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20 Feb, 2024

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"Undetectable" stands at the forefront of AI content detection, offering a suite of tools meticulously crafted for content scrutiny and humanization. The platform is anchored by an advanced AI Detector, a vigilant guardian identifying AI-generated text. Complementing this, the AI Checker assesses the detectability of content by other tools, ensuring comprehensive analysis. Adding a unique dimension, the AI Humanizer steps in to artfully rephrase AI-generated content, enhancing its human-like quality. 

These tools collectively empower users, especially writers, educators, and content creators, to understand, manage, and ensure the authenticity of AI-influenced content. In a landscape increasingly shaped by AI in content creation, "Undetectable" emerges as a valuable ally, offering solutions to navigate the challenges of this evolving paradigm.

Undetectable Features

  • AI Detector: Identifies whether a text is AI-generated, helping in distinguishing between human and AI writing.
  • AI Checker: Assesses the likelihood of AI-generated content being detected by other similar tools, providing a layer of analysis on the detectability.
  • AI Humanizer: Revises AI-generated content to make it appear more human-like, enhancing its originality and reducing detectability.

Undetectable Pricing

  • Free Plan
  • Monthly Plan: $9.99 per month
  • Yearly Plan: $5 per month
  • Business Plan: Contact the Undetectable team

Undetectable Usages

  • Content Verification: For educators and content moderators to verify the originality of texts, ensuring they are human-written.
  • Authenticity in Writing: Assists writers in maintaining the authenticity of their work by detecting AI-generated content.
  • Content Management: It helps content managers and creators understand and manage AI-generated content in their workflows.

Undetectable AI Competitors

  • CrossPlag: CrossPlag is an advanced plagiarism detection tool that scans for content duplication across various sources, ensuring academic and professional integrity.
  • ContentDetector: It specializes in identifying AI-generated content, assisting in maintaining the authenticity of written work in a digital environment.
  • Scribbr: Scribbr offers a free paraphrasing tool with a low word limit and two writing tones. It's user-friendly and produces high-quality results, but it's available only in English and lacks mobile app support​​.

Undetectable Launch and Funding

Undetectable, launched in May 2023, is a free online tool for rewriting and detecting AI-generated text. Founded by Bars Juhasz, Christian Perry, and Devan Leos.

Undetectable Limitations

  • Limited AI Tool Support: "Undetectable AI" focuses on ChatGPT, GPT2, GPT3, and GPT4 but excludes major tools like OpenAI Codex and DALL-E.
  • Accuracy Concerns: The tool's reliance on heuristics and statistics raises doubts about its accuracy, potentially leading to false detections.
  • Ethical and Legal Risks: The website's vague purpose may encourage unethical use, posing risks to academic integrity, intellectual property, and legal compliance. Privacy practices are also unclear.
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Undetectable AI is a platform providing tools for AI content detection, including an AI detector, an AI checker, and an AI humanizer. It aims to scrutinize and humanize AI-generated text.

The AI Detector analyzes text to distinguish between human and AI writing, helping users identify AI-generated content.

The AI Checker evaluates the likelihood of AI-generated content being detected by other similar tools, offering insights into its detectability.

The AI Humanizer rephrases AI-generated content to enhance its human-like quality, reducing detectability.

Undetectable AI is designed for writers, educators, and content creators who seek to understand, manage, and ensure the authenticity of AI-influenced content.

Undetectable AI serves as a valuable ally in navigating the challenges posed by the increasing prevalence of AI in content creation.

Undetectable AI offers a Monthly Plan at $9.99 per month, a Yearly Plan at $5 per month, and a Business Plan with contact details for inquiries.

Information about a free trial is not mentioned, and users should refer to Undetectable AI's website or contact their support for specific details on trial options.

Yes, Undetectable AI offers a business plan, and businesses can contact the Undetectable team for specific inquiries regarding their needs.

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