Top 10 AI Design Tools: Revolutionize Your Creative Process

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13 Jun, 2024
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Straightforward answer- No, AI will not replace designers, not graphics designers or UI designers. 


But that doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax.


You have a lot of work to do.


Starting with understanding why AI can’t replace you.


In this blog, we’ll explore the difference between AI and human designs to realize why human designers are irreplaceable and how designers can benefit from AI design tools.


Difference between Human Designers and AI Design Tools


Designers are skilled professionals who can analyze a client's needs, develop a creative brief, and craft visual solutions that communicate effectively and uniquely to a target audience. They have the ability to work with complex design software and understand colour theory, typography, composition, and other essential design principles. They also have a keen understanding of marketing and branding, and they can create designs that help businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace.


AI Design Tools can be used to perform some basic design tasks, such as generating simple graphics or layouts, but they lack the creativity, intuition, and problem-solving skills that are essential to good design. While AI can help automate some repetitive and mundane design tasks, it cannot replace the human creativity and problem-solving skills that are essential for awesome designs. 


So there you have it.


What makes you better than AI at designing? Creativity! And a lot more. 


Why will AI not replace Designers?


Here are 10 reasons why AI can not replace human designers.


  • Creativity - AI lacks the creative and emotional intelligence that human designers possess, and they cannot replicate the unique and personal touch that designers bring to their work.


  • Interpretation - AI tools cannot interpret complex design briefs or understand the nuances of a brand's personality in the same way that human designers can, and may produce designs that are not aligned with the client's needs.


  • Cultural context - AI may not have a deep understanding of cultural context, which can be important when designing for specific audiences or markets.


  • Human touch - Design is a human activity, and AI design tools can lack the emotions and touch that designers bring to their work, resulting in designs that may feel pointless.


  • Flexibility - AI is limited to pre-programmed algorithms and data sets, while designers can adapt to unexpected challenges and make creative decisions on the fly.


  • Unforeseen challenges - Design projects can involve unforeseen challenges and require creative problem-solving, which AI design tools may not be equipped to handle.


  • Collaboration - Design often involves collaboration between different team members, and AI tools may not be able to provide the same level of interpersonal communication and collaboration that human designers can.


  • Subjectivity - Design is subjective, and what one person finds aesthetically pleasing, another may not. AI may struggle to replicate this subjective decision-making process.


  • Uniqueness - Designers can create unique, one-of-a-kind designs that cannot be replicated by AI design tools, providing added value to clients seeking bespoke designs.


  • Ethics - The use of AI design tools raises ethical concerns about the potential for bias, stereotyping, and the dehumanization of design. As such, there may be a growing preference for human designers who can ensure ethical and socially responsible design practices.


Now that we know that AI Design Tools have the above-mentioned limitations, why don’t we see how AI creates design after all?


How does AI create designs?


AI-generated designs are created using machine learning algorithms that are trained on large datasets of existing designs. The AI algorithm uses this data to learn patterns and rules that are used to generate new designs based on a set of parameters and objectives and create an array of designs including but not limited to logos, websites, products, clothes, and book covers.


For example, an AI algorithm can be trained on a dataset of logos to generate new logos based on specific design parameters, such as color, shape, and font. The algorithm can also be trained to optimize the design based on certain objectives, such as legibility, simplicity, and visual impact. Once the algorithms are trained, they can generate new designs based on input from the user, such as a design brief, brand guidelines, or user preferences.


Methods to create AI-generated designs

Top 10 AI Design Tools: Revolutionize Your Creative Process


  • Generative adversarial networks (GANs): This involves two neural networks working in opposition to each other. One network called the generator, creates new designs, while the other network, called the discriminator, evaluates the designs and provides feedback to the generator. Over time, the generator improves its designs based on feedback from the discriminator.


  • Evolutionary algorithms: A population of design candidates are created and the best designs are selected to evolve into new designs. The algorithm evaluates the designs based on criteria such as aesthetic appeal, functionality, and usability, and generates new designs by combining elements from the best-performing designs.


These techniques allow AI algorithms to create new designs that are similar to existing designs, but with unique variations that are generated based on the parameters and objectives set by the designer.


