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June 23, 2024 ()
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Splice AI is a suite of tools within the Splice platform that uses artificial intelligence to enhance the music creation process.





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Overview Of Splice

Splice is a music production tool that uses artificial intelligence to help creators make music. It can generate new sounds, loops, and even entire tracks. Splice AI is still in beta, but it has already been used by several professional musicians and producers.

Splice works by analyzing a large dataset of music samples and using that information to generate new sounds. The AI can also be used to create variations on existing sounds or to generate completely new sounds.

Splice Features

Splice is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence to help music producers discover and create sounds. It offers a range of features that can help you improve your workflow and create better music. Here are some of the key features:

  • Exploring New Genres and Sounds: Splice allows you to experiment with different musical styles and sounds that you might not have considered before. This can be a great way to expand your sonic palette and discover new creative possibilities.
  • AI-powered Search: Splice AI goes beyond traditional search methods by analyzing the actual sound of samples, not just their metadata. This allows it to find sounds that are compatible and sonically pleasing, even if they aren't in the same key or tempo.
  • Create Stacks: Users can create stacks of samples that they like, and Splice AI will suggest additional samples that would sound good together. This can be a great way to overcome writer's block and get new ideas for your tracks.
  • Genre-specific suggestions: Splice can suggest samples that are specific to a particular genre. This can be helpful if you're looking for inspiration or trying to create a specific sound.
  • Key and Tempo Matching: Splice AI can automatically match the key and tempo of samples, making it easy to create tracks that sound cohesive.
  • Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting: This allows you to stretch and pitch-shift samples to fit your desired tempo and key.
  • AI-powered Sample Matching: Splice AI goes beyond traditional metadata matching by analyzing the actual sound qualities of samples in real time. This allows it to identify compatible samples regardless of their key or tempo, resulting in a wider range of creative possibilities.
  • Real-time Collaboration: It allows you to collaborate with other producers in real-time. This can be a great way to get feedback on your work and share ideas.
  • Cloud-based storage: All of your projects and samples are stored in the cloud, so you can access them from anywhere.
  • Extensive Sample Library: Splice has a library of over 1.9 million samples, which means you're sure to find the sounds you need.
  • Integration with DAWs: Splice AI can be integrated with a variety of popular DAWs, such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, and FL Studio.

Splic Pricing

  • Free Plan
  • Sounds+ Plan: Pay $12.99 per month or Pay $129.99 per year
  • Creator Plan: Pay $19.99 per month or Pay $199.99 per year
  • Creator+ Plan: Pay $39.99 per month or Pay $399.99 per year

Splice Usages

  • Sound design: Splice offers a diverse range of sound effects and tools for sound design, allowing users to create unique and captivating soundscapes for their music, films, and other creative projects.
  • Sampling and resampling: With its extensive sample library and powerful editing tools, Splice encourages creative experimentation through sampling and resampling techniques, leading to original and innovative music productions.
  • Learning and improving music production skills: Splice provides a wealth of educational resources for all skill levels, including video tutorials, articles, and interactive courses. These resources cover various aspects of music production, from basic recording techniques to advanced mixing and mastering strategies.
  • Beatmaking: Splice provides a user-friendly interface and powerful tools for beat creation, making it a popular choice for hip-hop, electronic music, and other beat-driven genres.
  • Sharing and promoting music: Splice allows users to upload and share their music directly within the platform. This feature enables artists to showcase their work to a global audience and connect with potential fans and collaborators.
  • Collaborating with other creators: This collaborative feature fosters creativity and helps artists learn from each other, leading to innovative and diverse musical outputs.
  • Accessing Royalty-Free Samples: Downloaded samples can be freely used in commercial and non-commercial projects without paying royalties or crediting Splice or the original creators. This eliminates the legal complexities associated with sample clearance, making Splice a valuable resource for professional and aspiring music producers alike.
  • Video Production: The royalty-free samples and sound effects on Splice can also be used in video productions, adding sound design and background music to videos.
  • Podcasts and Audiobooks: Splice offers royalty-free music and sound effects that can be used in podcasts and audiobooks to enhance the listening experience.

