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June 14, 2024 ()
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Your AI code assistant for changing, optimizing, and searching codes





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Overview Of Safurai

Safurai is an AI-based IDE addon created to help programmers with coding, debugging, and refactoring. It serves as a virtual assistant, offering advice and answers for any problems that might come up when developing software. It is an AI tool for developers that could improve their workflow and code quality, streamlining and speeding up the development process.

Safurai is still under development, but it already offers a wide range of features and functionalities. The team behind Safurai is constantly working on improving the tool and adding new features.

Safurai Features

  • Code generation: Safurai can generate code for a variety of tasks, including creating classes, functions, and loops. This can save developers a significant amount of time, especially when they are working on repetitive tasks.
  • Code explanation: Safurai can provide explanations of code, including the meaning of each line of code, the purpose of the code, and the potential risks or errors. This can help developers understand their code better and identify potential problems.
  • Code optimization: Safurai can identify areas of code that can be improved, such as code that is inefficient or redundant. This can help developers improve the performance and efficiency of their code.
  • Code refactoring: Safurai can help developers refactor their code, which is the process of changing the structure of the code without changing its functionality. This can help developers improve the readability, maintainability, and testability of their code.
  • Code debugging: Safurai can help developers debug their code by identifying errors and providing suggestions for how to fix them. This can save developers a significant amount of time and frustration when they are trying to track down errors in their code.
  • Natural language search: Safurai can search your code using natural language queries, making it easy to find the code you need.

Safurai Pricing

  • Free Plan
  • Plus Plan: pay 9.99 € per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing

Safurai Usages

  • Code generation: Safurai can generate code from natural language descriptions, which can be helpful for beginners or developers who need to quickly create a new feature or function.
  • Debugging: Safurai can help developers identify and fix bugs in their code. It can do this by providing explanations of code, suggesting potential fixes, and generating test cases.
  • Refactoring: Safurai can help developers improve the structure and readability of their code. It can do this by suggesting changes to the code, such as renaming variables or moving code around.
  • Unit testing: Safurai can help developers write unit tests for their code. Unit tests are a type of software testing that helps developers ensure that their code is working as expected.
  • Learn new programming languages: Safurai can provide explanations of programming concepts and syntax, which can be helpful for beginners or developers who are learning a new language.
  • Get help with coding problems: Safurai can be used to ask questions about coding problems, and it can provide answers or suggestions.

Safurai Competitors

  • GitHub Copilot: Developed by GitHub in collaboration with OpenAI, GitHub Copilot provides AI-powered code suggestions within the development environment. It's designed to assist developers by suggesting whole lines or blocks of code as they type.
  • Codeium: Codeium is a free AI-powered code acceleration toolkit. It provides AI-generated autocomplete in over 70 programming languages and 40+ IDEs. Codeium can also generate unit tests, documentation, and more.
  • Alltius: Alltius is a platform that offers an AI-powered coding assistant. It can help developers with tasks such as code completion, code review, and refactoring.
  • Codiga: Codiga was a platform that offered conversational AI-based project management software. It was acquired by GitHub in 2020.
  • Ask Codi: Ask Codi is an AI and GPT-powered platform to assist developers. It can help with tasks such as code completion, debugging, and testing.

Safurai Launch & Funding

Safurai was launched on January 11, 2023. It is an AI code assistant that boosts developer productivity and is compatible with multiple IDEs​​.

Safurai Limitation

  • Code optimization: Safurai can help developers find areas where their code can be optimized, but it may not always be able to identify the best possible solution.
  • Documentation generation: Safurai can generate documentation from code, but it may not always be able to generate accurate or comprehensive documentation.
  • Code review: Safurai can help developers identify potential problems in their code, but it may not always be able to identify all of the problems.
  • Refactoring: Safurai can help developers refactor their code, but it may not always be able to generate the most efficient or maintainable code.

FAQs Of Safurai

What does Safurai do exactly?

Safurai is an AI code assistant that boosts developer productivity by solving bugs, refactoring, creating documentation, and generating new code.

What development IDEs is Safurai compatible with?

Safurai is compatible with multiple Integrated Development Environments, currently supporting VS Code with future compatibility planned for VStudio, Intellij, PyCharm, and Rider.

How does Safurai speed up my coding process?

Safurai accelerates your coding process by proactively providing explanations, refactoring, finding bugs, and optimizing your code in a matter of seconds. Its engine also helps you generate new code as per your needs.

Who is Safurai designed for?

Safurai is designed for developers seeking an automated assistant to increase productivity and speed up task completion. It's created to solve bugs, refactor code, create documentation, and generate new code.

Does Safurai provide assistance with debugging?

Yes, Safurai is designed to identify and resolve bugs in your code, among its other features.

Can Safurai help me with refactoring my code?

Yes, Safurai offers specific features for code refactoring, providing easy and quick solutions to improve the existing code's performance and readability.

What kind of documentation can Safurai generate?

Safurai aids in creating detailed documentation or comments for your code. The specifics of the documentation type or format it can generate aren't provided.

What does the term 'code optimization' mean in the context of Safurai?

Code optimization in the context of Safurai refers to the process of modifying the code to make it more efficient and improve its performance without changing its functionality. Functions can be rewritten for better performance, redundant code can be removed, and errors can be identified and fixed.

What safety measures does Safurai have in place to ensure my code remains secure?

While the specifics aren't detailed, Safurai is designed with emphasis on code safety. It's reasonable to infer that this includes safety measures such as secure data handling and privacy-compliant processes based on the assurances provided on their website.

Reviews Of Safurai

The code completion feature is the best- it gives suggestions that are spot on most of the time

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