While AI can help automate some design tasks and provide inspiration, human designers are still needed to evaluate and refine the designs generated by AI, ensuring that they meet the client's objectives and effectively communicate the intended message.


Now you know how AI created designs, you can use that knowledge to make AI create designs for you.


Top 10 AI Tools Every Designer Should Know About

Top 10 AI Design Tools: Revolutionize Your Creative Process


Designs AILogoMaker, VideoMaker, DesignMaker, AI Writer, SpeechMaker, Assistive Tools
AlpacaControlled Image, Personalized Toolset, Custom Model Generation, Sketch/Doodle to Image, Render Sketches, Reference Image Composition, Expand Scenes, Transform Styles
Vance AI Image Enhancer, Background Remover, Image to Cartoon Converter, Image Upscaler, Photo Colorizer
Dall EVersatile Image Generation, Enhanced Resolution, Advanced Text-to-Image Synthesis, Increased Model Capacity, Expanded Image Categories
KhromaAI-Driven Color Suggestions, Customization Options, Palette Generation, Intuitive User Interface, Versatility
Deep Art EffectsNeural Network Technology, Artistic Style Variety, User-Friendly Interface, Customization Options
UizardAI-Powered UI/UX Design, Text-to-UI Conversion, Rapid Prototyping, Image-to-UI Conversion, Sketch-to-Wireframe Conversion
Adobe SenseiCreative Cloud Integration, Generative AI, Document Processing, Intelligent Services
PixlrBasic Editing Tools, Advanced Filters, AI-Powered Enhancements, Text and Typography, Collage Maker, Templates
HotpotTurn imagination into art, Reimage yourself with AI, Upscale photos and art, Restore damaged pictures, AI object remover, AI face enhancer

1. Designs AI: It is an AI-powered image editing tool that helps users quickly and easily create high-quality designs for various purposes such as social media posts, presentations, and marketing materials. With its intuitive interface and automation capabilities, Designs AI can save users time and effort in creating engaging visuals.


Designs AI Features:


  • LogoMaker: Generate unlimited logo varieties quickly.
  • VideoMaker: Create videos for websites and social media easily.
  • DesignMaker: Create beautiful visuals with effective templates easily.
  • AI Writer: Enhance marketing and SEO content with AI assistance.
  • SpeechMaker: Convert text-to-speech in 20+ languages easily.
  • Assistive Tools: Find the best graphics, colors, fonts, or schedules for your designs.


Pricing Plans:


  • Basic Plan:$29/monthly or $19/monthly 
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing
Top 10 AI Design Tools: Revolutionize Your Creative Process

2. Alpaca: It is a powerful platform for image generation that helps artists quickly improve their concepts. It offers tools for customizing creative expression, allowing users to transform sketches into fully realistic images, enhance initial drafts, and expand scenes within their artworks. 


The tool is suitable for various needs, including concept art creation, graphic design projects, digital art education, and professional illustration. It is a valuable tool for boosting creativity and visualizing creative ideas.


Alpaca Features:


  • Controlled Image Generation: Start with sketches or references for precise and detailed artwork.
  • Personalized Toolset: Customizable tools change to your chosen creative style.
  • Custom Model Generation: Create images in your style to improve personal expression.
  • Sketch/Doodle to Image: Turn sketches into complete images, from concept to final artwork.
  • Render Sketches: Enhance sketches to produce polished and detailed images.
  • Reference Image Composition: Use reference images to guide and align your artwork.
  • Expand Scenes: Expand image scenes to enhance scope and scale.
  • Transform Styles: Alter artistic styles in images to experiment with aesthetics.


Pricing Plans:


  • Free: 75 image generations/monthly
  • Standard Plan: $10/monthly
  • Pro Plan: $24/monthly
Top 10 AI Design Tools: Revolutionize Your Creative Process

3. Vance AI: It is an image editing tool that uses AI technology to enhance and transform images with ease. With its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing, Vance AI is a great option for those looking to improve their photos quickly and efficiently.


