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Voicemod (Voicefulio)

Voicemod (Voicefulio)

May 23, 2024 ()
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Free real-time voice changer for gamers and content creators.





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Overview Of Voicemod (Voicefulio)

Voicemod presents a Free Real-Time Voice Changer and Modulator, empowering users to express their creativity in the metaverse. Ideal for gamers, content creators, and VTubers, this AI Voice Changer offers real-time vocal processing and speech optimization for platforms like Roblox, OBS, VRChat, Discord, and more. It seamlessly integrates with popular games and communication apps, including Discord, Zoom, Google Meet, Minecraft, and many others.

With an extensive library of voice effects, Voicemod lets users transform their voice into various personas, from robots to celebrities, enhancing gaming experiences and social interactions. The tool is compatible with Elgato Stream Deck, Streamlabs OBS, Twitch, TikTok Live Studio, Audacity, and more. Additionally, Voicemod introduces themed sounds monthly, allowing users to stay on trend and create unique content.


Voicemod Features

  • Real-Time Voice Changing: Voicemod offers instant voice transformation without the need for prerecording. Change your voice on-the-fly during live streams, gaming sessions, or conversations, adding a dynamic and entertaining element to your content.
  • Easy Integration: Setting up Voicemod is a breeze, taking less than 5 minutes. Its user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free experience, making it accessible even for those new to voice modulation tools.
  • Extra Tools and Customization: The Voicelab feature provides a wide range of professional-grade voice-changing effects, allowing users to create personalized voice filters. Additionally, the Soundboard feature enables the integration of custom sound effects, enhancing the overall audio experience.
  • Diverse Voice Selection: With over 90 different voices and effects, Voicemod offers a vast array of options. Users can transform their voices into robots, celebrities, or other personas, unleashing creativity and adding variety to their content.
  • Full Integration with Games and Applications: Voicemod integrates seamlessly with various games and applications, directly emulating voices within the digital environment. This ensures a consistent and immersive experience without affecting the performance of games or other apps.
  • Optimized for Low CPU Impact: Voicemod is designed for efficiency, ensuring that its operation does not impact the performance of your games or applications. This optimization allows users to enjoy voice modulation without compromising system resources.
  • Live Voice Changer for All: Whether you are a streamer, gamer, content creator, or simply engaging in online interactions, Voicemod serves as a versatile tool, allowing users to change their voices in real-time across various platforms and applications.

Voicemod Pricing

  • Free Plan: Free for forever.

Voicemod Usages

  • Live Streaming Enhancement: Voicemod elevates live streaming by adding unique audio effects and voice modulation, enabling content creators to engage their audience with entertaining and diverse voices. It integrates seamlessly with platforms like Twitch, enhancing the overall viewer experience.
  • Interactive Gaming Experience: Gamers can use Voicemod to transform their voices in real-time while playing favorite titles like Fortnite, League of Legends, or Among Us. The tool's compatibility with gaming platforms and VOIP applications allows for immersive and humorous in-game communication.
  • Creative Content Creation: For content creators, Voicemod serves as a creative tool to produce unique voiceovers, narrations, or character dialogues. The Voicelab feature empowers users to craft personalized voice filters, opening up possibilities for storytelling and entertainment.
  • Prank Calls and Social Fun: Voicemod adds a playful dimension to social interactions by facilitating prank calls or injecting humor into conversations. Users can surprise friends with altered voices, creating lighthearted moments during online calls and gatherings.
  • Soundboard for Expressive Communication: The integrated soundboard feature allows users to incorporate custom sound effects seamlessly. This is particularly useful for streamers, gamers, or anyone wanting to enhance communication by playing sound clips at the perfect moment, adding an extra layer of expressiveness.
  • Audio Modification in Virtual Reality: In virtual reality environments like VRChat, Voicemod provides users with the ability to modify their voices in real-time, contributing to a more immersive and entertaining VR experience.

Voicemod Competitors

  • Deepbrain: Channel your inner maestro. Compose stunning orchestral music with simple commands, no musical expertise required.
  • Loudly: Your AI DJ. Discover fresh tunes through genre-specific playlists curated just for you, powered by your musical preferences.
  • Wisecut: Say goodbye to editing woes. This AI assistant cuts out unwanted noise, silences, and mistakes, streamlining your audio recordings.
  • Aiva: Elevate your videos. Enhance your visuals with dynamic AI-generated soundtracks that perfectly complement your content.

