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25 Feb, 2024

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Paradox, also known as Olivia Paradox, transforms hiring with a user-friendly tool for frontline workers and managers, ensuring 24/7 engagement through chat and text. Automated screenings and swift assessments simplify candidate selection. From managing events to scheduling interviews, Paradox streamlines the entire recruitment process, offering a straightforward, all-in-one solution for modern hiring needs.

Paradox Features

  • Conversational ATS: A mobile-first automation tool for frontline workers and managers.
  • Conversational Career Sites: Provides dynamic, 24/7 experiences for candidates.
  • Conversational CX: Engages candidates quickly and at scale with two-way texting and chat.
  • Conversational Capture: Automated screening for applicants via text and chat.
  • Conversational Events: Manages hiring events and communications automatically.
  • Conversational Scheduling: Automated scheduling designed for hiring teams.
  • Traitify Assessments: Visual, mobile-first assessments to reduce short-term turnover.
  • Text Recruiting: Streamlines recruitment communications.
  • Recorded Video Interviews: Offers convenient interviewing solutions.

Paradox Pricing

Custom Pricing.

Paradox Usages

  • Dynamic Online Candidate Engagement: Offering interactive, responsive career site experiences to engage candidates anytime.
  • Efficient Candidate Communication: Utilizing chat and text for rapid candidate interactions and screenings.
  • Automated Hiring Event Management: Streamlining the application, organization, communication, scheduling and video recording of recruitment events.
  • Speedy Candidate Assessment: Implementing quick, visually engaging assessments to predict employee turnover.

Paradox Competitors

  • HireEZ: It utilizes AI to streamline talent sourcing, automate outreach, and optimize data-driven recruitment. Seamlessly integrating with ATS, it enhances candidate discovery, automates messaging, and refines strategies with market insights.
  • SmartAssistant: It has AI-driven features for streamlining candidate sourcing, automated screening, and personalized engagement. Focused on reducing bias and optimizing strategies, it transforms talent acquisition with proactive engagement and intelligent job recommendations.
  • Cogbee: It streamlines hiring with AI-enabled assessments, remote proctoring, and seamless integration with ATS. It optimizes recruitment workflows, ensuring fair testing and enhancing candidate evaluation.

Paradox Launch and Funding

Paradox was founded in 2016 by Aaron Matos with headquarters in the Greater Phoenix Area, Western US. It has raised $200M in Series C funding from Sapphire Ventures, Stripes and Thoma Bravo in Dec 2021, bringing its total funding upto $253.3M.

Paradox Limitations

  • Integration Challenges: May encounter difficulties integrating seamlessly with certain existing HR systems or platforms.
  • Reliance on AI Interpretation: The effectiveness of conversational tools depends on AI's ability to accurately interpret and respond to varied candidate inquiries.
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Paradox's Olivia chatbot works 24/7, engaging candidates through chat and text, simplifying screenings, and scheduling interviews – all on their phones. It's like hiring magic meets modern convenience.

Imagine candidates chatting with Olivia about your openings, getting instant answers, and taking assessments on their phones. Paradox turns your career site into a dynamic hub, attracting talent with a chatty, 24/7 experience.

Paradox handles event registration, collects candidate info, and schedules interviews – all seamlessly. Plus, Olivia chats with attendees, answering questions and keeping them engaged before, during, and after the event. It's like a virtual hype squad for your recruitment drive!

Si, señor! Olivia speaks over 100 languages, so no communication barriers here. She can chat, text, and even conduct video interviews in your candidates' preferred language, creating a truly inclusive hiring experience.

Olivia's user-friendly interface is designed for everyone, from frontline workers to hiring managers. Plus, her chatty personality puts even the most nervous candidates at ease.

Paradox offers custom pricing plans, so you can tailor it to your needs and budget. Think of it as an investment in building a faster, more engaging, and ultimately more successful hiring process.

Not at all! Olivia compliments your existing team by automating tedious tasks and freeing up their time for strategic decision-making. Think of her as a super-powered sidekick, making your HR team even more awesome.

While competitors offer similar features, Paradox stands out with its:

  • Focus on 24/7 conversational engagement.
  • Mobile-first approach for frontline workers.
  • Visual, gamified assessments with Traitify.
  • Streamlined event management and video interviews.

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