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26 Feb, 2024

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Visily AI is a revolutionary tool designed to transform the user interface (UI) design process through the power of artificial intelligence. It caters to both seasoned designers and novices alike, providing AI-powered design suggestions that streamline the creation of visually appealing and functional interfaces. With a rich library of customizable templates and components, Visily enables rapid prototyping and design refinement. It fosters collaboration among team members by allowing real-time feedback and revisions, ensuring that designs are iteratively improved and finalized with efficiency. 

Integration with popular design and development tools ensures a seamless transition from design to development, maintaining workflow continuity. Moreover, Visily emphasizes the importance of accessibility and usability, offering analysis features that help designers identify and rectify potential issues, making products more inclusive. The tool combines customization capabilities with educational resources, empowering users to learn and apply UI design best practices while leveraging AI to enhance productivity and creativity.

Visily Features

  • AI screenshot to design: Upload screenshots of existing websites or apps, and Visily will convert them into beautiful, high-fidelity mockups.
  • AI sketch to design: Draw your app ideas on paper, take a picture, and let Visily transform them into interactive prototypes.
  • Text prompt to design: Simply describe your design idea in text, and Visily will generate a mockup based on your input.
  • Template Library: The tool boasts an extensive collection of customizable design templates and components, enabling users to quickly draft and refine UI designs. This vast library serves as a valuable resource for kickstarting design projects and fostering innovation.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Visily supports seamless collaboration among team members, offering tools for real-time feedback and revisions. This feature enhances team synergy and efficiency, allowing for the dynamic refinement of designs across different stages of the development process.
  • Design and Development Tool Integration: It integrates effortlessly with leading design and development platforms, ensuring a smooth workflow transition from UI design to actual product development. This interoperability is crucial for maintaining consistency and streamlining project timelines.
  • Accessibility and Usability Analysis: Visily prioritizes the creation of inclusive designs by analyzing UI components for accessibility and usability issues. It provides actionable insights to improve user experiences, especially for individuals with disabilities, making products more accessible to a broader audience

Visily Pricing

Free for all users

Visily Usages

  • Rapid Prototyping: Visily enables users to quickly create and iterate on UI designs, significantly reducing the time required to move from concept to prototype. This is invaluable for teams looking to validate ideas and gather user feedback early in the development process.
  • Non-Designer Friendly: The tool democratizes UI design, making it accessible to individuals without formal design training. This opens up design capabilities to a wider audience, including entrepreneurs, product managers, and developers, who can now contribute to the design process.
  • Enhanced Design Productivity for Professionals: For experienced designers, Visily serves as a powerful assistant that boosts productivity. It automates repetitive tasks and generates design suggestions, allowing designers to focus on creativity and high-level design challenges.
  • Collaborative Design Workflows: Visily's real-time collaboration features facilitate a more cohesive and efficient design process, enabling teams to work together seamlessly, regardless of their physical location. This fosters a more integrated and dynamic approach to UI design and development.
  • Accessibility Compliance: By providing tools to analyze and improve accessibility, Visily helps ensure that designs meet regulatory compliance and are usable by people with various disabilities. This usage is critical for organizations aiming to create inclusive products and services.

Visily Competitors

  • Adobe XD: With AI features integrated into its design and prototyping tool, Adobe XD offers auto-animation, repeat grids, and voice prototyping, enhancing the design workflow for professionals.
  • Uizard: Uizard specifically targets non-designers and uses AI to convert hand-drawn sketches into digital design prototypes. It also offers automated theme and design generation based on user input, making it a direct competitor to Visily in democratizing design.

Visily Launch & Funding

Visily was officially launched in April 2022.

Visily Limitations

  • Limited design complexity: Visily excels at generating basic wireframes and mockups, but it might struggle with intricate or highly customized designs that require significant creative input and fine-tuning. The AI might not produce outputs that align perfectly with your unique vision.
  • Reliance on pre-built elements: Visily heavily relies on its library of pre-built UI components and templates. While this offers convenience, it can restrict flexibility and limit the originality of your designs. You might not achieve a truly one-of-a-kind look and feel.
  • Integration issues: Currently, Visily might not seamlessly integrate with other design tools or platforms that use different formats or standards. This can hinder workflows that involve collaboration or exporting designs for further development.
  • Potential bugs and limitations: As Visily is still under development, it's not immune to bugs or occasional glitches. These might affect the generation process or the overall user experience. Additionally, some features might be limited in functionality compared to established design software.
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Visily AI is an artificial intelligence-powered tool designed to help both professional designers and non-designers create user interface (UI) designs quickly and efficiently. It utilizes AI to generate design suggestions, streamline the design process, and facilitate collaboration among team members.

Visily AI is suitable for a wide range of users, including UX/UI designers, product managers, entrepreneurs, and software developers. It's particularly beneficial for teams looking to accelerate their design process and for individuals without professional design skills who want to create visually appealing UIs.

Visily is for anyone who wants to design user interfaces, including designers, product managers, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

  • Text-to-Design: Generate designs from simple text prompts.
  • Screenshot-to-Design: Convert screenshots of existing apps and websites into editable wireframes.
  • Sketch-to-Design: Turn your hand-drawn sketches into digital designs.
  • AI-powered design suggestions: Get help with layout, spacing, and color choices.
  • UI components library: Access a wide range of pre-built UI components.

Visily AI integrates AI through features like AI-powered design suggestions, which generate design ideas based on user inputs, and accessibility and usability analysis, which automatically identifies potential issues in designs. These features help users create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

Yes, Visily AI is scalable and can be used for large-scale enterprise projects. It offers features that support collaboration, design consistency, and efficiency, which are critical for managing complex projects with larger teams.

Visily AI offers collaboration features that allow team members to work on designs in real-time, share feedback, and make revisions together. This facilitates a more efficient and dynamic design process, enabling teams to iterate quickly and come to consensus faster.

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