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18 Feb, 2024

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Narakeet is an online service that helps people create narrated videos and voiceovers easily using realistic text-to-speech technology. It uses artificial intelligence to create life-like narration from speaker notes in a presentation or from markdown scripts. With Narakeet, you can transcribe text into speech, convert slides into engaging videos, and select from a wide range of over 500 voices available in over 80 different languages. 

You can create MP3, M4A, or WAV files in 90 languages and videos from presentations. Narakeet offers a free trial, and you don’t need to register to try it out. You can get started by typing or uploading your script, selecting one of their 700 voices, and getting professionally sounding audio or video in minutes. Narakeet is a fantastic tool for creating training video lessons in multiple languages, making marketing videos for your products in global markets, or using it as a narrator for YouTube videos.

Narakeet Features

  • Wide Selection of AI Voices: With over 700 voices in 90 languages, it offers unmatched diversity for global reach.
  • High-Quality Audio Output: The AI technology used produces speech that closely resembles human voices, providing a natural listening experience.
  • Accessible Free Trial: Users can easily test the AI voice capabilities without any cost, ensuring user-friendliness.
  • Text-to-Speech Functionality: This feature transforms written scripts into audio, which is useful for various digital media.
  • Voice Overs for E-Learning: The clear and consistent audio output is ideal for educational content.
  • Call Center Audio Solutions: Provides scalable and efficient audio solutions for customer service interfaces.
  • Enhanced YouTube Video Creation: Facilitates easy creation of voiced videos, streamlining the content production process.
  • Animation and Gaming Character Voices: Offers a range of voices for character portrayal in animations and video games.
  • Supports Multilingual Content Creation: The tool is capable of producing content in multiple languages, making it ideal for international projects.

Narakeet Pricing

  • Free Plan
  • $6 per 30 minutes
  • $45 per 300 minutes
  • $100 per 1,000 minutes
  • $200 per 2500 minutes
  • $500 per 10,000 minutes

Narakeet Usages

  • E-Learning Voice Overs: Elevate your educational content with professional-grade voice narration, ensuring clarity and engagement for learners of all levels and backgrounds.
  • Call Center Solutions: Implement effective audio solutions for your call center operations, including interactive voice response (IVR) systems, to enhance customer interactions and streamline communication processes.
  • YouTube Video Production: Enhance your video content with premium voiceovers, adding depth and authenticity to your storytelling while captivating your audience on YouTube and other platforms.
  • Character Voicing in Animation and Gaming: Dive into character development with custom voice creation options, offering unique and immersive experiences for your audience in animations, video games, and other multimedia projects.
  • Multilingual Content Creation: Expand your content's global reach by producing materials in multiple languages, ensuring accessibility and resonance with diverse audiences around the world.

Narakeet Competitors

  • Murf: Known for its natural voice generation and intuitive user interface, Murf supports a variety of file formats and functions as a TTS video maker. It also features real-time team collaboration and API integration for speech synthesis.
  • Speechify: This tool replicates pitch, tone, and pauses to produce audio nearly indistinguishable from a human narrator. Speechify Premium offers a wide range of AI voices in multiple languages.
  • Voicera: It's a versatile tool for voice recognition and transcription, turning spoken conversations into written text. It supports real-time collaboration and works seamlessly with productivity apps, boosting team communication and productivity.

Narakeet Launch and Funding

The product was launched in public beta in April 2020 and commercially in October 2020. The founder of Narakeet is Gojko Adzic. The company has not disclosed any funding details or CEO information.

Narakeet Limitations

  • Limited Customization: While offering a variety of voices, there may be limited customization options for each voice.
  • Robotic Sound: Some voices might still sound slightly robotic compared to natural human speech.
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Narakeet is an online service that utilizes realistic text-to-speech technology powered by artificial intelligence to create narrated videos and voiceovers easily. It converts speaker notes in presentations or markdown scripts into lifelike narration, offering over 700 voices in 90 languages.

Narakeet converts text into speech, allowing users to create MP3, M4A, or WAV files in 90 languages and videos from presentations. Users can simply type or upload their scripts, select from a wide range of voices, and receive professionally sounding audio or video in minutes.

Narakeet offers a wide selection of AI voices, high-quality audio output, accessible free trials, text-to-speech functionality, voiceovers for e-learning, call center audio solutions, enhanced YouTube video creation, animation and gaming character voices, and support for multilingual content creation.

Narakeet offers various pricing plans based on the number of minutes users require for their audio or video creations, ranging from $6 per 30 minutes to $500 per 10,000 minutes.

Narakeet can be used for e-learning voiceovers, call center audio solutions, YouTube video production, character voicing in animation and gaming, and multilingual content creation, catering to diverse needs across different industries and projects.

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