Vance AI Features:


  • Image Enhancer: Improves image quality and enhances details with the help of AI.
  • Background Remover: Quickly remove backgrounds for clean object isolation.
  • Image to Cartoon Converter: Turn photos into playful and creative cartoons.
  • Image Upscaler: Upscale images with deep learning, keeping information and sharpness.
  • Photo Colorizer: Add realistic colors to black and white photos for a colorful appearance.


Pricing Plans:


  • Online Service: 
    • $4.95 for 100 credits
    • $6.95 for 200 credits
    • $11.45 for 500 credits
    • $17.95 for 1,000 credits

Desktop Version: $39.30 per month

Top 10 AI Design Tools: Revolutionize Your Creative Process

4. Dall E: It is an experimental image generation system developed by OpenAI, capable of generating high-quality and diverse images from textual descriptions using a transformer-based neural network. It has been trained on a large dataset of image-text pairs and can generate a wide variety of images, including surreal and imaginative compositions.


Dall E Features:


  • Versatile Image Generation: Create various images through various styles and themes.
  • Enhanced Resolution: Improved resolution for sharper and more detailed visuals.
  • Advanced Text-to-Image Synthesis: Generate images from text prompts with enhanced creativity.
  • Increased Model Capacity: Handle complex prompts for richer, more tricky visuals.
  • Expanded Image Categories: Explore a broader range of image topics.


Pricing Plans:


  • Basic plan: Free
  • Paid plan: 
    • 1024 x 1024: $0.02 per image
    • 512 x 512: $0.018 per image
    • 256 x 256: $0.016 per image
    • $15 for 115 prompts with four different image variations each
Top 10 AI Design Tools: Revolutionize Your Creative Process

5. Khroma: This color palette generator helps users find the perfect color combinations for their designs. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and suggest color palettes based on user preferences and input. Khroma is available as a web-based application and a mobile app, making it a convenient tool for designers on the go. 


Khroma Features:


  • AI-Driven Color Suggestions: Get color suggestions using AI based on your needs.
  • Palette Generation: Create matching color palettes for pleasant design projects.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Enjoy a user-friendly interface for all experience levels.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various design applications, from graphics to web design.


Pricing Plans:


  • Khroma is absolutely free.
Top 10 AI Design Tools: Revolutionize Your Creative Process

6. Deep Art Effects: This tool allows users to transform their photos into works of art. It uses neural networks to apply various artistic styles and filters to images, creating unique and visually stunning results. With its user-friendly interface and customizable options, Deep Art Effects is a popular choice for artists and photographers looking to add creative flair to their images.


Deep Art Effects Features:


  • Neural Network Technology: Use advanced neural networks to copy renowned artistic styles effortlessly.
  • Artistic Style Variety: Choose from classic paintings to contemporary digital art styles.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Apply artistic effects easily with a natural interface.
  • Customization Options: Fine-tune the intensity of effects for a customized touch.


Pricing Plans:


  • Free trial
  • One-month subscription: $9.90 per month
  • Three-month subscription: $25 or $8.33 per month
  • One-year subscription: $80 or $6.66 per month
  • One-time fee: $129 for one time
Top 10 AI Design Tools: Revolutionize Your Creative Process

7. Uizard: This helps users to create high-fidelity prototypes from wireframes, sketches, or design ideas. It uses machine learning algorithms to interpret user input and generate corresponding code, enabling designers to quickly create interactive interfaces without coding. With its user-friendly interface and customizable options, Uizard is a popular choice for designers and developers looking to streamline their workflow.


Uizard Features:


  • AI-Powered UI/UX Design: Create app and web interfaces easily with AI assistance.
  • Text-to-UI Conversion: Quickly design UIs from text with Autodesigner for faster workflow.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Prototype apps, websites, and interfaces quickly for fast repetition.
  • Image-to-UI Conversion: Turn screenshots into editable designs seamlessly.
  • Sketch-to-Wireframe Conversion: Convert hand-drawn sketches into polished wireframes effortlessly.


Pricing Plans:


  • Free plan
  • Pro plan: $12/monthly
  • Business plan: $39/monthly
Top 10 AI Design Tools: Revolutionize Your Creative Process

8. Adobe Sensei: Adobe Sensei automates complex tasks such as image recognition, content-aware fill, and face detection. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and interpret images, making it easier for users to edit and manipulate them. With its integration into various Adobe Creative Cloud applications, Adobe Sensei is a powerful tool for designers and photographers looking to streamline their workflow.


