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June 8, 2024 ()
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SmallSEOTools: Your Go-To AI Content Detection Companion





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Overview Of SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is a tool that allows users to detect whether the content they enter is generated by artificial intelligence (AI) or written by a human. The tool claims to use four different AI-detection models to provide 98.4% accuracy. A score of 1% indicates human-made content, while a score nearing 100% suggests a high probability of being AI-generated.

The tool is designed to help users identify and avoid plagiarism, as well as to ensure the quality and originality of their content. The tool can check up to 2000 words at a time and provide a detailed report with the percentage of AI-generated content, the sources of the matched content, and the highlighted portions of the text that are likely to be AI-generated.

The tool is free to use and does not require any registration or installation. Users can simply copy and paste their text in the box provided, or upload a file, and click on the “Check AI Content” button. The tool will then scan the text and display the results within seconds. Users can also download the report as a PDF file for future reference.

SmallSEOTools Features

  • Rapid AI Detection Capability: Offers quick analysis of text to identify AI-generated content, providing users with speedy results.
  • Multilingual Detection Functionality: This feature extends its AI detection capabilities across various languages, making it versatile for international users.
  • Exceptionally High Accuracy Rate: Claims a 99.9% success rate in accurately identifying AI-written text, ensuring high reliability in its analysis.
  • User-Friendly Access Without Registration: Designed for immediate use without the need for user registration, offering convenience and ease of use.
  • Wide-Ranging GPT Model Recognition: Capable of detecting content from a range of GPT models like GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4, showcasing its adaptability to evolving AI technologies.

SmallSEOTools Pricing

SmallSEOTools AI content detection is free to use.

SmallSEOTools Usages

  • Educational Institutions: It aids educators in detecting AI-generated submissions, reinforcing academic integrity.
  • Content Moderation Companies: This tool is crucial in assessing the authenticity of user-generated content and ensuring the genuineness of contributions.
  • Social Media Platforms: It helps businesses verify that their content on social platforms is original and created by humans, which is essential for maintaining credibility.
  • SEO Professionals: The tool assists in ensuring web content is human-written, an important factor in search engine optimization strategies.
  • Freelance Writers: Freelancers use it to confirm the originality and human authorship of their work.
  • Journalists and bloggers: It's valuable for verifying the human creation of articles and blog posts, upholding the standards of journalism.

SmallSEOTools Competitors

  • Cramly AI: A powerful solution for educational institutions, Cramly AI detects plagiarism in student assignments, ensuring academic integrity with swift and accurate detection capabilities.
  • Trinka AI: Trinka AI's tool verifies content originality by distinguishing between AI-generated and human-authored text, benefiting writers, educators, and researchers in upholding integrity and credibility in their content.
  • Crossplag: Crossplag is an AI content detection tool that scans content across multiple sources to identify similarities and prevent academic or content plagiarism.
  • Dupli Checker: Dupli Checker is an online AI content detector that helps users find duplicate content in their documents or websites to maintain originality.

SmallSEOTools Launch and Funding

SmallSEOTools is a London, United States-based company founded in 2010. Tausif Akram is the founder of SmallSEOTools.  

SmallSEOTools Limitations

  • Limited word count: The website restricts content checks to 2000 words per session. Longer texts must be divided into smaller portions or processed using an alternative tool.
  • Inconsistent results: Website results vary due to format, punctuation, or spelling changes. Adding or removing spaces or commas affects scores.

FAQs Of SmallSEOTools

What is SmallSEOTools AI content detection?

SmallSEOTools AI content detection is a tool designed to identify whether text is generated by artificial intelligence (AI) or written by a human. It analyzes text using AI detection models to provide users with insights into the authenticity of their content.

How does SmallSEOTools AI content detection work?

SmallSEOTools AI content detection utilizes four different AI-detection models to analyze text and determine its origin. It compares the text against known patterns of AI-generated content, providing users with a score indicating the likelihood of AI involvement.

Who can use SmallSEOTools AI content detection?

SmallSEOTools AI content detection is beneficial for a wide range of users, including students, educators, marketers, content moderators, SEO professionals, freelance writers, journalists, and bloggers. It helps them ensure content originality, avoid plagiarism, and maintain credibility in their respective fields.

Is SmallSEOTools AI content detection free to use?

Yes, SmallSEOTools AI content detection is completely free to use. Users can access its services without registration or installation requirements, making it convenient for immediate use.

How can users access SmallSEOTools AI content detection?

Users can access SmallSEOTools AI content detection by visiting the SmallSEOTools website, pasting their text into the provided box, or uploading a file. The tool will then analyze the text and provide results within seconds, allowing users to download reports for future reference.

Who can benefit from using SmallSEOTools AI content detection?

Educational institutions, content moderation companies, social media platforms, SEO professionals, freelance writers, journalists, and bloggers can all benefit from SmallSEOTools AI content detection in various aspects of their work.

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