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May 30, 2024 ()
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An Advanced media accessibility tool with transcription, subtitling, and translation features.





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Overview Of Scribe

Scribe by Lexigo is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance media accessibility and reach through advanced transcription, subtitling, and translation capabilities. It supports over 171 languages, making it a versatile choice for global communication. 


The platform is tailored for various sectors including government, education, and healthcare, providing secure and efficient solutions for handling sensitive and valuable media.


Scribe Features


  • Transcription: This feature converts spoken words from videos into written text, helping to make video content accessible to those who prefer reading or need transcription for various purposes like accessibility or documentation.


  • Subtitling: It automatically creates text overlays that display the spoken content of a video, enabling viewers to understand the dialogue even if they can't hear it, or if they speak a different language.


  • Translation: This feature translates the subtitles generated for videos into more than 171 languages, broadening the reach of video content to a global audience and making it accessible to non-native speakers.


  • AI-Powered: The tool uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to swiftly and accurately transcribe spoken words into text and translate subtitles into different languages, improving efficiency and precision in the process.


Scribe Benefits


  • Global Reach: With translations available in over 171 languages, it enables content to reach a wider audience globally, breaking language barriers and fostering inclusivity.


  • Accessibility: By providing accurate subtitles and transcriptions, it makes media content accessible to individuals with hearing impairments or language differences, promoting equal access to information and entertainment.


  • Efficiency: AI-powered technology speeds up transcription and translation processes, saving time and resources while maintaining high-quality results, allowing for quicker delivery of content to audiences worldwide.


  • Accuracy: Combining AI with human oversight ensures that transcriptions and translations are precise and error-free, maintaining the integrity and reliability of the content for diverse audiences.


  • Security: It sticks to strict security protocols by making sure that sensitive information remains protected, making it a trusted solution for sectors such as government and healthcare where data confidentiality is crucial.


How to Use Scribe


  • Visit the website
  • Upload Video
  • Select Services
  • Set Language Preferences
  • Process the Video
  • Review and Edit
  • Download/Export


Scribe Pricing


  • Buy Credits: $12
  • Starter Pro: $12/monthly
  • Business Pro: $240/monthly 


Scribe Usages


  • Educational Materials: Adding multi-language subtitles to educational videos, makes learning resources accessible to students who speak different languages, promoting inclusive education.


  • Healthcare Communications: It provides accurate transcriptions and translations for patient information and healthcare guidelines, ensuring that all patients receive clear and understandable care instructions.


  • Corporate Training: This allows companies to subtitle and translate training videos, making it easier to train employees across different countries and languages, enhancing global team collaboration.


  • Government Outreach: It helps governments communicate effectively with diverse populations by providing multilingual translations for public services and announcements, ensuring everyone receives important information.


  • Media Production: Subtitles and translations for films, documentaries, and other media content enable producers to reach a broader audience, making their work accessible to people around the world.


Competitors of Scribe


  • Smartling: It is an AI-powered platform that streamlines translation workflows and manages multi-language content efficiently, helping businesses deliver high-quality, localized experiences worldwide.


  • Muse: It is a versatile tool that excels in video search and offers comprehensive storage and streaming solutions, perfect for educators, marketers, and creators.


Limitations of Scribe


  • Dependence on Clear Audio: The quality of transcriptions and subtitles can be impacted by poor audio quality.


  • Limited Customization: The options for customizing the style and formatting of subtitles can be limited.


  • Technology Limitations: AI can not capture exact human expressions or errors in spoken language.


  • Cost: Advanced features and extensive usage can incur higher costs.




Scribe by Lexigo enhances media accessibility and reach with its advanced transcription, subtitling, and translation capabilities, supporting over 171 languages. It is a versatile and secure solution ideal for various sectors, though it may have limitations like dependence on clear audio and potentially higher costs for advanced features.


Enhance your media content's accessibility and global reach with Scribe by Lexigo.

FAQs Of Scribe

What is Scribe?

Scribe is a tool that helps with videos by turning spoken words into text, creating subtitles, and translating them into many languages. It's handy for sectors like education, healthcare, and government, making videos accessible to more people.

How does Scribe work?

Scribe works by using advanced technology to convert spoken words from videos into written text, create subtitles automatically, and translate them into over 171 languages.

Can Scribe handle videos in different languages?

Yes, Scribe supports over 171 languages, allowing for the transcription, subtitling, and translation of videos in various languages to reach a global audience.

What are the pricing plans of Scribe?

The pricing plans of Scribe are:


  • Buy Credits: $12
  • Starter Pro: $12/monthly
  • Business Pro: $240/monthly

Who can benefit from using Scribe?

Scribe is beneficial for various sectors, including education, healthcare, government, and media production, as it helps enhance accessibility, efficiency, and security in handling media content.

How does Scribe ensure accuracy in transcriptions and translations?

Scribe combines artificial intelligence with human oversight to ensure precise and error-free transcriptions and translations, maintaining the integrity and reliability of the content.

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