Adobe Sensei Features:


  • Creative Cloud Integration: It enhances lighting and visuals in Creative Cloud apps like Dimension.
  • Generative AI: Firefly AI quickens creativity and efficiency in Adobe products like Photoshop.
  • Document Processing: Automate tasks in Adobe Document Cloud for smoother document management.
  • Intelligent Services: Boost marketing and customer experiences in Adobe Experience Cloud with AI.


Pricing Plans:


  • Basic plan: Free trial
  • Premium plan: $54.99/monthly
Top 10 AI Design Tools: Revolutionize Your Creative Process

9. Pixlr: This advanced image editing tool leverages the power of AI to enhance and transform images. With its intuitive interface and affordable pricing, Pixlr is a great option for photographers and designers looking to improve their images quickly and efficiently. Pixlr AI is available as a web-based application and a mobile app.


Pixlr Features:


  • Basic Editing Tools: Crop, resize, and rotate photos with essential editing features.
  • Advanced Filters: Apply various photo filters and effects for creative improvement.
  • AI-Powered Enhancements: Use AI for automatic and smooth photo editing.
  • Text and Typography: Edit text on photos with different fonts and styles.
  • Collage Maker: Create beautiful photo collages with Pixlr's tools.
  • Templates: Use templates for social media and creative projects.


Pricing Plans:


  • Free plan
  • Plus plan: $1.99/monthly
  • Premium plan: $7.99/monthly 
  • Team plan: $12.99/monthly
Top 10 AI Design Tools: Revolutionize Your Creative Process

10. Hotpot: This is a cutting-edge image editing tool that combines the power of AI and machine learning to make image editing fast and easy. With its intuitive interface and robust set of features, Hotpot AI enables users to perform a wide range of adjustments and enhancements to their images with just a few clicks. From removing backgrounds and adding text to applying filters and adjusting colors, Hotpot AI offers everything you need to create stunning visuals. Whether you're a professional photographer or a social media influencer, Hotpot AI is a must-have tool for image editing.


Hotopot Features:


  • Turn Words Into Stunning Art: Transform text into beautiful artwork easily.
  • Reimage Yourself with AI: Create AI selfies, photos, and passport-size photos effectively.
  • Upscale Photos and Art: Enhance product image quality using an AI upscaler.
  • Restore Damaged Pictures: Repair, sharpen, and restore images with AI technology.
  • AI Object Remover: Easily remove unwanted elements from images using AI.
  • AI Face Enhancer: Correct flaws and enhance beauty in seconds with AI.


Pricing Plans:


  • Free plan: Free for 30 days
  • Premium plan: Buy credits
Top 10 AI Design Tools: Revolutionize Your Creative Process


10 Advantages of AI Design Tools

Top 10 AI Design Tools: Revolutionize Your Creative Process


  • Increased productivity: Repetitive and time-consuming tasks, including resizing images or generating layouts can be automated by AI design tools. This frees up designers' time for strategic and creative work. This can lead to increased productivity and faster project turnaround times.


  • Consistency: AI tools can ensure that design elements are consistent throughout a project, reducing the risk of errors or inconsistencies. This can help to create a cohesive and professional look and feel for a brand.


  • Cost-effectiveness: Businesses can reduce the need for hiring additional designers or outsourcing design work, potentially reducing costs if they use AI design tools. This can be especially beneficial for small businesses or individuals who cannot afford to hire a full-time designer.


  • Customization: Using AI, you can generate designs that are customized to the needs of the client or user, based on input such as a design brief or brand guidelines. This can help to create personalized and tailored designs that meet the specific needs of the client.


  • Speed: The designs can be created quickly, allowing designers to work more efficiently and meet tight deadlines. This can be especially beneficial for businesses or individuals who need designs quickly for marketing campaigns or other projects.


Top 10 AI Design Tools: Revolutionize Your Creative Process


  • Scalability: AI design tools can generate designs at scale, making it easier to produce large volumes of designs for marketing campaigns or other projects. This can be especially beneficial for businesses or individuals who need to produce a large number of designs within a short period of time.


