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18 Feb, 2024

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Smartling is an AI-powered translation management platform that enables businesses to efficiently manage multilingual content and streamline translation workflows. With Smartling, companies can automate content ingestion, ensure translation quality with predictive machine learning tools, and reduce costs through automation and translation memory. The platform offers customizable workflows, real-time reporting, and integrates seamlessly with various tools and platforms.

Smartling's combination of cloud-based technology, Neural Machine Translation, and professional language services empowers teams to collaborate in real-time, delivering high-quality multilingual experiences to customers. Trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide, Smartling is recognized as a leader in translation management, offering a comprehensive solution to localize content across websites, marketing campaigns, mobile products, and customer experiences.

Smartling Features

  • AI-Powered Translation Management: Smartling leverages artificial intelligence to streamline translation processes, offering automated content ingestion, workflow management, and quality assurance checks. By harnessing AI capabilities, businesses can expedite translation workflows while ensuring accuracy and consistency in multilingual content.
  • Customizable Workflows: Smartling provides flexible workflow options tailored to specific business needs. From content ingestion to translation and review, users can design custom workflows to optimize efficiency and collaboration among teams and translators. This feature enables seamless coordination and control over the translation process, enhancing overall productivity.
  • Real-Time Reporting: With Smartling's real-time reporting capabilities, users gain insights into translation progress, performance metrics, and cost estimates. By accessing comprehensive reports and analytics, businesses can track project status, identify potential bottlenecks, and make informed decisions to improve translation efficiency and resource allocation.
  • Content Localization: Smartling facilitates the localization of various content types across multiple devices and platforms. Whether it's websites, e-commerce platforms, marketing materials, or mobile applications, the platform supports the adaptation of content to meet the linguistic and cultural preferences of target audiences, ensuring a personalized and engaging user experience.
  • Integration Capabilities: Smartling seamlessly integrates with a wide range of tools and platforms, including popular content management systems, marketing automation platforms, and design software. This integration flexibility enables smooth data exchange and collaboration across different systems, streamlining the translation workflow and enhancing overall productivity.
  • Professional Language Services: In addition to AI-driven translation management, Smartling offers access to professional language services, including expert translators and Neural Machine Translation customized to brand requirements. Users can collaborate directly with translators, ensuring adherence to style guides and glossaries for consistent and high-quality translations.

Smartling Pricing

  • Core Plan: Custom Pricing.
  • Growth Plan: Custom Pricing.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing.

Smartling Usages

  • Website Localization: Smartling enables businesses to localize their websites into multiple languages, ensuring a seamless user experience for global audiences. From product pages to FAQs, Smartling simplifies the process of translating and adapting website content, helping companies expand their reach and connect with diverse markets.
  • Marketing Campaigns: With Smartling, companies can localize marketing campaigns to resonate with international audiences, delivering tailored messages across various channels. From landing pages to email newsletters, Smartling streamlines the translation process, allowing marketers to maintain brand consistency and engage effectively with global customers.
  • Mobile App Localization: Smartling facilitates the localization of mobile applications, ensuring that app content is accurately translated and culturally adapted for different regions. Whether it's product tours or microcontent, Smartling's platform supports the translation of mobile app content, enhancing user engagement and retention in international markets.
  • E-commerce Platforms: Smartling helps e-commerce businesses expand globally by localizing product listings, payment portals, and checkout processes. By translating e-commerce content accurately, Smartling enables companies to cater to diverse linguistic preferences and effectively drive conversions in international markets.
  • Product & Customer Experience: Smartling empowers businesses to enhance product experiences and customer support by offering multilingual documentation, FAQs, and chat support. By providing localized content, companies can improve customer satisfaction and ensure a consistent brand experience across different languages and regions.
  • Content Management: Smartling simplifies content management by centralizing translation workflows and providing real-time visibility into translation progress. From blog posts to resource hubs, Smartling streamlines the process of translating and managing various content types, enabling teams to collaborate efficiently and deliver high-quality translations.
  • Enterprise Communication: Smartling facilitates the localization of internal communications, training materials, and corporate documents for multinational organizations. By translating internal content accurately, Smartling helps companies foster effective communication and collaboration across global teams, driving operational efficiency and employee engagement.

