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May 8, 2024 ()
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It is a cloud-based AI platform for recording high-quality podcasts and videos with remote guests.





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Overview Of Riverside

Riverside is a powerful platform that streamlines the entire remote content creation process, from recording to editing and sharing. But what truly sets it apart is its intelligent use of AI to make your life easier and your content shine.

Riverside is not just a gimmick, it's a game-changer for remote content creators. By automating tedious tasks and enhancing your content, it allows you to focus on what matters most: creating compelling and engaging experiences for your audience.

Riverside Features

  • Accuracy: Riverside's AI engine can transcribe conversations with 99% accuracy in over 100 languages. This saves creators and teams a ton of time and effort, as they no longer need to manually transcribe their recordings.
  • Multiple formats: Transcripts can be downloaded in .TXT and .SRT formats, making them easy to share and use for various purposes.
  • Speaker identification: Riverside can automatically identify who is speaking in a recording, which can help create captions or follow along with a transcript.
  • Automatic switching: Riverside's AI can automatically switch the video view to the person who is speaking, creating a more engaging and dynamic viewing experience.
  • Multiple layouts: Choose from different layouts, such as grid or side-by-side, to customize how you want to see the speakers.
  • Priority control: You can set the priority for each speaker so that the person you want to focus on is always displayed prominently.
  • Highlight identification: Riverside's AI can automatically identify the highlights of your recording and turn them into standalone clips. This is a great way to create short, shareable snippets of your content.
  • Live captions: Riverside can generate live captions for your recordings, making them accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Automatic audio leveling: Riverside can automatically adjust the audio levels of each speaker, ensuring that everyone is heard clearly.

Riverside Pricing

  • Free Plan
  • Standard Plan: Pay USD $19/month
  • Pro Plan: Pay USD $29/month
  • Business Plan: Customizable 

Riverside Usages

  • Transcription: Riverside AI transcriber can automatically transcribe audio and video recordings in over 100 languages with 99% accuracy. This can save content creators hours, as they no longer need to manually transcribe their recordings.
  • Speaker detection: Riverside AI speaker detection can automatically identify the speakers in a recording. This can help edit and create transcripts, as well as create social media clips that highlight specific speakers.
  • Clip creation: The Riverside clip creation tool can automatically create clips from long recordings. This can help create social media content or highlight specific moments in a recording.
  • Podcasters: Podcasters can use Riverside AI transcription and speaker detection to quickly and easily create transcripts of their episodes. This can help them to improve the accessibility of their content, as well as to create show notes and other marketing materials.
  • Content Ideas and Drafting: The tool provides episode title ideas, drafts episode descriptions, defines chapter markers, prepares social media posts, and transcribes episodes​​.
  • Transcriptions: Obtain a written record of your audio, making your content accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing listeners while facilitating SEO benefits.
  • Blog Post Drafts: Riverside AI creates draft blog posts summarizing your episode, providing engaging content for your website and promoting your podcast.
  • Review and Adjustment: After processing, the Riverside AI Summary provides all generated information for review and adjustment by the podcaster​​.

Riverside Competitors

  • Deepgram: Deepgram specializes in AI-powered speech recognition and offers solutions for audio transcription and analysis​​.
  • Dubb Media: An AI tool that assists in creating marketing content for podcasts, including show notes, social media posts, newsletter content, and transcriptions​​.
  • Podcast Marketing: A tool specifically geared towards marketing aspects of podcasting with AI assistance​​.
  • Uses AI to help you create and edit podcasts, including features like automatic transcription, music and sound effects generation, and guest interview scheduling.
  • Descript: Descript is a powerful audio and video editing platform that uses AI to automate tasks like transcription, translation, and editing. It also offers a remote recording platform with features similar to, such as separate tracks for each participant and cloud recording.
  • Podcastle: focuses specifically on podcast creation, offering AI-powered tools for editing, transcription, and distribution. It also has features like guest recording and social media scheduling.

Riverside Launch & Funding

Riverside AI was On March 30, 2023, Riverside announced a significant update to its software, introducing new text-based editing and AI transcription features​​. has raised a total of $47 million over three funding rounds. The most recent funding was a Series B round on April 26, 2022, amounting to $35 million.

Riverside Limitation

  • Accuracy: While generally accurate, the AI transcription can still misinterpret accents, technical jargon, and background noise. It may require manual editing for complete accuracy, especially for complex content.
  • Languages: While supporting over 100 languages, fluency and accuracy vary. Transcripts in less common languages might be less reliable.
  • Live Captions: Live captioning accuracy can be lower than offline transcription due to real-time processing.
  • Automatic editing: Features like noise removal and music detection can be helpful, but may not be perfect, especially with complex audio.
  • Auto-highlights: AI-generated highlights might miss key points or misinterpret context. A manual review is still recommended.
  • Limited scope: These features currently focus primarily on audio and video editing tasks. More advanced AI functionalities, like sentiment analysis or content extraction, are not yet available.
  • Evolving technology: AI is constantly evolving, and while Riverside strives to remain updated, limitations can exist due to ongoing development.

FAQs Of Riverside

What is the Riverside tool?

Riverside is a popular online platform for recording high-quality audio and video interviews, podcasts, and other remote collaborations. It offers a range of features, from live recording and remote guest invitations to advanced editing tools and integrations with popular platforms.

How does Riverside work?

Riverside is powered by a combination of machine learning and speech recognition technology. The company has trained its AI models on a massive dataset of audio and video recordings, which allows them to accurately identify speakers, transcribe speech, and remove noise.

What are the benefits of using Riverside features?

Riverside features can save you a lot of time and effort when recording and editing your podcasts and videos. They can also help you to improve the quality of your recordings.

What AI features does Riverside offer?

Riverside offers several AI-powered features to help you record and edit your podcasts and videos. These include:

  1. Automatic transcription: Riverside can automatically transcribe your recordings, which can save you a lot of time and effort.
  2. Speaker identification: Riverside can identify who is speaking in your recordings, which can help create captions or edit transcripts.
  3. AI-powered noise reduction: Riverside can remove background noise from your recordings, such as traffic, wind, or keyboard clicks.
  4. Automatic scene detection: Riverside can automatically detect different scenes in your recordings, which can help edit your videos.
  5. Smart leveling: Riverside can automatically adjust the volume of your recordings so that everyone is heard at the same level.
  6. AI-powered music and sound effects: Riverside can add music and sound effects to your recordings automatically.

How accurate is the AI transcription?

The accuracy of the AI transcription depends on several factors, such as the quality of the audio, the number of speakers, and the background noise. In general, the AI transcription is quite accurate, but it may not be perfect.

Are there any limitations to the Riverside features?

The AI features are still under development, so there are some limitations. For example, the AI transcription may not be accurate for recordings with a lot of background noise or with multiple speakers.

How much do Riverside features cost?

Riverside features are available on all paid plans. The basic plan includes limited AI features, while the higher-tier plans include more advanced features.

Reviews Of Riverside
Khyati Amin

Great App so far!!
Mamta Baghel

Amazing tool with lots of features and functionalities.
Parth Makwana PM

My content writing team is going to use this tool
Bhautik Kapadiya


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