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May 14, 2024 ()
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It is an innovative AI-powered animation tool.





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Overview Of Move

Move is a tool designed to make the process of capturing and creating 3D animations simpler and more accessible. It focuses on transforming 2D video into 3D motion data, utilizing a combination of advanced AI, computer vision, biomechanics, and physics. This technology is especially useful in the realm of 3D animation and motion capture.

The tool is designed to be easy to use, streamlining the process of capturing and creating 3D animations. It caters to a wide range of users, from independent creators to large AAA studios, providing scalable solutions for various project sizes.​

Move Features

  • 3D Animation with Realistic Human Motion: Utilizes proprietary technology involving AI, computer vision, biomechanics, and physics to convert 2D video into 3D motion data, enabling realistic motion for animated characters​​.
  • High-Quality Motion Data Capture: Allows 3D animators and studios to capture high-quality motion data in any location without the need for suits or markers​​.
  • Single and Multi-Camera Products: Offers products that work with both phones and standard cameras, providing flexibility in the capture process​​.
  • Capture Up to 8 People in Any Environment: Capable of capturing motion data for up to eight people simultaneously in various environments, again without the need for suits or studios​​.
  • Hand and Finger Tracking: In addition to full-body motion capture, Move includes hand and finger tracking capabilities​​.
  • Large Volume Capture: Offers the ability to capture in spaces up to 5m x 5m with Move One and up to 20m x 20m with Move Multi-Cam​​
  • Export to 3D Animation Software: Supports exporting data in FBX and USD formats to preferred 3D animation software. Move Multi-Cam also facilitates automatic retargeting to preferred rigs​​.

Move Pricing

Move One Pricing Plans:

  • Starter Plan: Pay USD $15/user/month
  • Basic Plan: Pay USD $35/user/month
  • Teams Plan: Pay USD $75/user/month

Move Multi-Cam Pricing Plans:

  • Basic Plan: Pay USD $199/month
  • Standard Plan: Pay USD $499/month
  • Plus Plan: Pay USD $999/month,

Move Usages

  • Versatile Motion Capture: Suitable for 3D animators and studios, it allows for the capture of high-quality motion data in diverse environments without the need for specialized suits or markers​​.
  • Multi-Person Capture: Capable of capturing up to 8 people simultaneously, making it useful for complex scenes involving multiple characters​​.
  • Extended Space Coverage: It supports motion capture in large spaces, up to 20m x 20m, ideal for expansive scenes​​.
  • Detailed Motion Data: Offers hand and finger tracking along with full-body motion capture, providing detailed motion data crucial for intricate animations​​.
  • Camera Flexibility: Compatible with both single and multi-camera setups, using standard cameras or phones, offering flexibility in the setup​​.
  • Hand and Finger Tracking: In addition to full-body motion capture, Move AI includes capabilities for hand and finger tracking​​.
  • Export to 3D Animation Software: It facilitates exporting data in FBX and USD formats to preferred 3D animation software, with automatic retargeting to favorite rigs offered by Move Multi-Cam
  • Export and Retargeting: Facilitates exporting captured data to various 3D animation software and supports automatic retargeting to preferred animation rigs​​.

Move Competitors

  • Modify: An alternative tool in the AI animation domain, offering similar features and capabilities to Move AI. It's designed for both mobile and enterprise applications, focusing on motion capture technology​​.
  • DeepMotion: Provides cutting-edge AI motion capture and body tracking solutions. DeepMotion offers tools like Animate 3D, which captures motion from any video, and SayMotion™, a tool that uses Generative AI for transforming text into dynamic animations. It stands out for its speed, accessibility, and the quality of its motion capture technology​​.
  • Rokoko Vision: This tool offers free AI motion capture capabilities. It provides a 14-day trial on its Dual-cam feature, with single-cam usage remaining free. Rokoko Vision is notable for its accessibility and cost-effectiveness, making it a strong option for those looking for an economical entry into motion capture​​.
  • The Free Motion Capture Project (FreeMoCap): This initiative aims to provide free, research-grade marker-less motion capture software. It's developing a user-friendly framework that connects various open-source tools from computer vision and machine-learning communities to record full-body 3D movement of animals, humans, and other objects​​.
  • Plask: Offers AI motion capture from video, transforming videos into stunning animations. This tool is particularly suitable for game prototypes and other creative projects, emphasizing ease of use and the ability to generate high-quality animations from standard video input​​.
  • RADiCAL: Features RADiCAL Live, which enables real-time, multiplayer 3D motion capture on any device through the cloud. It also offers RADiCAL Canvas, a collaborative, real-time content editor that operates in a browser, enhancing its accessibility and convenience for users​​.

Move Launch & Funding

It was founded by Ariel Shapiro and Eran in late 2019. In March 2022 the public release of their first product, Move One, marked a significant point in their journey.

The tool raised $10 million in seed funding in October 2023​.

Move Limitation

  • Dependency on Camera Quality: The effectiveness of motion capture may depend on the quality and specifications of the cameras used.
  • Environmental Constraints: While it offers flexibility in various environments, certain conditions like lighting and space may affect the accuracy of motion capture.
  • Learning Curve: Users may require time to familiarize themselves with the software and its features for optimal use.
  • Software Compatibility: There might be limitations regarding compatibility with different 3D animation software or hardware requirements.
  • Hardware Requirements: While it eliminates the need for specialized suits, the quality of capture could be dependent on the camera hardware used.
  • Limited resolution and framerate: Move One captures at HD 60FPS max, while Move Multi-Cam can reach 4K 120FPS, but these might not be enough for detailed close-ups.

FAQs Of Move

What is Move?

Move is a cloud-based platform that allows you to capture high-quality motion capture data using your iPhone and multiple cameras. You can then edit and export the data for use in 3D animation, games, and other applications.

How does Move work?

You record yourself performing desired movements using the Move app on your iPhone. The app tracks your body pose and then uses AI to extract the motion data. This data is then processed and cleaned in the web app, and you can export it to your preferred 3D animation software.

Who is Move for?

Move is suitable for both beginner and professional animators, game developers, filmmakers, and anyone who wants to create realistic character animation without expensive motion capture systems.

How accurate is the motion capture with Move?

The accuracy of the motion capture depends on several factors, including the quality of your recording environment, iPhone placement, and your movement itself. Generally, it's suitable for casual and professional animation projects.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, Move offers a free trial period where you can test the platform and export limited animation data.

What is the difference between Move One and Move Multi-Cam?

Move One is a single-camera solution for basic motion capture, while Move Multi-Cam allows you to use multiple cameras for improved accuracy and tracking.

What are the different Move plans?

Move offers various plans with different features and limitations. The basic "Move One" plan is suitable for solo users, while the "Move Multi-Cam" plans are for capturing multiple actors. You can also choose between monthly and yearly subscriptions.

How much does Move cost?

Move offers a free plan with limited features, as well as Creator and Pro plans with more features and data storage. You can also purchase additional features like finger tracking and facial capture.

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