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02 Mar, 2024

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Postwise is an AI-powered content creation tool that helps you write better tweets and LinkedIn posts, schedule them easily, and ultimately grow your audience. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze your writing style, suggest engaging topics and keywords, and even generate content drafts based on your preferences.

It uses cutting-edge technology to address the common challenges faced by content creators on these platforms. Postwise is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to write better social media content, save time, and grow their audience.

Postwise Features

Postwise is an AI-powered tool specifically designed for Twitter growth and content creation. It boasts a range of features to help you write engaging tweets, schedule posts effectively, and ultimately grow your Twitter presence. Here's a breakdown of some key features:

  • AI Tweet Writer: This is the heart of Postwise. Simply enter a few keywords or a topic, and the AI will generate various tweet options, including headlines, hooks, and full tweet drafts. You can customize these suggestions or use them as inspiration for your writing.
  • AI Thread Writer: Create engaging Twitter threads with the AI's help. It will suggest tweet content and transitions to keep your audience hooked throughout the thread.
  • Schedule tweets in advance: Plan your Twitter content calendar and automatically publish tweets at the optimal time for maximum engagement.
  • Track analytics: Monitor the performance of your tweets with detailed analytics on impressions, engagement, and click-through rates.
  • GhostWriter: Craft entire threads automatically, leveraging AI's understanding of storytelling and engagement tactics.
  • Topic & Hashtag Suggestions: Get relevant suggestions for trending topics and hashtags to increase your tweet's discoverability.
  • Growth Recommendations: Receive data-driven suggestions to optimize your profile, content, and posting habits for maximum growth.
  • Team collaboration: Manage multiple Twitter accounts and collaborate with team members on content creation and scheduling.
  • Clean and intuitive interface: Postwise offers a user-friendly interface that's easy to navigate even for beginners.
  • Competitor Analysis: See how your Twitter performance compares to your competitors and learn from their strategies.

Postwise Pricing

  • Free Plan
  • Rising Star Plan: Pay $37 per month.
  • Boss Plan: Pay $59 per month.
  • Unlimited Plan: Pay $97 per month.

Postwise Usages

  • AI Tweet and Thread Writer: Postwise uses AI to analyze your niche and audience, suggesting engaging topics, headlines, and hashtags for your tweets. It can also generate different tweet formats, like polls, questions, or jokes, to keep your content diverse.
  • Topic Generator: Struggling for ideas? Postwise can offer suggestions based on trending topics, your past posts, and your chosen niche.
  • Writing Assistant: Get help crafting clear and concise tweets with Postwise's grammar and style suggestions.
  • Schedule Tweets and Threads: Plan your content calendar and schedule tweets to be published automatically at the most optimal times for engagement.
  • Analytics and Insights: Track your tweet performance, analyze engagement metrics, and identify your top-performing content to refine your future strategy.
  • Repost Queue: Recycle your evergreen content with a click, ensuring your audience sees your valuable tweets again.
  • Community Management: Easily respond to mentions and messages, engage with your audience in real time, and build stronger relationships with your followers.
  • Keyword optimization: Identify relevant keywords and hashtags to improve your tweet's reach and discoverability. Postwise analyzes trending topics and suggests keywords that will help your content get seen by the right people.
  • LinkedIn Integration: Postwise also offers similar features for scheduling and optimizing your LinkedIn content.
  • Content Inspiration: Get ideas for your blog posts, articles, or other types of content by analyzing your high-performing tweets.

Postwise Competitors

  • AI-powered platform for optimizing social media posts for maximum engagement and reach. Similar features include hashtag suggestions, content analysis, and competitor benchmarking.
  • Postly: An all-in-one social media management tool with an AI content generation module. Postly offers scheduling, analytics, and collaboration features, but its AI writing can be generic and lacks the platform-specific expertise of Postwise.
  • Tweet Hunter is an all-in-one Twitter growth tool powered by AI, designed to help you build and monetize your Twitter audience. 
  • Jasper: A popular AI writing tool with a wide range of features, including social media post generation. Jasper offers more content formats but might lack the natural, human touch of Postwise.
  • TweetyAI: This Twitter-specific tool analyzes a user's past tweets and generates believable content based on their style. It's a good option for personal accounts but lacks broader social media management features.
  • Taplio: Another AI-powered social media content creator with a focus on LinkedIn. Taplio is cheaper than Postwise but may have limited functionality. 

Postwise Launch & Funding

It was founded on Oct 15, 2022.

Postwise Limitation

  • Focus on Twitter: Postwise is currently designed specifically for Twitter. Its features and functionalities might not translate well to other social media platforms.
  • No multimedia creation: Postwise primarily focuses on text-based content. It lacks features for creating visual content like images or videos, which can be crucial for engaging audiences.
  • Limited analytics: Currently, Postwise doesn't offer a dedicated analytics dashboard. This can make it difficult to track the performance of your Twitter posts and optimize your content strategy.
  • Limited advanced features: Postwise's analytics and reporting are relatively basic compared to some competitors. It may lack features like competitor analysis, sentiment analysis, or detailed audience insights.
  • No third-party integrations: Postwise doesn't offer direct integration with popular social media management tools like Hootsuite or Buffer. This can limit your ability to seamlessly integrate Postwise into your existing workflow.
  • Limited personalization: It might not always generate content that feels personalized to your brand and audience. You might need to do more editing to ensure the content aligns with your voice and tone.
  • Potential for bias: AI models can inherit biases from the data they are trained on. Postwise is not immune to this, so it's important to be mindful of potential bias in the generated content and ensure it aligns with your brand values.
  • Learning curve: While Postwise offers a user-friendly interface, fully utilizing its features and functionalities can require some learning and experimentation. This might not be ideal for users with limited technical experience.
  • Pricing: Compared to some competitors Postwise's pricing structure might seem less flexible, offering fewer tiers and potentially higher costs for high-volume users.
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