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Your all-in-one social media powerhouse, merging ChatGPT, Canva, and Hootsuite functionalities. Craft branded content effortlessly with AI-generated videos, carousels, and stunning single-image posts tailored to your brand's voice and style. 

From content creation to analysis, enjoy seamless team collaboration and workflow integration, including specialized tools for reels, product showcases, and occasion-based content. Simplify scheduling, gain competitor insights, and elevate your social media presence with our AI-powered Ad Copy Generator. Perfect for individuals and dynamic marketing teams alike.

Predis Features

  • AI Meme Generator: This feature allows users to effortlessly create humorous and engaging memes. It utilizes a collection of popular and trending meme templates, each carefully selected to ensure they are funny, workplace-appropriate, and worthy of sharing on social media feeds. 
  • Post Idea Generation: This feature in Predis is designed to address the challenge of content creation. It ensures that users are never short on content ideas for their social media platforms. By inputting just a few details, the tool generates an abundance of content suggestions that can be transformed into captivating social media posts.
  • AI Video Generation: This feature of simplifies the process of creating trending videos for social media. This is particularly beneficial for social media marketers and content creators who aim to maintain a strong online presence with visually appealing and trend-aligned video content.
  • Chat with AI: Such a feature can be invaluable for quickly resolving queries, brainstorming ideas, or getting assistance with various aspects of social media content creation and strategy. It essentially acts as a virtual assistant, enhancing the user experience by providing immediate, AI-driven responses and support.
  • Uniform Brand Language: By utilizing this feature, businesses and content creators can align their content with their brand's core values, aesthetics, and messaging, leading to a more unified and professional online presence. This consistency in brand language not only strengthens brand identity but also fosters trust and loyalty among the audience.
  • Multi-Platform Content: This feature helps users to optimize their content accordingly, understanding that each platform has its unique audience, format, and engagement style. Whether it's a short-form video for TikTok, a detailed post for LinkedIn, or an eye-catching image for Instagram, this feature assists in crafting platform-specific content.
  • AI Scheduling: This feature eliminates the need for manual planning and scheduling, saving significant time and effort. It allows users to plan their content calendar, ensuring a consistent and strategic online presence. By efficiently managing the distribution of content, AI Scheduling helps in maintaining a regular and impactful social media activity.
  • Competitor Analysis: This feature in Predis offers a comprehensive examination of a user's competitors' social media strategies. This is crucial for staying ahead in a competitive market, as it allows users to make informed, data-driven decisions to refine and enhance their social media strategies.
  • Bring Your Designs: This feature in allows users to import their custom designs into the platform. This functionality caters to those who already have established design elements or prefer to create their visuals using other tools.
  • Get Your Posts Approved: This feature in Predis streamlines the approval process for social media posts from clients or colleagues. This functionality eliminates the need to send large files or manage separate drives for approval. Users can simply share a link to the post within Predis, and the entire approval and feedback process is conducted within the app. 
  • Manage Multiple Accounts: This feature is particularly beneficial for social media managers, marketers, and businesses that need to maintain a cohesive and consistent presence across various social media channels.

Predis Pricing

  • Free Plan: Free for forever.
  • Solo Plan: Pay $29/month ($288 billed annually).
  • Starter Plan: Pay $59/month ($588 billed annually).
  • Agency Plan: Pay $139/month ($1380 billed annually).

Predis Usages

  • Content Creation: Generating AI-powered videos, carousels, Instagram stories, memes, and customized posts.
  • Competitor Analysis: Analyzing competitors on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, understanding content themes and hashtag strategies.
  • Planning and Scheduling: Scheduling posts across multiple channels, determining optimal posting times, and managing post drafts.
  • Team Management: Facilitating collaboration with features for additional user invites, draft management, and custom access permissions.
  • Channel Integration: Supporting content creation and management across various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube Shorts, and Twitter.

Predis Competitors

  • Ideogram: Redefining creative expression, Ideogram introduces an AI tool for accessible, enjoyable, and efficient creation, revolutionizing how ideas come to life.
  • Wepik: Simplify design for your business with Wepik's user-friendly platform, making design tasks effortless and accessible to all.
  • GetImg: Unlock the potential of image creation and editing through AI with Getimg, empowering users with seamless and efficient image manipulation tools.
  • Gooey: Gooey.AI offers a low-code haven for developers and teams, enabling swift development via shared AI workflows, and revolutionizing the rapid creation process.

Predis Launch & Funding

Predis was launched by Tanmay Ratnaparkhe, Aakash Kerawat, and Akshay Karangale on 8th April 2020. 

Predis has raised a total funding of $154K over 1 round. Its latest funding round was a Seed round on May 10, 2022, for $154K. 8 investors participated in its latest round, led by Utpl Corporate Trustees.

Predis Limitations

  • AI Accuracy: AI-generated content does not always capture the nuanced tone or style specific to a brand.
  • Data Privacy Concerns: Users have concerns about how their data, especially proprietary information, is stored and used by the AI.
  • Platform Limitations: Predis does not support all social media platforms, which can be a limitation for users active on less common networks.
  • Limitations in Customization: The free version restricts the number of AI-generated posts per month, impacting users with high content needs.
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