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April 2, 2024 ()
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PDFgear is an all-in-one PDF editor that can be used to read, edit, convert, organize, annotate, fill out, and sign PDFs.





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Overview Of PDFGear

PDFgear is a versatile and comprehensive PDF editor software that caters to a wide range of PDF management needs. It seamlessly integrates cutting-edge AI technology to empower users with an effortless and efficient PDF editing experience. It offers many features, including editing, converting, merging, and signing PDF files. There is also an AI-powered Copilot feature that can help you with tasks such as OCR and text extraction.

PDFGear Features

PDFGear is a versatile PDF editing and conversion tool available in both desktop and online versions. It offers a comprehensive suite of features for managing and manipulating PDF documents, catering to the needs of individuals, businesses, and students alike. Here's a breakdown of PDFgear's key features:

  • Edit Text and Images: Modify text content, change fonts, adjust font sizes and styles, and edit images within PDF documents.
  • Add and Remove Elements: Insert new text, images, shapes, and watermarks, and effortlessly delete unwanted elements.
  • Annotation Tools: Highlight, underline, strikethrough text, add sticky notes, draw arrows, and create text boxes for annotations.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition): Extract text from scanned PDF documents and convert them into editable formats.
  • PDF Form Filling: Fill out interactive PDF forms with accurate and organized information.
  • Sign and Protect PDFs: Digitally sign PDF documents with your electronic signature and add password protection for security.
  • Merge and Split PDFs: Combine multiple PDF files into a single document or split a large PDF into smaller ones.
  • Page Background Customization: Customize the background color or image for your PDF pages.
  • Watermark Addition: Add watermarks to documents for branding or copyright protection.

PDFGear Pricing

  • Free Plan

PDFGear Usages

  • Edit PDFs: PDFGear allows users to edit text, images, and objects in PDF documents. Users can also add new text, images, and objects, and they can change the formatting of existing text.
  • Annotate PDFs: PDFGear users can add comments, highlights, and other annotations to PDF documents. They can also use drawing tools to create freehand annotations.
  • Convert PDFs: PDFGear can be used to convert PDF documents to other formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and HTML.
  • Organize PDFs: PDFGear can be used to organize PDF documents by merging, splitting, and rotating pages. Users can also add bookmarks to PDF documents.
  • Fill out forms: PDFGear can be used to fill out PDF forms. Users can enter text, checkboxes, and radio buttons.
  • Extracting text from PDFs: PDFGear can be used to extract text from PDF documents. This can be useful for tasks such as copying and pasting text from PDFs, or for creating searchable PDFs.
  • Protecting PDFs with passwords:  PDFGear can be used to protect PDFs with passwords. This can help to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive documents.

PDFGear Competitors

  • Wondershare PDFelement: Wondershare PDFelement is a comprehensive PDF editor that offers a wide range of features for creating, editing, converting, and annotating PDF documents. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Adobe Acrobat: Adobe Acrobat is a suite of tools for creating, editing, viewing, and managing PDF documents. It is one of the most popular PDF applications, and it is used by businesses, professionals, and individuals all over the world. 
  • Foxit PDF Editor: A powerful PDF editor with a wide range of features, including AI-powered tools for OCR, redaction, and accessibility. It has several features that make it ideal for business users, such as the ability to create and edit PDFs, convert PDFs to other formats, and collaborate on PDFs with others.
  • LightPDF: LightPDF is a versatile online PDF tool that offers a variety of features for working with PDFs, including editing, converting, annotating, compressing, merging, and signing documents.A free online PDF editor with AI-powered tools for OCR, splitting, and merging.
  • Sejda: Sejda is a powerful and versatile PDF editor that is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. It is known for its comprehensive set of features, including OCR, text editing, image editing, and form filling. Sejda also offers several AI-powered tools, such as automatic text recognition and content extraction. 
  • PDFfiller: pdfFiller is a comprehensive PDF editing and form automation tool that helps businesses and individuals manage their documents efficiently. AI PDF editing software, that supports changing and deleting text in PDF files in the way you were in Microsoft Word files. 

PDFGear Launch & Funding

It was launched in 2010.

PDFgear Limitations

  • File size limitations:  The maximum file size for uploading PDFs to the online tools is 50MB. This can be a limitation for larger documents, such as research papers or textbooks.
  • Limited chatbot functionality: The chatbot feature is limited in its ability to answer questions and summarize text. It may not be able to provide comprehensive or accurate answers to all queries.
  • Occasional bugs: Some users have reported occasional bugs in the software, such as jittery scrolling and formatting issues.
  • No dark mode: The Windows app does not have a dark mode, which can be a disadvantage for users who prefer to work in a low-light environment.
  • No language translation: The OCR feature only supports 15 languages, and there is no translation or chat with PDF in other languages feature available.
  • No Android app: PDFgear does not have an Android app, so users cannot use the software on their Android smartphones or tablets.


What is PDFGear?

PDFGear is an AI-powered PDF editor that allows you to manage your PDFs easily and without cost. You can use PDFGear to edit, annotate, convert, organize, fill out, and sign PDF documents online in a web browser, without software installation or signing up.

How do I use PDFGear?

To use PDFGear, simply go to the PDFGear website and drag and drop your PDF file onto the page. You can then use the tools on the left-hand side of the screen to edit, annotate, convert, organize, fill out, and sign your PDF document.

What are the key features of PDFGear?

1. Edit text and images: Add, delete, or modify text and images in your PDFs.

2. Annotate PDFs: Add comments, highlights, and shapes to your PDFs.

3. Convert PDFs: Convert PDFs to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other formats.

4. Organize PDFs: Merge split, and rearrange PDF pages.

5. Protect PDFs: Set passwords and permissions for your PDFs.

Is PDFGear free?

Yes, PDFGear is a completely free PDF editor for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. It offers many features for editing, converting, annotating, and signing PDF documents.

Does PDFGear support PDF security features?

Yes, PDFGear supports several PDF security features, including password protection, encryption, and digital signatures.

What can I do with PDFGear?

PDFGear can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks, including:

1. Read and edit PDFs

2. Add comments and annotations

3. Convert PDFs to other formats, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 4. Organize PDFs by merging, splitting, and deleting pages 5. Fill out and sign PDF forms

6. Extract text from PDFs

7. Create and edit digital signatures

What are the benefits of using PDFGear?

PDFGear offers several benefits, including:

1. Ease of use: PDFGear is easy to use, even for beginners.

2. Comprehensive features: PDFGear offers a wide range of features for managing and manipulating PDF documents.

3. Cross-platform compatibility: PDFGear is available on Windows, macOS, and the web.

4. Free version: PDFGear offers a free version with basic editing and reading capabilities.

Is PDFgear offline?

Yes, PDFgear can be used offline. PDFgear is a PDF editing tool that allows users to read, view, and edit PDF documents without an internet connection. It also provides other functions that can be used offline.

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It is an AI tool that allows users to interact with PDF documents


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