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June 7, 2024 ()
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It helps artists work with AI in a fair way, keeping them in charge and making sure they earn money.





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Overview Of Tess

Tess is an AI image generator that ethically collaborates with artists, letting them keep control and make money from their special art styles. Unlike other AI platforms, this tool makes sure that all artworks are created with the artists' consent and proper licensing. This tool helps artists in using AI in their creative processes, making art creation more accessible and profitable. 


It offers features like creating consistent artistic styles, editing AI-generated images, and generating illustrations in an artist’s specific style. It is designed for individual creators, teams, and even publishers that need steady visual content.


Tess Features


  • Artist Collaboration: It collaborates directly with artists, ensuring their artwork is used properly they get paid fairly, and keep their rights.


  • Style Consistency: The platform enables the creation of images with consistent artistic styles, which is great for keeping a brand's look or making a matching set of art pieces.


  • Editable AI Creations: People can change AI-made images on this tool, allowing them to customize the artwork to suit their specific needs or preferences better.


  • Artistic Monetization: It supports artists make money from their special art styles by providing opportunities for them to earn through the platform, so they can benefit from their creativity.


Tess Benefits


  • Ethical Collaboration: It makes sure artists get paid fairly, preserving their rights and ensuring they benefit from their unique styles.


  • Creative Freedom: Artists keep control of their work and use AI to boost creativity, allowing for innovative exploration without losing personal touch.


  • Consistent Quality: It consistently produces high-quality images that keep a consistent artistic look across various projects, which helps strengthen brand identity and visual attractiveness.


  • Wide Accessibility: It is available to artists of all kinds, from solo creators to big teams and publishers, making it simple for anyone to use its platform and support a wide range of artistic projects.


How to Use Tess


  • Sign In and Set Up
  • Generate Ideas
  • Create a Prompt
  • Upload and Modify Images
  • Edit and Fine-Tune
  • Download and Use


Tess Pricing


  • Starter Plan: $20/monthly 
  • Pro Plan: $40/monthly
  • Premium Plan: $80/monthly


Tess Usage


  • Artistic Expression: Artists can improve their creativity by using AI, trying out new methods, and adding more skills to their art collection.


  • Brand Consistency: Businesses can create images that match their brand perfectly, making their look the same on all platforms.


  • Creative Projects: Ideal for artists who want to try different art styles or add to their collections, offering fresh and innovative ways to create art.


  • Publishing Needs: Publishers can create high-quality illustrations and designs for books, magazines, and other media, making sure the visuals are interesting and look professional.


Competitors of Tess


  • Redesign With AI: It is an easy-to-use platform that helps anyone create stunning visuals quickly, from logos to posters, without needing expensive software or professional designers.


  • Artguru AI: It combines human creativity with AI to create stunning art, perfect for bringing visions to life, experimenting with new styles, or exploring AI-generated art for fun.


Limitations of Tess


  • Artistic Authenticity: While AI can copy styles, but it does not have the special details that handmade art has.


  • Complexity for new artists: Beginners can think using AI for art is hard to understand or use.


  • Limited Style Range: The range of styles can be restricted to those of participating artists, potentially limiting diversity.




Tess is a platform that empowers artists to mix their creativity with AI, making sure they work together ethically and produce high-quality art consistently. Whether you're an individual creator, a business seeking brand consistency, or a publisher needing professional visuals, it offers a versatile solution.


Ready to improve your art projects? Sign up now and transform your creative process!

FAQs Of Tess

What is Tess?

Tess is an AI image generator that collaborates ethically with artists, allowing them to maintain control over their art and earn money from their unique styles.

Who can use Tess?

Tess is designed for individual creators, teams, and publishers who need consistent and high-quality visual content.

What are the pricing of Tess?

The pricings are:


  • Starter Plan: $20/monthly 
  • Pro Plan: $40/monthly
  • Premium Plan: $80/monthly

How can Tess assist in creative projects?

Tess is ideal for artists who want to try different styles or expand their collections, offering innovative ways to create art.

How can publishers benefit from Tess AI?

Publishers can create high-quality illustrations and designs for books, magazines, and other media, ensuring professional and engaging visuals.

Is Tess AI easy to use?

Yes, Tess AI is designed to be simple and accessible for all kinds of users, from individual artists to large teams and publishers.

Reviews Of Tess
Julia Enthoven

I find it much easier to use than midjourney with a great mission
Bhautik Kapadiya
Diksha Chandnani

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