Smartling Competitors

  • Google Translate: The most widely used translator, Google Translate covers over 100 languages and handles basic translations efficiently. While its accuracy has improved, it can sometimes miss subtleties and produce awkward phrasings.
  • Reverso: This translation tool specializes in bilingual dictionaries and phrasebooks, providing context-specific translations and examples. It's ideal for learning new vocabulary and understanding nuances in specific languages.
  • Microsoft Bing Translator: This robust platform offers translations in over 70 languages, integrating with other Microsoft products like Office and Skype. Its strength lies in its broad language coverage and integration capabilities.
  • Sonix: Primarily a transcription service, Sonix also offers real-time translation for audio and video recordings. Its strength lies in its ability to handle multiple speakers and provide accurate closed captions.
  • Smartcat: Geared towards professional translators, Smartcat is a collaborative translation platform that streamlines workflows and manages projects. It allows teams to work together on translations while maintaining quality control.

Smartling Launch & Funding

Bryan Murphy leads Smartling as CEO, while Jack Welde, the Founder and President, drives innovation. With 5 funding rounds totaling $223M, including a $160M round, Smartling garners support from 11 institutional investors, highlighting its industry prominence and growth trajectory.

Smartling Limitations

  • Limited Integration Options: While Smartling offers integration with various tools and platforms, some users may find the range of integrations limiting. This can hinder seamless data exchange and collaboration across different systems, potentially requiring additional manual effort to manage workflows outside of the integrated ecosystem.
  • Complexity for Small Businesses: The robust features and capabilities of Smartling may be overly complex for small businesses with simpler translation needs. Small businesses may find the platform's extensive functionalities overwhelming, leading to challenges in implementation and utilization without dedicated resources or expertise.
  • Cost Considerations: Smartling's pricing structure may pose challenges for organizations with budget constraints or fluctuating translation needs. The cost of using the platform, especially for additional language pairs or professional translation services, can escalate quickly, potentially making it financially prohibitive for some users.
  • Dependency on Internet Connectivity: Smartling's cloud-based nature means that users are dependent on stable internet connectivity for accessing the platform and performing translation tasks. In regions with unreliable internet infrastructure or during internet outages, users may experience disruptions in workflow, impacting productivity and timely delivery of translations.
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Smartling is an AI-powered translation management platform (TMP) that helps businesses efficiently handle multilingual content and streamline translation workflows. It automates content ingestion, uses predictive tools for quality assurance, and reduces costs through automation and translation memory. Smartling integrates with various tools and platforms, offering cloud-based technology, Neural Machine Translation (NMT), and professional language services for real-time collaboration and high-quality multilingual experiences.

Smartling caters to businesses of all sizes with global content needs, from startups and small businesses to large enterprises and multinational organizations. It's ideal for companies looking to:

  • Localize their websites, marketing materials, and mobile apps.
  • Manage content localization efficiently across various platforms.
  • Collaborate with professional translators and leverage NMT.
  • Gain insights into translation progress and costs.

Smartling offers a user-friendly interface and customizable workflows. You can start by:

  • Creating an account and setting up your preferred languages and workflows.
  • Uploading your content (websites, documents, apps) for translation.
  • Using Smartling's AI tools for automatic content ingestion and suggestion of relevant translation memories.
  • Collaborating with translators in real-time, providing feedback, and ensuring brand consistency.
  • Tracking progress, measuring performance, and managing costs through detailed reports.

Here are some key benefits:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: Automates workflows, reduces manual tasks, and streamlines collaboration.

  • Improved translation quality: Leverages AI for quality checks, provides access to professional translators, and offers NMT customization.

  • Reduced costs: Saves time and money through automation, translation memory utilization, and cost-effective pricing plans.

  • Enhanced global reach: Localizes content for wider audiences, improves customer experience, and drives international growth.

  • Real-time insights and control: Tracks progress, analyzes performance, and provides actionable data for informed decision-making.

Yes, Smartling places a high priority on data privacy and implements rigorous security measures to safeguard user information. They employ encryption techniques to protect data in transit and at rest, ensuring confidentiality. Additionally, strict access controls are enforced to limit unauthorized access to sensitive data. Smartling also adheres to applicable data privacy regulations, providing transparency in their practices. 

Smartling offers a free trial to test the platform. However, their pricing plans are custom-based, depending on your specific needs and language requirements. They cater to different business sizes and offer flexible options to suit your budget and translation volume. The pricing plans are:

  • Core Plan: Custom Pricing.
  • Growth Plan: Custom Pricing.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing.

Compared to other tools like Google Translate, Reverso, or Microsoft Translator, Smartling offers a more comprehensive and professional solution. It provides advanced features like workflow automation, translation memory, real-time collaboration, and access to professional translators. While other tools might be better for basic translations or specific needs, Smartling caters to complex and global translation requirements.

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