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Streamlining Process Documentation and Training with AI-Powered Efficiency





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Overview Of Scribe

Scribe is an AI-powered tool that helps you create step-by-step guides, SOPs, and training manuals for any web or desktop process. It automatically captures your actions, generates instructions, and lets you customize and share your guides with anyone. Scribe is designed to save you time, increase productivity, and reduce errors. It is used by millions of teams across various domains and industries.

Scribe works by turning on an extension and recording your process as you go through it normally. It then creates a visual guide with screenshots and text that you can edit and enhance. You can also use AI to generate SOPs, process overviews, and other documents from your guides. Scribe allows you to share your guides via link, embed, or PDF and also lets you add your own branding and redact sensitive information. Scribe is a versatile and user-friendly tool that can help you document any process with ease and efficiency.

Scribe Features

  • Web & desktop process capture: Scribe captures and records any web or desktop process, effortlessly creating comprehensive how-to guides for seamless documentation and training purposes.
  • Automatic step instructions: Scribe eliminates manual instruction creation by automatically generating step-by-step guides, simplifying the process and saving valuable time and effort.
  • AI-generated process documents: Utilize Scribe's AI capabilities to effortlessly generate standard operating procedures (SOPs), training manuals, and process overviews, ensuring consistency and accuracy in documentation.
  • Sensitive data redaction: Maintain compliance and data privacy standards with Scribe's automatic redaction feature, which ensures the protection of sensitive employee or customer data within screenshots.
  • Shareable links & PDF export: Share your guides effortlessly through email, wiki embeds, or LMS integration, or export them to PDF for easy distribution and accessibility.
  • Custom branding: Enhance brand visibility and professionalism by customizing guides with your company logo and colors, creating cohesive and branded documentation materials.

Scribe Pricing

  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Pro Plan: 
  • Personal Plan: $23 per seat per month
  • Team Plan: $12 per seat per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing

Scribe Usages

  • Onboarding Support: Create custom, detailed guides for new users or employees, ensuring smooth familiarization and skill development with tailored step-by-step instructions for software or tasks.
  • Training Resource Creation: Use AI to generate SOPs, manuals, and process summaries, ensuring efficient and standardized training across different processes with comprehensive training materials.
  • Customer Assistance: Improve customer support with informative visual guides, addressing common inquiries, and aiding in troubleshooting for enhanced satisfaction and issue resolution.
  • Automated Content Generation: Effortlessly convert web or desktop procedures into informative blog posts or tutorials with Scribe, simplifying content creation and enhancing knowledge sharing.

Scribe Competitors

  • Grammarly: Grammarly is a widely-used writing assistant tool providing comprehensive grammar checks and writing assistance across various platforms, ensuring error-free and polished content creation.
  • ProWritingAid: Offers an array of writing enhancement tools, including grammar and style checks, readability analysis, and plagiarism detection, empowering writers to produce high-quality and original content.
  • Notion AI: Notion AI offers a versatile writing generator, productivity tools, and an assistant feature. It streamlines content creation, enhances productivity, and assists users in organizing and managing tasks efficiently.

Scribe Launch and Funding

Scribe was founded in 2019 and launched in 2021. Scribe has raised $30 million in two rounds, led by Tiger Global Management and Amplify Partners. Scribe was co-founded by Aaron Podolny and Jennifer Smith, who are also the CTO and CEO, respectively. 

Scribe Limitations

  • Only web and desktop capture: Cannot record processes on mobile devices or other platforms.
  • Limited integration with SharePoint: Cannot share links with members within the same domain without making them public.

  • Data privacy and security concerns: Uses OpenAI APIs that process but do not store user data for service provision.

FAQs Of Scribe

What is Scribe?

Scribe is an AI-powered tool designed to capture and document web or desktop processes, creating step-by-step guides, SOPs, and training manuals effortlessly.

Who can use Scribe?

Scribe is suitable for individuals, teams, and enterprises across various industries looking to streamline documentation processes, enhance training materials, and improve customer support.

How is Scribe beneficial?

Scribe saves time and effort by automatically generating comprehensive guides and documents, improving productivity, reducing errors, and facilitating seamless knowledge sharing and skill development.

How does Scribe work?

Scribe operates by activating an extension and recording your actions as you perform a process, subsequently generating visual guides with screenshots and text.

Can Scribe generate SOPs and other documents automatically?

Yes, Scribe's AI capabilities enable the automatic generation of SOPs, training manuals, and process overviews from recorded guides.

How can I share my guides created with Scribe?

Scribe offers multiple sharing options, including shareable links, embedding in wikis, LMS integration, and PDF export for easy distribution and accessibility.

Does Scribe offer customization options for branding?

Yes, Scribe allows customization with company branding, including logos and colors, ensuring cohesive and professional documentation materials.

What pricing plans does Scribe offer?

Scribe provides a free Basic Plan and Pro Plans tailored for personal, team, and enterprise use, with varying features and pricing tiers.

Is Scribe compatible with mobile devices?

Currently, Scribe only supports web and desktop process capture and does not record processes on mobile devices.

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