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Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot

May 29, 2024 ()
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Microsoft Copilot is a set of AI-powered features integrated into the browser.





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Overview Of Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot, also known as Bing Copilot, is a suite of AI-powered features integrated into the Microsoft Copilot search engine and Microsoft Edge browser. Launched in February 2023, it aims to be your personal assistant on the web, offering a more interactive and insightful search experience.

Microsoft Copilot offers a promising glimpse into the future of search. By combining traditional search with innovative AI features, it provides a more engaging and interactive way to navigate the vast amount of information available online.

Microsoft Copilot Features

  • AI-Enhanced Search for Better Results: Microsoft Copilot Bing's search functionality is improved by AI to provide more useful results. It supplements search results with additional information, tools, and widgets. For example, searching for a town might bring up relevant websites, images, a map, historical information, local hotels, key attractions, and more​​.
  • Bing Chat: This is a conversation-based AI search tool that provides comprehensive results for complex questions and commands. Users can ask multiple questions, and Bing Chat can generate text-based answers or spreadsheets, along with images, additional links, and relevant web pages​​.
  • Bing Image Creator: Powered by DALL-E, Bing Image Creator is integrated into Bing Chat and can also be accessed through the Microsoft Edge sidebar. It allows users to generate images on demand in various styles, suitable for uses like social media posts or event invitations​​.
  • Bing Compose: An AI text generation tool that creates a copy in various tones and formats. It can be used to draft emails, blog posts, shopping lists, speeches, summaries, poems, short stories, and more, directly from the Bing Chat interface or the Microsoft Edge sidebar​​.
  • Knowledge Cards 2.0: AI-generated Knowledge Cards provide additional information on the search results page. These cards include timelines of related events, suggestions for further research, and other relevant data, enhancing the overall search experience​​.
  • Stories: Bing AI generates Stories that present information in a combination of text, image, video, and audio formats. This feature is designed for users who prefer dynamic and varied content​​.
  • Bing Insights in Microsoft Edge Sidebar: This feature provides additional information, links, and suggestions related to the content on a webpage. It enhances the browsing experience by offering insights and data, including reviews and analytics, about the webpage being viewed​​.

Microsoft Copilot Pricing

Free Tier:

  • Transactions Per Second (TPS): 3 TPS
  • Free Transactions: 1,000 transactions per month across all markets​​.

S1 Tier:

  • TPS: 250 TPS
  • Pricing: $25 per 1,000 transactions

S2 Tier:

  • TPS: 100 TPS
  • Pricing: $15 per 1,000 transactions

S3 Tier:

  • TPS: 100 TPS
  • Pricing: $18 per 1,000 transactions

S4 Tier:

  • TPS: 100 TPS
  • Pricing: $18 per 1,000 transactions

S5 Tier:

  • TPS: 100 TPS
  • Pricing: $18 per 1,000 transactions

S6 Tier:

  • TPS: 100 TPS
  • Pricing: $15 per 1,000 transactions

S7 Tier:

  • TPS: 150 TPS
  • Pricing: $20 per 1,000 transactions

S8 Tier:

  • TPS: 150 TPS
  • Pricing: $22 per 1,000 transactions

S9 Tier:

  • TPS: 30 TPS
  • Pricing: $15 per 1,000 transactions

Microsoft Copilot Usages

  • Conversational Search: Bing's AI assistant, Bing Chat, lets you ask questions in a natural, conversational way, instead of just typing keywords. You can follow up with additional questions or refine your search as you go.
  • Summaries and Comparisons: Bing Chat can summarize complex topics or compare different products or options side-by-side, saving you time and effort.
  • Bing Compose: Microsoft copilot helps you write various kinds of creative content, from emails and poems to blog posts and even code. Just tell it what you want to write, and it will generate different options for you to choose from.
  • Bing Image Creator: This tool uses AI to generate images based on your prompts. You can describe the kind of image you want, and Bing Image Creator will create it for you, in various styles and formats.
  • Fact-Checking and Citation Search: Bing Chat can help you verify information and find relevant sources to support your research.
  • Personalized Explanations: If you don't understand something in a search result, Bing Chat can provide personalized explanations tailored to your needs.
  • Make comparisons: Compare products, places, or anything else you can think of. Bing Chat will present the information in a clear and concise way, highlighting key differences.

