverse digital asset creation.
  • Logo: It simplifies professional logo and brand identity creation with an AI-powered engine, offering comprehensive designs, customizable templates, and efficient brand package activation for various businesses and designers.

Looka Launch and Funding

Looka is a Toronto, Canada-based company founded by Dawson Whitfield in January 2016. On June 20, 2017, Looka raised funding for a seed round from Corey Hawtin and Dominic Bortolussi, TWG. And on November 15, 2018, it raised funding for Series A from Real Ventures.

Looka Limitations

  • Template-Based Designs: While offering a wide range of options, the designs are ultimately based on templates, which may limit uniqueness in some cases.
  • AI Design Constraints: The AI-driven design process, though innovative, might not capture the nuanced creativity and complexity a human designer can offer.
  • Limited Customization Post-Purchase: After finalizing a design, the scope for further customization may be restricted, potentially requiring additional payment for major changes.
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Looka is an AI-driven graphic design platform that specializes in logo creation, branding solutions, and website building for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Looka's AI uses thousands of symbols, fonts, colors, and layouts to help users design unique and distinctive logos tailored to their branding needs.

The Brand Kit offers a range of marketing materials like business cards, social posts, and letterheads, ensuring brand consistency across various platforms.

Looka is primarily aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses, bridging the gap between DIY and professional design, but may not fully cater to advanced design professionals.

Looka offers a free plan, a Brand Kit Subscription Plan at $96/month, and a Brand Kit Web Subscription Plan at $129/month.

Looka provides high-resolution vector files (EPS, PDF, and SVG) for logos, making them suitable for both digital use and print materials, ensuring versatility in application.

While Looka is adept at handling small to medium-sized branding projects, its template-based approach may be less suitable for large-scale, highly unique branding needs that require extensive customization or a human designer's touch.

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