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18 Feb, 2024

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Summary with AI provides a user-friendly platform with AI-powered features for efficient and high-quality summarization of documents. Users can kickstart their experience with 40 free credits and enjoy the ability to upload large PDF files up to 200 MB. The tool excels in producing quality summaries, retaining essential information, and offers the convenience of downloading summaries as PDFs in just three clicks. 

Particularly valuable for academic research, business intelligence, and legal document review, Summary with AI significantly accelerates reading time for dense documents, saving up to 70% of the time typically spent on such materials. With flexible pricing options, including a free plan with 40 credits and paid plans for larger summarization needs, the platform caters to a range of users looking to streamline their document understanding processes and optimize reading efficiency.

Summary with AI Features

  • 40 Free Credits: Start with 40 free credits to summarize pages.
  • Large File Uploads: Supports PDF files up to 200 MB.
  • Quality Summaries: Produces high-quality summaries retaining all crucial facts.
  • Efficient Download: Enables downloading summaries as PDFs in three clicks.
  • Speedy Reading: Helps read dense documents like annual or industry reports, legal documents, and case studies much faster, saving up to 70% reading time.

Summary with AI Pricing

  • Free: 40 Credits
  • $20: 200 credits = Summarize 200 pages
  • $60: 800 credits = Summarize 800 pages

Summary with AI Usages

  • Academic Research: Assisting students and researchers in quickly understanding lengthy academic papers.
  • Business Intelligence: Enabling professionals to swiftly digest extensive reports and documents.
  • Legal Document Review: Aiding legal professionals in summarizing large case files and legal texts.
  • Time-Saving Reading: Benefiting avid readers aiming to consume more content in less time.

Summary with AI Competitors

  • ChatGPT: Integrating ChatGPT facilitates content generation and refinement. It includes features for chat history preservation and organization, making it a useful tool for various content production tasks.
  • Google Bard: Google's AI-powered search tool integrates advanced language models to enhance search capabilities. It offers nuanced, context-aware responses and leverages Google's vast search index and AI expertise.
  • Bing Chat AI: Powered by AI, Bing Chat AI provides conversational search experiences. It combines Bing's search database with AI-driven natural language processing to deliver interactive and accurate search results.
  • Research Rabbit: It is an AI-powered research tool that efficiently identifies relevant research papers and authors, simplifying the process of essay writing, project planning, and literature reviews.

Summary with AI Launch and Funding

Summary With AI was founded by Telborg company, whose founder is Soumya Gupta from Delhi, India. 

Summary with AI Limitations

  • AI Interpretation Accuracy: Challenges in AI accurately interpreting complex technical documents.

  • Limited Free Credits: It only offers 40 credits in the free plan.
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You Asked, We Answered!

Summary With AI is an AI-powered tool that automatically generates summaries of long PDF documents. It helps busy individuals like researchers, business professionals, and students quickly grasp the key points of dense content, saving them valuable reading time.

You upload your PDF file (up to 200 MB), and the platform's AI algorithms analyze the text to extract the main ideas and create a concise summary. You can adjust the summary length based on your needs.

  • Save time: Quickly understand long documents and retain key information, boosting your reading efficiency by up to 70%.

  • Improve comprehension: Extract the main points and context better, especially for complex or technical documents.

  • Boost productivity: Spend less time reading and more time analyzing and acting on information.

  • Free plan: Start with 40 free credits to try it out before committing to a paid plan.

While AI is constantly evolving, there can still be limitations in interpretation. Summaries are generally accurate and capture the main points, but it's crucial to review them for nuance and ensure they align with your understanding.

Currently, it only supports PDF files. If you have documents in other formats, you'll need to convert them to PDF before uploading.

Currently, there are no direct integrations with other tools. However, you can easily download the summaries as PDFs for further use or integration with other workflows.

They offer a freemium model with 40 free credits. Paid plans start at $20 for 200 credits (200 pages) and go up to $60 for 800 credits (800 pages).

While other tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing Chat AI offer broader functionalities like content generation and chat interfaces, Summary With AI focuses solely on document summarization, potentially offering better accuracy and features specifically tailored for that purpose. Additionally, its free plan and clear pricing structure make it attractive for many users.

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