Competitors of Microsoft Copilot

  • Chatsonic: Chatsonic by Writesonic is an extraordinary conversational AI chatbot just like ChatGPT but with 10x more features. It is built on GPT-3.5 and is tailored for multiple smart conversations.
  • Google Bard: This experimental tool combines Google's search capabilities with a conversational chat service. Powered by the LaMDA large language model, Google Bard is designed to accept prompts and provide text-based outputs, including answers, summaries, and various forms of content. 
  • ChatGPT: ChatGPT, or "Chat-based Generative Pre-trained Transformer," was developed by OpenAI. It is an AI chatbot based on GPT-3.5, which is trained to generate detailed responses in a conversational way when provided with a prompt.
  • NeevaAI: Bringing together the remarkable capability of ChatGPT with the spot-on and up-to-date data of the Neeva search engine.
  • Jasper: Jasper Chat is an AI chatbot powered by natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, making it stand apart from the competition! From generating innovative ideas to creating memorable ad copy, Jasper Chat can help you take your conversations to the next level.
  • Perplexity AI: Perplexity AI operates as a search engine leveraging large language models to provide accurate answers. It stands out for its ability to not only provide informative responses but also cite the sources of its information, making it a reliable tool for users seeking well-sourced information​.
  • YouChat: This AI-based Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool takes data from the search engine to guarantee the accuracy and currentness of the results.

Launch & Funding of Microsoft Copilot

It was launched by Microsoft on February 7, 2023. The company reported investing $12.5 billion in AI research and development in fiscal year 2023 (ending June 30, 2023).

Limitations of Microsoft Copilot

  • Data Privacy Concerns: Like many AI tools, Bing AI may raise concerns about user data privacy, as it requires access to large amounts of data for its algorithms.
  • Character limit: While there's no specific word limit for Bing AI's responses, your questions have a character limit of 4,000. This means you can't ask overly long or complex queries at once.
  • Limited creativity and reasoning: Bing AI excels at summarizing factual information and completing tasks based on instructions. However, it can struggle with open-ended questions and tasks that require creativity or complex reasoning.
  • Limited Understanding of Context: While advanced, Bing AI might still struggle with understanding complex or nuanced user queries, especially those that require deep contextual or cultural understanding.
  • Language Limitations: Bing AI's effectiveness can vary across different languages, with more robust support for widely spoken languages and potentially less accuracy for less common ones.
  • Search Algorithm Bias: The AI may inadvertently reinforce biases present in its training data, leading to biased search results in some cases.
  • Limited Depth in Certain Topics: For highly specialized or technical queries, Bing AI might not always provide the depth of information that experts might require.

FAQs Of Microsoft Copilot

What is Bing AI?

Bing AI is a collection of AI features integrated into the Bing search engine and other Microsoft products. It includes:

  • Bing Chat: A conversational AI powered by GPT-4 that can answer your questions, generate different creative text formats, and even have casual conversations.
  • Bing Visual Search: Use images or videos to find what you're looking for, get product recommendations, or explore similar items.
  • Bing News AI: Get personalized news summaries and insights based on your interests and preferences.

What can I access in Bing AI?

  • Bing Chat: Currently available in Microsoft Edge and Skype. You can access it by searching for "Bing Chat" or clicking the "Chat" button in the Bing search results page.
  • Bing Visual Search: Available on the Bing website and mobile app.
  • Bing News AI: Available on the Bing News website and mobile app.

What are the limitations of Bing AI?

  • Bing Chat: Still under development and may sometimes provide inaccurate or misleading information. It has daily message limits and is not available on all browsers or devices.
  • Other Bing AI features: May not be as accurate or comprehensive as human-generated content.

What are the benefits of using Bing AI?

  • Can save you time and effort by finding information quickly and easily.
  • Can provide you with new insights and perspectives on topics you're interested in.
  • Can help you with creative tasks, such as writing poems or stories.

How do I access Microsoft Bing AI?

Bing Chat and Image Creator are currently available in preview through the Bing website and Edge browser. To access them, you need to:

  1. Go to the Bing website or open the Edge browser.
  2. Click on the "Chat" or "Image Creator" icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Sign in with your Microsoft account if you haven't already.
  4. Start typing your questions or prompts for Bing Chat or Image Creator.

Who can use Bing AI?

Currently, anyone can sign up and use the GPT-4-powered chatbot feature. However, access to Bing AI features on Microsoft Edge and Skype might prioritize users with Bing and Edge as their default search engine and browser, as well as those with the Bing mobile app installed. Microsoft plans to bring the full Bing AI experience to all browsers over time.

Can I use Bing AI for commercial purposes?

Yes, Bing AI is available for commercial use through the Bing AI Enterprise program.

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