Splice Competitors

  • Landr: Provides AI-powered mastering and audio restoration services, competing with Splice's Sounds library and software features. It is a great option for musicians who want to create professional-quality music without having to spend a lot of money.
  • Izotope: Offers a wide range of music production plugins and software, including Ozone for mastering, competitor to Splice's Sounds and software. It is a leading developer of audio software for music production, mixing, mastering, and post-production.
  • KVRAudio: KVR Audio is a comprehensive online resource for music creation, offering a variety of tools and services for musicians of all levels. 
  • Plugin Boutique: Another popular online store for music production plugins and software, offering a wider selection than Splice's Sounds library.
  • Soundtrap: It is a powerful and versatile music creation platform that is perfect for musicians of all levels. Its cloud-based nature, ease of use, and wide range of features make it a great option for anyone who wants to create music without the hassle of setting up their studio.
  • Emastered: The AI-powered mastering can save you time and money, and the music creation tools can help you create professional-sounding music
  • Hiphop Makers: Hiphop Makers is an online platform that offers a variety of resources for music creators, including a music creation tool, educational content, and a community forum.

Splice Launch & Funding

It was founded by Matt Aimonetti and Steve Martocci in 2013. Splice has raised a total funding of $164M over 7 rounds. raised $55M in its latest funding round, which was a Series D round held on Dec 10, 2020.

Splice Limitation

  • Musical Structure: While Create can generate various musical elements, it lacks control over the overall structure and arrangement of the song. This can lead to repetitive or uninspired compositions.
  • Sound Customization: The generated sounds and samples, though diverse, offer limited options for customization. This can restrict sonic exploration and unique sound design possibilities.
  • Lack of original sound creation: Create doesn't offer tools for generating truly original sounds from scratch, limiting the ability to craft unique and distinctive sonic textures.
  • Limited Musical Knowledge: Create lacks understanding of music theory and harmony, leading to occasional dissonant and unnatural-sounding musical passages.
  • Subscription Model: Access to Create requires a Splice subscription, which can be a barrier for some users who only want to experiment with the tool occasionally.
  • Unrealistic Instrumentation: The generated audio can sometimes sound artificial or unrealistic, especially for complex instruments like guitars or vocals.
  • Non-exclusive license: Splice sounds are licensed non-exclusively, meaning others can use the same sounds in their work.
  • Limited sample editing: While Splice offers basic editing tools, it may lack the advanced features found in dedicated audio editing software.
  • Limited Offline Functionality: While some features are available offline, Create primarily functions with an internet connection, making it unusable in certain situations.
  • Third-Party Content: Splice's license only covers samples and loops within their platform. Using third-party content (e.g., vocals, and melodies) might require separate licensing agreements.
  • Limited musical knowledge: The AI isn't a substitute for musical knowledge and understanding. You'll still need to arrange the generated sections, add your ideas, and apply traditional music theory principles for a complete and cohesive composition.
  • Limited Downloads: Free users have limited downloads per month. Paid plans offer more downloads, but the highest tier still has a limit.
  • Overreliance on AI: While Splice can be a great tool for automating some of the color grading process, it's important not to rely on it too heavily. It's still important to have a good understanding of color grading principles and to be able to make your own creative decisions.

FAQs Of Splice

What is Splice?

Splice is a platform that provides music creators with tools and resources to help them create music. This includes a large library of high-quality samples, sounds, and presets, as well as music creation tools like Beatmaker, Astra, and Bridge.

How does Splice work?

You can sign up for a free trial or a paid subscription. With a subscription, you receive credits each month that can be used to download samples and other content. You can also access additional features like Splice Skills (on-demand music production tutorials) and Astra and Beatmaker plugins.

Can I use Splice Sounds in my music?

Yes, you can use Splice Sounds in your music for commercial and non-commercial purposes. However, you cannot redistribute the sounds themselves as royalty-free samples or loops.

What does the company Splice do?

Splice is a popular platform for music producers and creators. Its primary function is to provide access to a massive library of royalty-free sounds, samples, loops and presets. This allows creators to easily find the audio elements they need to produce music in various genres and styles.

What are the different Splice plans?

Splice offers several different plans, each with its features and benefits.

The most popular plans are:

1. Sounds+: Includes access to the Splice Sounds library, Bridge plugin, and desktop & mobile app experiences.

2. Creator: Includes everything in Sounds+, plus Skills tutorials by experts, Astra synth with presets, and Beatmaker plugin with presets.

3. Creator+: Includes everything in Creator, plus 500 monthly Sounds credits.

Can I use Splice Sounds in commercial projects?

Yes, you can use Splice Sounds in commercial projects if you are a paid subscriber and follow the terms of the Splice Sounds license agreement.

What kind of samples does Splice Sounds offer?

Splice Sounds offers a wide variety of samples, including drums, loops, one-shots, vocals, instruments, sound effects, and more.

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