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04 Apr, 2024

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Overview Of Trolly AI is an AI tool for content generation, allowing you to create professional SEO articles, 2x faster. It uses the latest version of the OpenAI language model, to produce high-quality and SEO-optimized content for various niches and purposes. You can write content and generate articles in more than 20 languages, with different output styles and variations. You can also use the Zapier integration and the bulk article generator to streamline your content creation process. is designed for content marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses who want to increase their productivity and rank higher on search engines.

Trolly Features

  • Diverse Output Styles: supports various writing styles, allowing users to tailor their content to different tones and formats, catering to a wide range of content needs.
  • AI-powered SEO Content Wizard: Guides users through the process of creating SEO-optimized articles by entering topics and major keywords, generating well-researched article outlines.
  • Bulk Content Generation: Enables the creation and publication of articles in bulk, significantly boosting content output efficiency without requiring manual effort for each piece.
  • Multi-language Support: Offers the capability to create articles in more than 10 languages, facilitating global reach and eliminating the need for additional translation services.
  • Grammar Checker: Ensures the quality of content by checking and correcting grammatical errors, saving time on editing and proofreading.
  • Customizable Article Length: Users can choose the length of their articles, ranging from 1,500 words for shorter content to 5,500 words for more in-depth articles, providing flexibility in content depth and detail.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Offers customizable dashboards to monitor and analyze key metrics and data views according to user preference, providing a tailored overview of business performance or content metrics.
  • Team Collaboration: Allows adding multiple team members to an account, ensuring collaboration and content management are streamlined and efficient.

Trolly Pricing

Offer a free trial with limited credits.

  • Basic Plan: $29/month or $299/year
  • Pro Plan: $59/month or $599/year
  • Team Plan: $149/month or $1499/year
  • Enterprise Plan: $499/month or $4999/year

Trolly Usages

  • SEO Content Creation: is primarily designed to assist in creating SEO-optimized articles. Its AI-powered tools guide users through the process, from keyword selection to structuring content that ranks well on search engines.
  • Blog Writing: Bloggers can use to generate ideas, create drafts, and polish blog posts. The tool's ability to produce diverse output styles and check grammar ensures high-quality, engaging content.
  • Copywriting for SaaS and Businesses: Copywriters and businesses, especially in the SaaS industry, can leverage to craft compelling copy that drives SEO and engages potential customers.
  • Bulk Article Production: For content-heavy projects or platforms,'s bulk content generation feature allows for the efficient production of multiple articles, saving significant time and resources.
  • Global Content Strategy: With support for creating content in more than 10 languages, is ideal for businesses looking to expand their reach globally without the added cost of translation services.
  • Team Collaboration: supports multi-user collaboration, making it suitable for teams to work together on content creation, management, and publishing seamlessly.
  • Multilingual Content Creation:'s ability to create content in multiple languages allows for the targeting of non-English speaking markets, enhancing global marketing strategies.

Trolly Competitors

  • This tool uses AI to generate various types of marketing content, including blog posts and product descriptions, offering templates and tools to help users create content quickly.
  • Jasper: Known for its comprehensive writing tools, Jasper caters to a wide range of content needs and is renowned for its high-quality output across different formats.
  • Writesonic: Aimed at marketers and businesses, Writesonic specializes in creating engaging marketing copy and articles designed to convert readers into customers.
  • Rytr: Rytr offers a straightforward solution for creating a variety of content types, emphasizing ease of use and affordability for its users.
  • Byword: Byword offers tools for keyword optimization, content planning, and performance tracking, making it easier for writers and marketers to create content that resonates with their audience and performs well on search engines.

Trolly Limitations

  • Content Originality: AI-generated content may sometimes lack the originality and creativity that come from human writers. While can produce high-quality articles, the nuances and unique perspectives offered by human expertise could be less prominent.
  • Language Nuances: Despite supporting content creation in multiple languages, AI tools may not fully capture the nuances, idioms, and cultural references specific to each language, potentially leading to less engaging or culturally insensitive content.
  • User Input Dependence: The quality of the output heavily depends on the input provided by the user. Users with a limited understanding of SEO or content strategy may not leverage to its full potential without additional guidance.
  • Over-reliance Risk: Relying too heavily on AI for content creation can lead to a homogenization of content across the web, as different users may generate similar articles using the same tool, reducing the uniqueness of the content.
  • Subscription Costs: Although offers a range of pricing plans, the cost could be a limitation for small businesses or individual bloggers with limited budgets, especially if they are looking to scale up their content production significantly.

FAQs Of Trolly AI is an AI-powered content creation platform designed to help users write professional-grade SEO articles quickly and efficiently. It uses natural language processing to analyze and generate content, while also offering features like grammar checking and SEO analysis.

  1. AI-powered content generation: Create articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and more from just a few keywords or a short sentence.
  2. Multiple output styles: Choose from over 10 different styles, including SEO-optimized articles, creative storytelling, and social media posts.
  3. Multilingual capabilities: Generate content in over 20 different languages.
  4. SEO analytics: Track your content's performance with built-in SEO tools.
  5. Grammar checker: Ensure your content is error-free with the integrated grammar checker.
  6. Bulk article generation: Generate multiple articles at once for large projects.

  • Content creators and bloggers
  • SEO specialists
  • Digital marketers
  • Website owners
  • Businesses and brands offers a free trial but requires a paid subscription to access all features.

  1. While AI-generated content can be a good starting point, it may still require editing and human input for best results.
  2. The tool may not be suitable for complex or technical topics.
  3. There are potential ethical considerations around using AI-generated content, such as originality and transparency.

Yes, offers various output styles, from casual and conversational to formal and authoritative. You can also adjust the tone of the content to be more positive, negative, or neutral.

The platform offers features for team collaboration, including shared projects and content feedback.

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