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19 Feb, 2024

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OwlyWriter AI, offered by Hootsuite, is a tool designed to assist social media professionals in creating content more efficiently. It generates captions and posts ideas instantly for various social networks. Key features include generating engaging captions from brief descriptions or URLs, providing content ideas to overcome writer's block, and recreating top-performing posts without duplication. 

Additionally, it prepares content for upcoming holidays and events. The tool prioritizes safety, never posting on behalf of users, and integrates with existing approval workflows.

OwlyWriter Features

  • Instant Captions: Generate engaging social media captions in seconds by providing a short description or URL. Customize the tone and voice to match your brand.
  • Content Ideas: Brainstorm fresh content ideas across various topics and formats, including blog posts, articles, video scripts, and more.
  • Copywriting Formulas: Leverage proven copywriting frameworks like AIDA, PAS, and FAB to create persuasive and effective marketing copy.
  • Brand Voice Customization: Train OwlyWriter AI to understand your brand's unique voice and tone, ensuring consistency across all your content.
  • Content Calendar: Plan and schedule your social media content in advance with OwlyWriter AI's built-in calendar.
  • Detailed Tutorial: Get started quickly with a comprehensive tutorial that guides you through the tool's features and capabilities.

OwlyWriter Pricing

  • Professional Plan: Pay ₹1915 Per month
  • Team Plan: Pay ₹7540 Per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing

OwlyWriter Usages

  • Create captions from scratch: Provide a topic and tone of voice, and OwlyWriter will craft multiple captions to choose from.
  • Summarize web pages for captions: Enter a link to an article or blog post, and OwlyWriter will condense it into a social-ready caption.
  • Get fresh topic suggestions: Enter a keyword or phrase, and OwlyWriter will generate a list of potential post ideas.
  • Use copywriting formulas: Access templates for persuasive headlines, calls to action, product descriptions, and more.
  • Adapt copy for different channels: Tailor your writing for social media, emails, landing pages, and other marketing materials.
  • Experiment with different tones of voice: Find the right voice to connect with your audience and make your content more engaging.

OwlyWriter Competitors

  • Copysmith: Specializes in e-commerce copywriting for product descriptions, ads, social media posts, and email marketing. Integrates with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms.
  • Anyword: Writes various types of social media posts, ads, landing pages, emails, and product descriptions. Uses an AI model trained on high-performance copy to create engaging content.
  • Jasper: Jasper is an all-around AI writing assistant who can create various content, including social media posts, blog articles, ad copy, and more. It's known for its high-quality output and its ability to learn your writing style. 
  • ShortlyAI: ShortlyAI is a popular tool for summarizing long articles and blog posts. It can also be used to generate social media posts, product descriptions, and other short-form content. 
  • Scalenut: Scalenut is an AI-powered content marketing platform that can help you with everything from keyword research to content creation and scheduling. It's a good option for businesses that need a comprehensive solution for their social media marketing.

OwlyWriter Launch & Funding

It was Launched on April 20, 2023, by Hootsuite.

OwlyWriter Limitations

  • Social Media Focus: It's primarily designed for generating social media captions and ideas. It doesn't offer longer-form content creation or other writing tasks like email, blog posts, or marketing copy.
  • Human Review and Editing: AI-generated captions often require human review and editing to ensure quality, brand alignment, and accuracy.
  • Repeated Phrases: It can sometimes produce repetitive or similar-sounding captions, especially when used frequently.
  • Integration Specifics: As a part of Hootsuite, its full functionality might depend on integration with the Hootsuite ecosystem.
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