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19 Feb, 2024

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It enables the production of unique beats and melodies using advanced AI algorithms, simplifying the music-making process. For creators, Soundraw offers a royalty-free experience with a perpetual license, making it ideal for those needing original music without copyright concerns. Artists benefit from a straightforward licensing model that supports song monetization. 

Additionally, Soundraw provides an API plan for companies, offering easy integration, rapid music generation, unlimited downloads, and favorable pricing for startups. This versatility makes Soundraw an attractive solution for a diverse range of users, from independent musicians to large-scale companies, transforming the landscape of music production and utilization.

Soundraw Features

  • AI-Powered Music Creation: Soundraw uses advanced AI algorithms to enable users to generate unique beats and melodies, simplifying the music-making process. This feature is ideal for creating a wide range of music styles and moods.
  • Royalty-Free Licensing: Offers a true royalty-free experience for creators, providing a perpetual license. This allows users to use the music they create without worrying about copyright issues, making it suitable for various content creation needs.
  • Artist-Friendly Monetization: Soundraw includes a simple licensing model that supports artists in monetizing their songs. This feature is essential for artists looking to earn revenue from their music while maintaining creative control.
  • API for Easy Integration: The platform offers an API plan specifically for companies to integrate Soundraw’s technology into their products. This plan includes ultra-fast music generation and unlimited downloads and is available at a special price for startups, facilitating its use in diverse commercial applications.

Soundraw Pricing

  • Free Plan
  • Creator plan: $16.99 per month
  • Artist plan: $29.99 per month 

Soundraw Usages

  • Music Production for Various Genres: Utilize Soundraw's AI-powered music creation feature to produce a wide array of music styles, suitable for artists, producers, and content creators looking to enhance their projects with unique soundtracks.
  • Content Creation Support: Leverage royalty-free licensing for creating music in various media projects like videos, podcasts, and games, ensuring creators can use original music without copyright concerns.
  • Song Monetization for Artists: Artists can use Soundraw to compose and monetize their music, benefiting from a simple licensing model that allows for easy distribution and revenue generation.
  • Integration into Products and Services: Companies can integrate Soundraw’s music generation technology into their products using the API, ideal for businesses seeking innovative music solutions for their platforms or applications.

Soundraw Competitors

  • Landr: Landr is an AI mastering maestro who transforms rough diamonds into sparkling gems. Upload your track, and its clever algorithms analyze the genre, polish the sound, and enhance clarity, all tailored to industry standards. Think vibrant hues replacing muddy tones, a punchier bass, and vocals kissed by studio magic. 
  • Beatbot: Beatbot, the AI beatmaker, lets you craft custom beats, even if you can't tell a hi-hat from a snare. Just hum, tap, or describe your sonic vision - think pulsating EDM drops or chilled Lofi grooves - and BeatBot conjures up unique, royalty-free beats in seconds. 
  • Aiva: Aiva, the AI composer, crafts custom royalty-free music reflecting your vision. Whether it's epic orchestral pieces for a fantasy film or whimsical waltzes for a children's book, describe your mood or choose templates, and Aiva's algorithms will create your sonic masterpiece.
  • Beatoven: Beatoven is an AI-backed music composition platform that revolutionizes music generation for digital content. It creates unique, mood-based, royalty-free music tailored for videos and podcasts. User-friendly and affordable, and it offers customizable music solutions.

Soundraw Launch and Funding

Launched on February 12, 2020, by Daigo Kusunoki, Soundraw specializes in AI-based music generation software. It has raised around $1.32 million over three rounds, including a Series A round in 2022, with investments from entities like Deepcore and SMBC Venture Capital, enhancing its presence in the AI music industry.

Soundraw Limitations

  • Generic Sound Quality: AI-generated music might sometimes lack the unique qualities and depth that come from human-composed music, possibly resulting in tracks that sound generic or repetitive.
  • Dependency on AI Algorithms: Users are reliant on the capabilities and styles available within Soundraw’s AI algorithms, which may not always align with specific or unconventional musical preferences.
  • Limited Human Interaction: The automated nature of music generation means less opportunity for the spontaneous, collaborative creativity that occurs between human musicians, potentially impacting the organic evolution of a musical piece.
  • Potential for Overuse: As more creators use Soundraw, there's a risk of oversaturation in certain markets or genres with similar-sounding tracks, which could reduce the uniqueness and impact of the music produced.
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