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15 Apr, 2024

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Overview Of Wisely

Wisely is an AI-powered extension that provides insightful summaries of Amazon reviews. It’s designed to save users time, uncover potential red flags, and help ensure they make informed purchase decisions. The extension currently supports Amazon.com, but users can sign up for other Amazon domains separately.

The features of Wisely include a summary of pros and cons from customer reviews, identification of red flags and important information, detection of unhealthy ingredients in food or snacks, highlighting of notable product features, and a visual breakdown of user ratings. To use Wisely, users need to install the extension, visit any Amazon.com product page, and then they can enjoy the useful insights provided.

Wisely places a high priority on safeguarding user privacy. They have a privacy policy available for users to understand how they handle and secure data.

Wisely Features

  • Amazon Reviews AI: Provides detailed product review summaries, extracting key insights for informed purchasing decisions.
  • Visual Rating Display: Illustrates customer rating distribution graphically for easy comprehension.
  • Top Pros and Cons Summary: Condenses customer feedback into succinct analysis of product strengths and weaknesses.
  • Essential Product Details: Flags critical information, ensuring consumers are aware of important product characteristics.
  • Unique Product Features: Spotlights distinctive attributes, showcasing what sets the product apart from others.

Wisely Pricing

Wisely is an extension that is free to install.

Wisely Usages

  • Personalized Online Shopping Experience: ShopWisely.ai enhances the online shopping experience by providing a summary of pros and cons from customer reviews. This helps customers make informed decisions before making a purchase.
  • Product Quality Assurance: By highlighting potential issues or ‘red flags’ in product reviews, ShopWisely.ai helps customers avoid products that may not meet their expectations.
  • Health Conscious Shopping: For food items or snacks, ShopWisely.ai identifies unhealthy ingredients, helping customers choose healthier options.
  • Product Feature Highlighting: ShopWisely.ai points out notable product features mentioned in customer reviews, providing a quick overview of what makes the product stand out.
  • Visual Breakdown of User Ratings: ShopWisely.ai provides a visual breakdown of user ratings, giving customers a quick understanding of the product’s overall rating.

Wisely Competitors

  • Blinkn.shop: Offers personalized shopping recommendations, enhancing the Amazon shopping experience with tailored advice.
  • ShoppingBuddy: Aids users in navigating Amazon more efficiently, providing assistance to optimize shopping.
  • Cart Buddy GPT: Delivers product advice for Amazon shoppers, making decision-making easier and more informed.
  • Shop Genius: An adaptive online shopping assistant for Amazon, aimed at refining search results and suggestions.

Wisely Limitations

  • Dependent on Reviews: The insights provided by Wisely AI are based on the analysis of product reviews on Amazon. Therefore, the accuracy and usefulness of the insights can be limited by the quality and quantity of the reviews.

FAQs Of Wisely

No FAQs for this one- find all info you need in the Overview!

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What a tool! I don't have to go through many reviews on amazon now. AI can do it for me!

Khyati Amin

Khyati Amin


Great one so far!

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