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Overview Of VisualEyes

VisualEyes is a robust platform offering attention maps, Clarity Scores, and areas of interest insights for optimizing design and user experience. Integrated with design tools like Figma and Adobe XD, it accelerates user research and provides rapid insights for web and app design, digital marketing, and product design. With customizable pricing in Solo, Professional, and Advanced plans, VisualEyes caters to diverse user needs. It focuses on predicting user attention but may not replace comprehensive user testing methods and primarily centers on visual aspects, potentially overlooking other crucial UX factors.

VisualEyes Features

  • Attention Maps: Replaces traditional eye-tracking studies, providing insights into user focus areas.
  • Clarity Score: Evaluates and optimizes the clarity of designs.
  • Areas of Interest: Identifies and highlights key areas in designs that attract user attention.
  • Integration with Design Tools: Available as plugins for Figma, Adobe XD, and Chrome Browser, allowing seamless integration into existing design workflows.
  • Rapid User Research Insights: Enables quick and efficient user preference testing and design insights.
  • Optimization for Digital Marketers: Assists in pre-testing campaigns to enhance performance.

VisualEyes Pricing

  • Solo Plan: Custom Pricing
  • Professional Plan: Custom Pricing
  • Advanced Plan: Custom Pricing

VisualEyes Usages

  • Web and App Design Optimization: To enhance user experience and interface design.
  • Digital Marketing: For pre-testing and improving the effectiveness of digital campaigns.
  • UX Research: Rapidly gaining insights into user preferences and behaviors.
  • Graphic Design: Assessing and refining the visual impact of graphic elements.
  • Product Design: Evaluating user interaction with product interfaces.
  • E-Commerce: Optimizing product displays and layouts for better user engagement.

VisualEyes Competitors

  • Clueify: It’s a cloud-based eye-tracking platform for websites, facilitating analysis for UX designers, product managers, and marketing managers. It provides attendance maps, areas of interest insights, accuracy studies, and offers API tools with technical support.
  • Looktracker: It’s an AI-based eye tracking for usability studies, utilizing webcam technology to generate heatmaps for each webpage viewed during sessions, offering actionable insights for focus group studies.

VisualEyes Launch and Funding

VisualEyes was founded by Costas Alexoglou and Jim Raptis in 2017. It has now been acquired by Neurons.  

VisualEyes Limitations

  • Predictive, Not Actual User Data: It provides predictive attention heatmaps, which may not always align with real user interactions.
  • Limited to Visual Elements: Focuses mainly on visual aspects, potentially overlooking other UX factors like usability or content relevance.
  • Dependence on Design Input: The effectiveness of insights depends on the quality of the input design.
  • May Not Replace Comprehensive User Testing: Cannot fully replicate the depth of traditional user testing methods.

FAQs Of VisualEyes

What is VisualEyes and what does it do?

VisualEyes is an AI-powered platform that helps you understand how users interact with your website or app by generating attention maps, Clarity Scores, and areas of interest insights. This information can be used to optimize your design and user experience (UX).

Who is VisualEyes for?

VisualEyes is ideal for professionals in various fields, including:

  • Web and app designers: Optimize user interfaces and improve user experience.
  • Digital marketers: Pre-test marketing campaigns for better performance.
  • UX researchers: Gain rapid insights into user preferences and behavior.
  • Graphic designers: Evaluate and refine the visual impact of designs.
  • Product designers: Understand user interaction with product interfaces.
  • E-commerce businesses: Optimize product displays and layouts for better engagement.

What are the key features of VisualEyes?

  • Attention maps: See where users focus their attention on your website or app, similar to eye-tracking studies.
  • Clarity Score: Get a score indicating how clear and easy to understand your design is.
  • Areas of interest: Identify specific elements that attract user attention.
  • Design tool integrations: Integrate seamlessly with Figma, Adobe XD, and Chrome for easy workflow.
  • Rapid user research: Gain insights into user preferences quickly and efficiently.

How much does VisualEyes cost?

VisualEyes offers custom pricing for its Solo, Professional, and Advanced plans. Contact their sales team for specific quotes.

How does VisualEyes compare to competitors like Clueify and Looktracker?

  • Clueify: Offers additional features like API access and accuracy studies, but may be more expensive.
  • Looktracker: Uses webcam technology for real-time eye tracking, but is focused on usability studies and doesn't offer Clarity Scores.

What are the limitations of VisualEyes?

  • Predictive, not actual data: Heatmaps are based on AI predictions, not real user tracking.
  • Focus on visual elements: May miss UX factors like usability or content relevance.
  • Dependence on design input: The quality of insights depends on the quality of the input design.
  • Not a replacement for comprehensive testing: Doesn't replicate the depth of traditional user testing methods.

Does VisualEyes offer customer support?

Yes, VisualEyes offers email support and knowledge base resources.

Is VisualEyes GDPR compliant?

Yes, VisualEyes complies with GDPR regulations for data privacy and security.

Can I use VisualEyes for free?

VisualEyes doesn't currently offer a free trial, but you can contact their sales team for more information and potentially request a demo.

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