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FAQ is an advanced text-to-speech tool that uses artificial intelligence to turn written text into natural-sounding speech in over 142 languages and accents. With a library of more than 800 AI voices, including different genders and accents, it produces audio that sounds very similar to human speech. 

The online editor is user-friendly, allowing you to paste your text and adjust settings like voice, pitch, and speed. You can download the audio in various formats or embed it directly into your content. It's great for creating voiceovers for videos, making audiobooks, developing e-learning courses, and improving website accessibility for those with visual impairments. is a versatile and easy-to-use tool for generating high-quality audio content quickly. Features

  • Generous Word Allocation: Enjoy substantial monthly word limits ranging from 5,000 to 2,400,000, catering to a variety of usage needs.
  • Access to Premium Voices: Benefit from a diverse library of premium voices, ensuring a rich and nuanced audio experience.
  • Free High-Quality Voice Cloning: Each plan offers the ability to clone high-quality voices for free, ranging from one to fifty voices depending on the selected plan.
  • Commercial Use Options: Unlock the potential for commercial use, expanding the tool's applications for content creators, businesses, and beyond.
  • API Access and Faster Speeds: Enhance workflow efficiency with API access and faster processing speeds, ensuring seamless integration into various applications.
  • Organizational Tools: Exclusive to the Pro and Enterprise plans, organize and manage projects directly on the platform for streamlined productivity.
  • High Fidelity Cloning: The Pro plan introduces the capability to create one High Fidelity Clone, ensuring top-notch voice reproduction for specific applications.
  • Customized Voice Cloning: Exclusive to the Enterprise plan, enjoy the ability to customize and clone voices at scale, tailoring the tool to unique project requirements.
  • Team Collaboration: The Enterprise plan facilitates team collaboration, allowing for collective input and enhanced project coordination. Pricing

  • Free Plan: Free for forever with some basic functionalities
  • Creator Plan: $39 per month (USD $374.40 billed annually)
  • Unlimited Plan: $99 per month (USD $950.40 billed annually)
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing Usages

  • Creating Engaging Video Voiceovers:'s extensive library of realistic AI voices enables the creation of professional-sounding voiceovers for videos of all types, including explainer videos, product demos, YouTube content, training materials, and educational presentations. The ability to adjust voice parameters, such as pitch, speed, and emotion, further enhances the voiceover's effectiveness in conveying the desired tone and message.
  • Producing Audiobooks and Podcasts: is a valuable tool for authors and podcasters to transform their written works into engaging audiobooks and podcasts. The natural-sounding AI voices make the listening experience more immersive and enjoyable, while the ability to choose from a variety of voices and accents caters to diverse audiences.
  • Enhancing E-Learning Courses and Training Materials: can significantly improve the accessibility and effectiveness of e-learning courses and training materials by providing an audio accompaniment to text-based content. This allows learners to absorb information through multiple channels, enhancing comprehension and retention.
  • Developing Interactive AI Assistants:'s voices can be integrated into interactive AI assistants, providing a natural and engaging way for users to interact with chatbots, virtual assistants, and other AI-powered applications.
  • Developing Audio Games and Interactive Storytelling:'s voices can add depth and realism to audio games and interactive storytelling experiences, bringing characters to life and immersing listeners in the narrative.
  • Creating Audio Descriptions for Visual Content: can generate audio descriptions for images, videos, and other visual content, making them accessible to visually impaired individuals and enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Producing Audio Marketing Materials: can be used to create engaging audio ads, product demos, and other marketing materials, enhancing the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and reaching a wider audience. Competitors

  • DeepBrain: A powerful AI platform that can be used for a variety of tasks, including natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning.
  • Rephrase: A tool that can rephrase text in different ways, making it more concise, clear, or creative.
  • Woord: A text-to-speech tool that can convert text into natural-sounding speech in over 50 languages.
  • LOVO: A text-to-speech tool that offers a variety of premium AI voices, as well as custom voice creation capabilities.
  • Voicera: A text-to-speech tool that is specifically designed for creating realistic and engaging voices for e-learning, marketing, and customer service applications.
  • Murf: A text-to-speech tool that is known for its high-quality AI voices and its focus on creating professional-sounding voiceovers. Launch & Funding was founded by Mahmoud Felfel and Syed Hammad Ahmed. The company has raised a total of $500,000 in funding over one round. Limitations

  • Limited Voice Options for Some Languages: While covers 142 languages, the availability of AI voices varies, potentially limiting diversity for certain languages.
  • Limited Control over Voice Inflection: Adjustments to pitch, speed, and emotion are possible, but nuanced control over specific voice inflexions may be lacking, impacting scenarios where precise intonation is crucial.
  • Potential for Mispronunciations: Occasional mispronunciations, especially for uncommon or technical terms, may occur, impacting the tool's suitability for specialized content.
  • Lack of Voice Customization Features: Advanced voice customization options, such as personalized voice creation or fine-tuning beyond basic parameters, are not currently available, limiting tailored voice styles.
  • Potential Cost Considerations: While a free plan is offered, limitations on character count and access to features may prompt consideration of a paid subscription for extensive usage.
  • Limited Support for Custom Integrations: The internal nature of's API restricts easy custom integrations, potentially affecting developers or businesses aiming for deeper tool incorporation into their platforms.
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