Voicemod Launch & Funding

Founded in 2014 by Jaime, Fernando, and Juan Bosch, Voicemod is a leading provider of voice changer software tailored for streamers. The company has successfully secured a total funding of $22.6M across three funding rounds from seven investors.

Voicemod Limitations

  • Internet Dependency: Voicemod's functionality is dependent on an internet connection, as certain features, such as accessing the extensive sound library and cloud-based APIs, require online connectivity. Users in areas with limited or no internet access may experience limitations in utilizing some of the tool's capabilities.
  • Free Version Limitations: While Voicemod offers a free version with essential features, users opting for the free version may encounter restrictions on accessing premium voices and advanced effects. To unlock the full range of voices and features, a premium subscription is required, which could be a drawback for users seeking comprehensive functionality without cost.
  • Platform Compatibility Constraints: Although Voicemod supports various applications and games, there might be instances where certain platforms or specific games do not integrate seamlessly with the tool. Users may encounter challenges in configuring Voicemod for less commonly used or newly released applications.
  • Performance Impact: While Voicemod is optimized for low CPU usage, some users may experience performance impacts on lower-end systems, especially when running resource-intensive applications simultaneously.

FAQs Of Voicemod (Voicefulio)

What is Voicemod?

Voicemod is a free real-time voice changer and modulator designed for gamers, streamers, and VTubers. With this tool, you can effortlessly transform your voice into various personas, ranging from robots to celebrities. It adds a playful and creative dimension to your online presence, making your content more engaging and entertaining. The user-friendly interface makes it accessible for a wide range of users seeking to enhance their audio experience.

Who can use Voicemod?

Anyone can use Voicemod, including:

  • Gamers: Enhance your gaming experience by adopting various voices for in-game communication.

  • Streamers: Engage your audience by transforming your voice during live streams for entertainment.

  • VTubers: Add a unique voice to your virtual avatar, creating a more immersive and entertaining experience.

  • Content Creators: Stand out on platforms like YouTube with creative and diverse voice content.

  • Prank Enthusiasts: Have fun with friends by pulling off hilarious and unexpected voice pranks.

How to use Voicemod?

Follow these simple steps to use Voicemod:

  1. Download: Get the Voicemod app on your device.
  2. Installation: Plug it into your preferred gaming and communication apps.
  3. Choose Voice: Select your desired voice persona from the diverse options available.
  4. Enjoy: Experience instant vocal transformations during gaming, streaming, or virtual meetings.

Is Voicemod safe to use?

Yes, using Voicemod is completely safe. The tool prioritizes user privacy, ensuring that your voice data is neither stored nor shared. You can enjoy experimenting with various voices, pranking friends, or engaging in online activities with confidence. Voicemod acts as your virtual voice-changing superhero, allowing you to have fun without compromising your personal information. Let your creativity soar in a secure digital environment.

What are the benefits of Voicemod?

Here are several benefits of using Voicemod:

  • Instant Voice Transformation: Change your voice in real-time for surprises, streaming, and meetings.
  • Easy Setup, Instant Enjoyment: Start in under 5 minutes with a user-friendly interface.
  • Creative Freedom Beyond Voices: Craft custom voice filters and add sounds for unique experiences.
  • Diverse Voice Options: Choose from robots, celebrities, cartoons, and more with hundreds of voices.
  • Smooth Integration, Lag-Free: Works seamlessly on Discord, Zoom, Twitch, and more without performance issues.

Is Voicemod completely free to use?

Absolutely! Voicemod is entirely free to use, providing you with a wide range of voices, sound effects, and essential features for a delightful experience. Explore the creative possibilities without any cost, making your voice transformations entertaining and hassle-free.

Reviews Of Voicemod (Voicefulio)
Mamta Baghel

Such an amazing tool and the best part is this tool provides lots of benefits and features according to their affordable pricing.
Parth Makwana PM

Using voicefulio to change your assent is fun!!

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