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June 1, 2024 ()
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Influencer outreach and link building on auto-pilot with Mentioned





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Overview Of Mentioned is an innovative tool designed to automate influencer outreach and link-building for blog content. It operates by scanning your blog posts to identify individuals and companies mentioned in the content. After identification, automates the process of sending email campaigns to these contacts, informing them of their mention in your content. 

This tool simplifies and streamlines the outreach process, facilitating relationship building and brand awareness. Additionally, it aids in backlink generation, as those mentioned are more likely to share your article or reference it in their content. also offers a significant time-saving advantage by automating the manual tasks of finding contact information and sending individual emails.

Mentioned Features

  • In-depth Blog Content Analysis: The tool deeply analyzes blog posts, identifying and understanding key individuals and organizations, considering context and relevance.
  • Advanced Automated Email Outreach: It automates outreach by identifying contacts and sending tailored email campaigns, streamlining communication for individuals and companies.
  • Significant Time Efficiency: It automates contact identification and email outreach, providing a significant reduction in time and effort for these traditionally labor-intensive tasks.
  • Strategic Relationship Building: The tool cultivates relationships with influencers and mentioned companies, vital for network expansion and long-term professional partnerships.
  • Backlink Generation and Promotion: There's a high potential for generating backlinks, as the entities mentioned are likely to share or reference your content in their networks, enhancing your content's reach and visibility.
  • Boost in Brand Awareness: The automated outreach and resulting content sharing contribute significantly to increasing your brand's visibility and recognition in relevant circles and beyond.

Mentioned Pricing

  • Standard Plan: Pay $49 per month
  • Advanced Plan: Pay $99 per month

Mentioned Usages

  • Influencer and Company Outreach: Automatically reaches out to influencers and companies mentioned in blog posts, facilitating networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Link-Building Strategy: Encourages backlinks, as the entities mentioned are likely to share or link back to the content in which they are featured.
  • Brand Visibility Enhancement: As the tool prompts influencers and companies to share the blog's content, it significantly increases the blog's visibility and reach.
  • Content Marketing Efficiency: This reduces the time and effort required in manual outreach processes, making content marketing more efficient and productive.
  • Relationship Building in Digital Marketing: Strengthens relationships with key figures in the industry, enhancing the blog's credibility and authority.

Mentioned Competitors

  • SE Ranking: All-in-one SEO toolbox for conquering keywords and SERPs. Track rankings, analyze rivals, and optimize content for search success. Dominate the search game with data-driven insights.
  • Seona: AI-powered SEO sidekick for efficient content creation, saving time, and boosting search rankings. Your one-stop shop for SEO-friendly content, founded by a passionate team.
  • SeoGPT: Free, user-friendly SEO tool for websites. Generates optimized content, including titles, meta descriptions, and articles, eliminating writer's block and ensuring originality for improved rankings and organic traffic.

Mentioned Limitations

  • Limited Control Over Response Rate: The automated nature of the tool does not guarantee responses from the contacted entities, which can vary based on numerous factors.
  • Dependency on Email Data Availability: The tool's effectiveness is dependent on the availability and accuracy of email data for the mentioned entities.

FAQs Of Mentioned

What is Mentioned?

Mentioned is an innovative tool designed to automate influencer outreach and link-building for blog content by identifying and reaching out to individuals and companies mentioned in blog posts.

How does the Mentioned automate influencer outreach?

Mentioned automates influencer outreach by scanning blog posts, identifying mentioned contacts, and sending tailored email campaigns, streamlining communication and relationship building.

What is the primary advantage of using Mentioned for content creators?

The tool significantly saves time and effort by automating traditionally labor-intensive tasks, such as finding contact information and sending individual emails for influencer outreach.

Does the Mentioned contribute to backlink generation?

Yes, Mentioned encourages backlink generation, as entities mentioned are likely to share or link back to the content, enhancing the content's reach and visibility.

How does Mentioned boost brand awareness?

Mentioned boosts brand awareness by automating outreach, resulting in content sharing, which significantly increases the blog's visibility and recognition in relevant circles.

What is the pricing structure of Mentioned?

Mentioned offers a Standard Plan at $49 per month and an Advanced Plan at $99 per month.

In what industries is Mentioned commonly used?

Mentioned is beneficial for content creators and marketers across various industries, facilitating influencer outreach, link-building, and brand visibility.

Is Mentioned suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, Mentioned caters to businesses of all sizes, offering a valuable resource for automating influencer outreach and link-building processes.

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