  • Objectivity: You can get objective feedback on designs from AI, based on data and analytics, rather than subjective opinions. This can help to identify design flaws and opportunities for improvement.


  • Experimentation: AI can generate a wide range of design options, allowing designers to experiment with different approaches and test ideas. This can lead to more innovative and creative design solutions.


  • Innovation: Experimenting with AI tools can sometimes generate designs that are unique and innovative, potentially leading to new and groundbreaking design solutions. This can help to create a competitive advantage for businesses or individuals.


  • Accessibility: AI can make the design more accessible to non-designers, such as small business owners or individuals without formal design training, by automating basic design tasks and providing easy-to-use interfaces. This can help to democratize design and make it more accessible to a wider audience.

Testimonials from Designers Like You Who Benefitted from AI

Top 10 AI Design Tools: Revolutionize Your Creative Process


Read for yourself how AI design tools have changed the life of your fellow designers.


  • "Using AI design tools has completely transformed the way I work. It has saved me so much time and allowed me to experiment with different styles and ideas that I would not have been able to do manually." - Graphic Designer, USA.


  • "AI design tools have helped me bring my creative vision to life faster and more efficiently. With these tools, I can generate multiple design variations in a matter of seconds, which has greatly increased my productivity." - UX/UI designer, Spain.


  • "The ability to create custom fonts using AI design tools has been a game-changer for me. I no longer have to rely on pre-existing fonts and can create my own unique typography." - Graphic designer, UK.


  • "AI design tools have helped me to automate repetitive tasks and focus more on creative work. With these tools, I can quickly generate assets like icons and illustrations, freeing up time to work on more complex designs." - Product Designer, Australia.


  • "The ability to generate realistic mockups using AI design tools has been a game-changer for me. It has allowed me to showcase my designs in a more professional and polished way." - Web designer, France.


So you see? There’s nothing to worry about as long as you embrace AI design tools and keep on creating fantastic designs!




AI design tools provide great capabilities which can improve your productivity and creativity but they cannot replace the unique skills and creativity of humans. By the usage of these AI design tools, designers can automate repetitive tasks, maintain consistency, and explore modern ideas. 


So, don't worry about being replaced by AI. Instead, use these AI tools to your benefit and maintain creating amazing designs! 


Ready to transform your creative workflow? Take the power of AI design tools and increase your designs to new heights. Whether you’re a graphic designer, UI/UX expert, or an advertising professional, these tools can save you time, grow your productivity, and improve your creativity.


Explore our list of top AI design tools for 2024 and find the perfect tool according to your choices.


What is an AI design tool?

An AI design tool is software that helps with designing using AI. It makes designing easier and better by automating tasks or giving suggestions. These tools can create, improve, or give feedback on designs, whether for looks or how well they work. They're handy for making things like graphics, websites, or products. AI design tools save time and can help make designs more polished and effective. Overall, they're like helpful assistants for designers, making their jobs smoother and more efficient.

Can AI create graphic designs?

AI in graphic design means using technology to make graphics using machine learning. These AI tools can either assist designers or do the work for them. There are two main types: those that help designers by speeding up tasks or providing suggestions, and those that can generate designs entirely on their own. These tools are becoming more common as businesses realize their potential for efficiency and creativity. While some worry about the impact on traditional graphic designers, AI can also democratize design by making it more accessible to everyone.

Which is the best AI for design?

When it comes to AI design tools, options like Adobe Firefly offer a variety of features for text effects and image generation. Khroma simplifies colour selection with AI-generated palettes, while Uizard provides intuitive web and app design capabilities. Each tool provides different needs and preferences, so it's essential to choose based on your specific requirements and design style.

Is there an AI tool for design?

Yes, there are several AI tools available for design purposes. These tools leverage artificial intelligence technology to assist designers in various tasks, from generating graphics to enhancing images. Some popular AI design tools include Adobe FireflyMidJourneyTopaz LabsKhromaDreamStudioAutoDrawLooka Logo MakerUizard, and Canva. Each of these tools offers unique features and functionalities to streamline the design process and enhance creativity. Whether you need help with colour selection, image enhancement, logo creation, or UI design.

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