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Turing streamlines the hiring journey, employing automated candidate engagement and custom software engineering solutions. By leveraging AI-accelerated delivery, Turing enables businesses to complete projects swiftly and efficiently.

A distinguishing feature of Turing lies in its AI-matched high-paying tech jobs, ensuring developers are connected to opportunities that align seamlessly with their skills and aspirations. The platform serves as a global developer platform, sourcing and managing a diverse pool of talent from around the world. Additionally, Turing emphasizes quality assurance through automated checks, ensuring that software projects meet high standards.

Turing Features

  • AI-Powered Talent Sourcing: Uses AI to match businesses with skilled developers.
  • Automated Candidate Engagement: Streamlines communication with candidates through AI-driven interactions.
  • Custom Software Engineering: Offers a combination of expert consultants and engineering talent for project development.
  • AI-Accelerated Delivery: Enhances the speed of project completion with AI assistance.
  • AI-Matched High-Paying Tech Jobs: Connects developers to suitable job opportunities using AI algorithms.
  • Global Developer Platform: Sources and manages a large pool of developers from around the world.
  • Automated Quality Control: Ensures high quality in project delivery through automated checks.

Turing Pricing

Custom Pricing.

Turing Usages

  • Streamlining Hiring for Tech Talent: Assisting companies in quickly finding and hiring qualified software developers.
  • Rapid Project Deployment: Leveraging AI-matched talent for accelerated software project development.
  • Global Talent Pool Access: Enabling businesses to tap into a diverse pool of tech professionals from around the world.
  • Quality Assurance in Software Development: Ensuring high standards in project outcomes through automated quality checks.

Turing Competitors

  • Findem: It does talent acquisition with AI-driven sourcing, personalized engagement, and efficient application review. Aimed at diversity and informed decision-making, it integrates seamlessly for scalable candidate management. 
  • Fetcher: Fetcher employs AI for diverse candidate sourcing, streamlining communication and optimizing recruitment with data-driven insights. The platform integrates seamlessly with ATS/CRM systems, offering different pricing tiers for tailored hiring solutions.
  • Cogbee: It performs recruitment with AI-driven assessments, one-way video screenings, and agile remote proctoring. Seamlessly integrating with ATS, it optimizes talent evaluation and offers role-based user access for a tailored hiring experience.

Turing Launch and Funding

Turing was founded in March 2018 by Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan in Palo Alto, California, United States. It raised Series D funding of $87M from Westbridge Capital in Oct 2021, Serious E funding of $6.M form AltalR Capital bringing its total funding to $159.2M.

Turing Limitations

  • Specialization in Tech Talent: Focuses primarily on tech roles, which may not cater to non-technical hiring needs.
  • Global Talent Matching Complexities: Challenges in aligning time zones and cultural differences when connecting global talent with companies.
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Turing is an AI-powered platform that connects businesses with highly skilled tech developers around the world. It streamlines the hiring process through automated candidate sourcing, engagement, and project management, accelerating project delivery and ensuring quality outcomes.

Turing utilizes AI algorithms to match developer profiles with specific project requirements and company needs. This ensures a more relevant and efficient talent pool for businesses, saving time and resources.

  • Faster hiring: Fill tech positions quickly with access to a global pool of pre-vetted developers.
  • Reduced costs: Save time and money on traditional recruitment methods through AI-powered automation.
  • Improved quality: Access high-caliber developers matched to your specific project requirements.
  • Global reach: Source talent from diverse locations worldwide to find the perfect fit for your team.
  • Streamlined workflow: Manage the entire hiring process, from sourcing to project kickoff, on a single platform.

While all three platforms leverage AI for tech talent acquisition, Turing offers unique features like:

  • Custom software engineering solutions: Combine AI-matched talent with expert consultants for comprehensive project development.
  • AI-accelerated delivery: Utilize AI to optimize project workflows and expedite project completion.
  • Focus on high-paying tech jobs: Connect developers with lucrative opportunities aligned with their skills and aspirations.

Turing offers custom pricing plans tailored to your specific needs and project requirements. Contact their sales team for a personalized quote.

Currently, there's no direct integration with other tools. However, it utilizes open APIs, potentially allowing for custom integrations with your existing HR systems.

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