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19 Feb, 2024

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FAQ is your AI-enabled meeting buddy! It records everything in real time, summarises key points, keeps track of action items, and even analyses the mood in the room. This isn't simply supercharged note-taking; it's a productivity rocket booster for everyone engaged. There will be no more misplaced to-dos or forgotten choices, simply clear action plans and insights to transform your meetings from frustrating to focused and effective. So, instead of paper and pens, make your secret weapon for meeting mastery!

Noty Features

  • Meeting transcription and recording: transcribes meetings in real-time with 97% accuracy, ensuring crucial points are covered; it also records audio for later reference.
  • Automatic summarization: automatically summarises key meeting points, allowing for quick evaluation without having to read through the entire transcript.
  • Meeting tips: gives insights into meeting dynamics, showing who spoke the most, who dominated conversations, and who stayed engaged, assisting in areas for improvement and assuring equal participation.
  • Implementation: connects effortlessly with major calendars, communication tools, and project management systems, centralizing meeting information and allowing for easy sharing.
  • Easy to use: The user-friendly interface of, particularly for non-tech users, enables quick installation of the extension on popular meeting platforms for instant use.

Noty Pricing

  • Free Plan
  • Individual Plan: $14.99 per month or $7.92 per month (billed annually)
  • Business Plan: $59.99 per month or $41.59 per month (billed annually)

Noty Usages

  • Meetings Made Simple: Transcribe, summarise, monitor action items, analyse sentiment, and obtain insights to increase meeting productivity.
  • Action Item Champion: Never miss another to-do again! identifies, assigns, and tracks action items to ensure that everyone is held accountable.
  • Clarity in Communication: Using sentiment analysis, understand how individuals feel in meetings and find areas of agreement or conflict.
  • Insights Guru: Gain useful insights regarding meeting dynamics, such as who dominates the talk and who needs greater engagement.
  • Master of Integration: Integrates with your favourite calendars, communication tools, and project management platforms.

Noty Competitors

  • Sheldon: It’s your go-to AI assistant for online tasks. With a Chrome extension, it handles emails, code, Excel, and in under 5 seconds. Save up to 40% of your internet time with Sheldon.
  • Fgeneds: It’s a web app that uses AI to create cheat sheets from boring lecture slides, making general education classes easier and more enjoyable for students.
  • Gemoo: It helps you explain things with videos, pictures, and documents. If it's hard to describe in text or on the phone, use Gemoo to send a quick visual message.

Noty Launch and Funding

The team was founded in late 2020 and originally funded through sponsorships. In December 2021, however, GEEK Ventures invested $200k in a pre-seed round. With this funding, they were able to develop, integrate, and market their services, attracting investors such as Elias Veris (Google) and Yannick Rault ( Sheetgo). To achieve success, they wisely raised "smart money" from people who understood their mission and could provide valuable advice.

Noty Limitations

  • Free Plan Restrictions: Only basic functionalities are available; a premium plan is required for advanced functionality.
  • Integration Scope: Not exhaustive; you may not be able to connect with every niche tool you use.
  • AI Accuracy: While impressive, not perfect. Transcription and sentiment analysis are not without flaws.
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You Asked, We Answered! is your AI-enabled meeting buddy! It records everything in real time, summarises key points, keeps track of action items, and even analyses the mood in the room. This isn't simply supercharged note-taking; it's a productivity rocket booster for everyone engaged.

You can use Noty AI by following these steps

  1. Install the Chrome extension and create an account.
  2. Integrate with your meeting platform.
  3. Join your meeting, watch the transcript live, and get a concise summary.
  4. Auto-generated follow-up tasks and share transcripts or summaries.
  5. Works with recorded meetings, customize labels, explore advanced features.
  6. Your AI meeting assistant – effortless, time-saving!

You would get below benefits by using it,

  1. Summarise easily: Get brief and personalised meeting summaries for quick catch-up.
  2. Time-saving automation: Save time and effort by automating follow-up chores such as delivering meeting minutes.
  3. Broad compatibility: It is compatible with any audio or video source, such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.
  4. Convenience of Chrome extension: is available on every web browser via its Chrome extension.
  5. Required for students: Use to transcribe lectures to save time on studying.
  6. Tool for freelancers: allows you to easily transcribe client calls and provide reports.
  7. Parental support: With, you can transcribe parent-teacher conferences, receive action items, and remain on top of follow-ups.

Yes, Noty.AI is completely free to begin with! Enjoy up to 30 minutes of live transcriptions, summaries, sharing, and basic integrations per meeting. Upgrade to get longer meetings, more advanced capabilities, team accounts, and other benefits. is for everyone who wants to master meetings and regain control of their time! is popular with the following groups:

  1. Students: Transcribe lectures, store essential ideas, and go over teachers' remarks whenever you want.
  2. Professionals: Easily capture decisions, action items, and client insights. Say goodbye to frantically taking notes and hello to fruitful meetings.
  3. Freelancers: Take care of client calls like a pro. Create reports, exchange transcripts, and never overlook an important item again.
  4. Teachers: Transcribing classes, sharing summaries with students, and personalising to pinpoint key learning areas are all options.
  5. Parents: Keep up to date with parent-teacher conferences, collect teacher comments, and conveniently follow up.

Certainly! can also analyze audio/video files. Just upload the recording and let it work its magic. It's a great way to relive old meetings or share insights with people who couldn't attend. offers more than just transcription. Upgrade to a paid plan and access features such as sentiment analysis, speaker diarization, and even multilingual translation.

You're all caught up